Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Quilty Barn Along...Silo Barn 6 and the "Canning Season" block Tutorial!...

"Canning Season"
Because we are deep into September...
that means it's harvest time:)

Because I grew up on a farm,
we had plenty of room for growing.

 Every year we had several large gardens
 to take care of and when September rolled around,
 You could always find my mom,
along with my sisters and I in
 the kitchen with jars piled high!

It's my favorite time of the year...
So of course I had to design this cute little block of canning jars:)

(don't worry...canning is easy)

Sew a white strip to each side of
 the gray strip and press towards the gray...
 like this.

Now choose your fabrics for the jar sections.
Here I have chosen;
 orange for carrots or peaches
green for peas or sweet pickle relish
gold for pears or sweet corn
purple for beets or plums
aqua for an empty jar! (vintage of course)
red for cherries or tomatoes

Sew 4 easy corner triangles onto each jar.
The larger squares go on the top...
and the tiny squares go on the bottom.

Trim off the seam allowances...

and press towards the triangles.

Now sew a lid onto each jar.
Press seams open for less bulk.

Sew jars into 2 rows of 3 across.
Press seams open again:)

Sew the 2 rows together to form your
 Canning Season block!

Back of my Canning Season block.

Don't you just love how canning jars 
look lined along the shelves of your pantry?

Now build your cute 
barn with a silo
 around your Canning Season block!

All of the bounty from 
your garden is now put away 
so that you can have a taste of summer
during the long cold winter:)

4 of the barns on my design board.

Now get to sewing and 
have a barn buildin' kind of day!
(after you get all of your canning done... of course:)


Jeanie said...

Darling block.... as always.... and perfect timing with all of the harvesting going on. Love it!

Laurie said...

Oh my I just love the cramming jars! Especially since we're in the middle of canning season ! Just too cute !

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

canning jars all lined up so pretty on the shelves is a memory of mine from years gone by. I do not can much anymore - the second best way to have them is a quilt I guess :)

Billy'sgirl said...

This is my favorite barn block! Love the canning jars.

Jane @ Handiworking said...

Your canning jars block is just perfect for September. Don't you love vintage ads?

Lutka And Co. said...

So cute Lori! Love all the pink gingham - Thank you!

Pots and Pins said...

So wonderful! I love your silos and the canning block is adorable. I love canning and this time of year...just wish I had more time to do it - or more time to quilt - or just more time! Congrats on your book, that's so exciting and I will definitely be buying it, I need some "Lori Holt" magic in my patchwork!! xo, Nan

Debbie Johnson said...

Lori, you are amazing!
Thank you!!

Smeek said...

Really cute jars. I have the canning set in blue. LOL!
Love these barn blocks. Thanks for sharing!

Sigrid said...

Wow, where do you get all your wonderful ideas Lori!?! Another beautiful block which now has me buzzing trying to decide which fabrics to use.Thanks again for sharing.
Also LOVE your vintage pictures - they sure bring back memories of my mom's fruit cellar/pantry.

Geoff's Mom said...

I love your blog so much! I wish I could be so vintage. Thanks for sharing!! You are one talented lady!

Sandy said...

So darn cute. Thanks for another terrific silo block!

Ellen said...

I love all your quilty barns. I have put them on my must do list. I can see Christmas ornaments from this canning block too. Keep inspiring us.

Gunilla said...

Love this block- just fab! Thanks Lori for sharing this!!!

Steven and Ginger said...

Love your canning block! I am also anxious to see your new Gracie girl quilt patterns. Are you still planning on posting them soon? Or wAiting til market?

Jacqueline said...

You are just simply amazing.

Thank you so much for sharing your bounty.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

YIKES, too, too cute!!!

Jan said...

So now you're doing your canning on quilts, right?

This is a darling block.

Jane McN said...

A joy to come home to your blog. I'' have to sew my can of tomatoes, as we ate every. single. tomato this year!

kshackabq said...

How cool are those canning jars!! My mom used to can every summer--and we got to help. You are so clever. Love your barns!

Pat said...

I am making this block - it's my favorite so far although I've loved all of them! Could you identify the manufacturer of the fabric you used in the upper window of this barn (pink, blue, green geometric design on white background) - it's the perfect choice with the pink gingham!

Stephanie said...

Love this... i might give it a try.

Mine-rSewFun said...

I love this pink barn and blocks...searching for pinks this morning! Laid out my 12 barns last night and can't wait to get them sewn together...and show you my finished top!! Thanks Lori for this great fun!! :-)

Jan said...

Your canning jars are wonderful! Love the pink gingham, too. I pre-ordered your book and I can't wait to get it! Thanks for sharing your great talent with all of us!

smilie said...

Brought back good memories. Thinking about making canning jar barn into hot pads for nieces for Christmas. Thanks for the memories.

smilie said...

Brought back good memories. Thinking about making canning jar barn into hot pads for nieces for Christmas. Thanks for the memories.

Freda's Hive said...

They are really cute. A few years ago I made a canning jar table runner (I had to have a MASON jar project). I wonder what happened to that...anyway yours are darling. Just very sweet.

cocoquilts said...

You are so clever!! I love these barn blocks especially with the canning jars!! Thanks for creating these quilt blocks and sharing! I seriously am looking forward to your new book!!
Cheers, Colette

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