Monday, June 9, 2014

Scrappy Happy Summer - A Sew Along!!!

Good Morning cute people!!!
I'm sew excited to share with you 
the first project that I made for our 

This is going to be a fun and casual summer sew along…
with alot of fun projects and several tutorials
along the way!
The projects will be based on 
Scrappy Happy Block
that I designed quite a while ago specifically for a sew along.

You can find it in my newest pattern called
So if you happen to have a copy and you want to play along
join us for a summer of scrappy happiness:)

As you know…
we will be using this pattern as our manual.
The pattern has the instructions for
 making my Scrappy Happy block
as well as cutting instructions for 4 different sizes.
We will not only be using all 4 sizes during the sew along…
but also 4 different settings of the block as well!

Okay!…onto the first project -
my Scrappy Happy Table Runner.
I've been wanting to make a new runner for
 my kitchen farm table for quite a while…
this sew along is the perfect opportunity:)

I made 3 - 18" Scrappy Happy blocks…
added sashing and borders…
and had a runner sewed up in no time:)
The runner is 22" wide x 62" long.

The first thing to do is choose your background fabric.
I decided to go with my very favorite yellow…
"Beehive" by Riley Blake Designs.
I chose this color for one of the solids
 in my very first fabric collection…Sew Cherry
and it's still my go to yellow.
I thought this would be a perfect
 sunny color to kick off our summer sew along!

You will need just a little under
 1 yard of background for this runner:)

First I cut 3 center squares for my 3 blocks.
Again…I used the cutting instructions
 in the pattern for the 18" finished block.

Next up…
I pulled out my 3 1/2" scrappy stash basket and chose
some strips that I thought would go well together.
Don't stress about this part…
remember that the whole point of this sew along is to
 use up some of your stash and also play with color…
so be brave!!!

I laid out my strips on my background fabric before I chose them…
just to make sure they would show up well against the color.

I also chose 3 fabrics with quite a bit of white in them…
or what I call "busy backgrounds"
Because I am using a solid color for the background…
these will show up nicely and add a little spark to my runner:)

After choosing your fabrics from your basket…
Cut the strips into the squares and rectangles 
according to the instructions in the pattern.

Sew your blocks together…
 and the sew a sashing strip onto each side.

Cut 6 - 2 1/2" x 18 1/2" from your background fabric.

After you have sewn one to each side of your blocks...

Sew the blocks together with sashing strips
 in-between and on each end of the runner.
(Cut 4 - 2 1/2" x 22 1/2")

Layer your runner with batting and backing…
and quilt as desired!
Trim off the excess batting and backing and 
prepare your binding:)

 I chose to use some of the strips from my 2 1/2" scrappy stash basket.
You will need about 200" of prepared binding for the runner.

I cut 21 strips - 2 1/2" x 10" long.
(I had 3 leftover after binding)

I sewed them together randomly…
with a 1/4" seam allowance.

Then I pressed them open for less bulk.

I pressed it in half with wrong sides together and bound my runner.
to see my binding tutorial if you have any questions:)

This sew along is all about using scraps 
to make some fun scrappy things for your home or for gifts.
These projects should be customized to suit your needs.
For example...
If this runner is too big for your table…
use the 12" block size.
I will simply be showing you what I made 
and how I made it.
You can do exactly what I did…
or change it up a bit for your needs:)

I like a large runner to protect my table top.
But sometimes I like to put a small square one in the center of my table
or a large square quilt laid 
in the center diagonally as well.

I chose scraps from my stash to match my kitchen every day…
but you may want to make a runner
 for another season such as autumn
or in holiday fabrics!

My point is…
you are the boss of your own runner:)

Now before you think we are all finished…
I have something for next week
that I made with the leftovers cut 
from the Easy Corner Triangle trimmings
of the three 18" Scrappy Happy blocks:)

My rule of thumb when deciding if I should
 throw away my ECT trimmings or keep them 
and add back into my stash is this -
If I can cut at least a 1 1/2" square from them…I will! 
If I can't…
they are too small for me and I throw them away:)

If I have deemed them worthy of keeping…
 I always cut them into squares right then…
 and add them to my 1 1/2" strips and squares basket
so that I can actually USE them.

I have learned not to put them into a
 bag or container and think I will get to them later.
I won't.

And it's so easy to do it 2 at a time because 
they are already paired up that way when you trim them
off of the Easy Corner Triangle.

After I cut all of the 1 1/12" squares from my ECT trimmings…
This is what I had -
48 - yellow solid
16 - aqua
16 - red (chicken wire)
16 - green (vines)
and 8 EACH from the 6 remaining prints.

Certainly enough to make another smaller project
by adding a different background this time maybe?
I can't wait to show you what I made…
and I will next Monday!
(don't forget to save your squares
 too so you can make one with me!)

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Here you can see photos of projects
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as well as a place to 
add your photos too!

While you are there…
click on the "ABOUT" tab
to see a list and every link
pertaining to this sew along:)

 Feel free to load pics of 
your fabric choices, 
your Scrappy Happy blocks 
and your projects…
 so that we can all have a 
scrappy summer of inspiration!

Have a quilty kind of summer with me!


Material Mary said...

Sew excited for this Lori...

Little Quiltsong said...

Oh Lori - thank you for being back! Though I had a lot of projects to work on and finish - I really missed that weekly - 'reason to be' - in my sewing room (though my son enjoyed a break from picture taking - I need to buy a new camera - till then....well he takes better pics anyway). Now break out the new pattern and (my favorite) which fabric/fabric scraps should I choose?!?

Concha de Aromadetela said...

Me ha gustado mucho tu entrada y sobre todo los colores que empleas, dan alegría y frescura, aparte del trabajo. Felicidades, me gusta tu trabajo. Besos

Nedra said...

We head back to Arizona this morning, but as soon as I'm home, I want to make a table runner with the cute fabrics you gave me! It was so wonderful seeing you, and I'm looking forward to being part of your Sew Along this summer!

debbie @ happy little cottage said...

Happy Scrappy Summer Lori! This is so cute and I now have to drop everything else I am working on and make one!!! xoxo

ptmemaw said...

This is an awesome sew along! Love it, I'll need to get this pattern as it is so cute.

JudyCinNC said...

Wonderful sew along and sew timely. Wondering is tied around the chair backs? Just saying - I haven't seen that before. Judy C

Tammy said...

Excited to join in! Just waiting for my patterns to arrive...You are awesome Lori : )
Summer Fun! Fun! Fun!

Cecelia said...

Lori, I'm behind..this week has been crazy busy! I have my pattern and can't wait to do this runner. Thank you for doing this sew along for us!!!! :))))))

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