Monday, January 6, 2014

The Quilty Fun Sew Along!!! - Week 8 - Trees!!!...

Good morning cute people!
Happy New Year:)
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday 
full of family and friends:)

So now that Christmas break is over…

It's time to get back to the 

Today is week 8…cute and simple trees:)

The tree blocks are hosted by the wonderful and adorable Messy Jesse.
to go visit her cute blog and 
see more of her cute trees and of course
 to get all of the giveaway details!

I do love me some tree blocks!
I designed these blocks to go in between the houses
of my Town Square quilt in the

They are fun to make and a great way to use
some of the fun greens that are in your scrappy stash:)

This side of the Quilty Fun Sampler is growing!!!...

It's fun to see everyones addition to the quilt weekly
here on the quilty fun flickr page:)

Here's the sampler quilt before I added the outside borders…
I thought you might like to see it so that you can be
 thinking about which color and print that you will use for yours:)

Seeing it without the borders gives a good visual in 
deciding which color you might want to bring out.
This is a scrappy quilt with many colors to choose from ...
I chose to use aqua in the end because I felt that I had a lot of warm colors
and so a cool tone like a green or a blue would balance it out nicely:)
Of course we will talk more about this when it comes time…
just giving you something to think about
while you are having a 
quilty kind of day:)


Mary said...

YEA, Trees to make this week. I need to take down my Christmas Tree. I think I have some TREE fabrics I could use. Gotta check my 30's stash for some greens.

Maisy said...

It's so tempting to skip ahead and start putting some of the blocks together! Would it be awful of me to ask how wide the sashing is in between these sections???

Sonia B said...

I'd love to put some sections together too. It's so fun to see the progress as this quilt grows. Thanks for sharing all of your awesome talents with us!

dream quilt create said...

I love seeing all the sections sewn together :) I am going to have a quilty kind of evening tonight!!! My scraps are calling my name......Thanks for all the inspiration!

dream quilt create said...

Is the Sashing between the rows 1 1/2" wide?

Fran said...

This is such an uplifting design! I haven't found time to start it, but love looking at what's going on!

Carla said...

The quilt is adorable. Love your colors.

Satu said...

Happy NEW YEAR to you too, Lori! I'm also going to start to sew my blocks together... and as others also I'm wondering are all the sashing strips 1 1/2" wide?

greg @ grey dogwood studio said...

These trees are so much fun! It's hard choosing the right fabrics, so I'll make 4 trees and then decide. I was tempted to jump ahead last week but am keeping on schedule!

Shauna said...

Hi new to quilting carefully cutting everything out accuratley and using the grid thingy on my sewing machine but my overall blocks are coming up about 1/4inch too small what am I doing wrong your advice would be gratefully received as trying to catch up Thanks Shauna Johnston

Unknown said...

Hey Lori ! I preordered your newest book great granny squared!! I'm so excited!! I also follow you on Instagram. I recently ordered quilty fun and now I'm waiting on the next quilt along to start!! Thank you for your creativity ! Kari Henderson

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