Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Quilty Fun Sew Along - Week 14 - Neighborhood Houses!!! ...

Yesterday was week 14 on the
we are getting closer to the finish!

This week is the neighborhood houses...

And is hosted by my friend
Amy is an amazing person…
she is a fabulous quilter and I'm sure
 you have all visited her blog
to get this weeks PDF and
 the giveaway info…
thanks Amy!

Here are a few throw back pics of 
some of my neighborhood houses…

back when we were doing the row along.

The neighborhood houses turned into my 
"Town Square Quilt" 
which is one of the projects in

I love me a square quilt…
they always look great on the wall or any size table
or even just folded over the back of the furniture.

But anyhow .. back to the 

Sampler Quilt for our Sew Along!
We are finished with all of 
the blocks on the left side…
 so let's sew them together!

In all of the PDF's for each block…
you already have the measurements for each individual block sashings...
so all you need to do is
 Cut 4 - 1 1/2" x 9 1/2" strips 
and join the entire left side 
blocks together like this.


Make sure to press towards 
the sashing strips for less bulk:)

Have fun making your neighborhood houses this week 
and don't forget to load them up on the
 flickr page  to enter the giveaway!

I love to see everyones fabric and color choices for the blocks…
you are all doing sew amazing!

Have a quilty kind of day…


Anonymous said...

I love your town square quilt! I've joined the Quilty Fun-along late but am striving to catch up. Making my houses today - you're stretching me, Lori, but I'm loving what I'm learning and I'm loving the results of my hard work :) Thanks for teaching us ~ Mary

Nedra said...

My neighborhood houses on my Row Along quilt have our last names over the door, making us next door neighbors. (I wish)

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