Monday, November 18, 2013

Quilty Fun Sew Along - Week 3 - Courthouse Steps!!!...

Here are my courthouse steps blocks that I made for the

Click here and here 
if you haven't joined up yet!

Grab your Quilty Fun book and turn to page 90...
and let's get started on week 3!

I've been looking forward to week 3 because I 
LOVE me some courthouse steps blocks…

And I LOVE Rachel who happens to be hosting this week!
to go see her cute blocks,
download the companion PDF,
and to see the prizes for this week!

The reason that I love the 
courthouse steps block 
(besides being so cute)
is because it goes together so easily...

And it's a perfect opportunity to use up some
 2 1/2"squares and 1 1/2" strips from my quilty stash:)

Do you remember 
where I showed you how I organize and keep my scrappy stash?

I also showed you that I was making
courthouse steps blocks for my current 
Leaders and Enders project.

I've still been making them...

and I have quite a pile now.
I just counted this morning and I have 78 so far:)

Aren't they cute?
78 may seem like a lot but I am going to be making 
a BIG quilt.
"A snuggle up with the whole family while
 watching a movie in the family room size quilt"

I've also cut a few 1 1/2" squares here and there from leftovers…

And added them to my vintage muffin tin that I keep next to my machine.

I'm going to use them as the cornerstones 
when I sew the blocks together.

I will use a white or a light background for the sashings.

I promise you will have fun making the courthouse steps block!
You just need to make 2 for the
 Quilty Fun Sampler ...
But I'm telling you
they are addicting!!!

And you just might end up sewing
 about a bajillion of them like I am:)

Have a quilty kind of day
and Sew it like you mean it!


Tammy said...

You are sew right Lori, the courthouse step blocks are addictive. They come together very quickly and in no time you have a pretty pile of them. Love the idea of making a family snuggle quilt with them. Thank you for sharing your ideas and amazing talent with all of us.
Have a happy day everyone :)

Mary said...

I was so happy there were only 2 Courthouse Steps to make. Thanks for the Quilty Fun! I love seeing what's up each Monday AM. If I'm up late on Sunday night I can catch a sneak peek at the Jolly Jabber.

Donna said...

Lori, Thank you so much for you generosity in sharing your ideas and skills with us. I have learned so much from your tutorials. Your projects are inspiring and get my creative juices flowing. You are one amazing lady.

StasaLynn said...

I am making scrappy log cabins myself.... Your book is on my Christmas list! Thanks for sharing all of your creativeness.... (not sure if that is a word ;)

dream quilt create said...

I organized my scraps like you showed us on your blog, with 1 1/2" strips and squares, and 2 1/2" and 3 1/2". When I made my courthouse step blocks, it was so easy to look through the pre measured strips! Thanks for all the wonderful and useful tips :)

Nanette Merrill said...

I had fun making mine. Quick and scrappy, just like I like it.

By Neymes said...


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