Friday, April 17, 2015

Farm Girl Friday's are Almost Here - YeeHaw!!!

Two weeks from today on May 1st…
will be the kick off day of the
and I can hardly wait…
how about you?

Today I want to share with you
 my "go to" 
for background fabrics:)

I love me some polka dots...

And little bitty polka dots 
are always perfect 
for any Farm Girl project.
Look how great these
 look with the 

My very favorite are the
 "Swiss Dots" on WHITE
(they come on cream as well
but I prefer WHITE) 
by none other than the amazing

These are my favorite color choices...

I have used these swiss dots
 in so many of my
 Farm Girl Vintage projects…
 from quilts…
and potholders:)

I know that many of you are planning 
to make the Farm Girl Sampler
on the front cover of my book
 during the sew along.
If you want to use 
the same background for
the entire quilt..
I recommend using one of the 
Riley Blake Swiss Dots
 in the color of your choice.
Any one of the six yummy 
colors would be perfect!

***As far as how much is needed…
I would purchase 
4 1/2 - 5 yards total
for the entire quilt.
(this includes the 2 1/4 yards
alread called for in the book 
and should give you plenty of cutting room))

If you want to join in on the fun…
but you don't have your own copy of my
Farm Girl Vintage

Click here to get one!

And don't forget to 
save this image
of the 
Farm Girl Friday's button
to add onto your 
blog sidebar
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Little Quiltsong said...

Yes, I'm in for the sew along and thank you for telling us about the swiss dot background fabric. I still find it hard to work outside of my comfort zone, but.....we'll see :). May 1st can't come soon enough!!

Merle said...

I just got your book this week and I can't stop looking at it...I love it!! My six year old grandson was going through all the blocks with me and he was picking out blocks for everyone. He wants me to make a pot holder for everyone in our family! Your projects are wonderful. Thanks so much.

Jeanna said...

I received my copy of your book last Monday from the Fatquarter Shop and look forward to May 1st!

Leanne said...

Our copy has arrive in New Zealand and I'm looking forward to joining in.

Anonymous said...

Yay! My 3 year old, who has declared that she will "help", has picked out all of the blocks that we'll make!

I thought of you, Lori, this week at Target. They had vintage inspired dishes and tableware on clearance. The thing that drew my eye was the salt shaker. It is a flower bud, no stem, and is in the same blue as the blue in the Bake Sale collection.

I immediately thought what a cute item it would be to my sewing room, to use as a "sharps collector", for needles that need to be pitched. I am paranoid, with the baby, that someone will get poked! Having a ceramic container is perfect, and why not one that is pretty! Anyway, made me think of you and your cute kitchen!

Christian and Jenny said...

I have my Quilty Fun and my Farm Girl Vintage and am starting two same quilts for my mom's 60th and MIL's retirement this year. Also including some traditional block that are significant to their lives. Have decided to do all 12" blocks. Any tips to make some Quilty Fun blocks 12" (apples, houses)?? Thanks for all the beautiful work you do!!

A little happy place said...

I'm so looking forward to the Quilt Along! Have a good weekend. Sarah xo

Rosemary B❤️ said...

I love the fabric, Lori.
I want to make this.
It would be fun to make for one of my daughters.... or my sister, maybe one for my sister in law (I am mad at my brother right now, so not for him :-P )
Thank you for sharing your creativity

Rosie said...

I am so ready for this sew along! I love everything in the new book!

Anonymous said...

Polka dots are always happy! My family gets tired of hearing this from me, but I really believe it is true. Great choice!

Mel Hopes said...

I'm really excited to see along with you!
And thanks for the heads up on how much fabric we will need to make the cover quilt with all the same background!
Happy sewing until we see along!

Lori said...

I'm using the Aunt Grace red/white polka dot for a churn dash quilt. love polka dot.

Marcie's Quilting Therapy said...

I, too, have my book and my vintage fabric bundle. I love these "dots" to use as backgrounds - went to Fat Quarter Shop to find them, but, alas, they are not there! Any ideas on where to find them? I'll look at my favorite quilt shop but...Really looking forward to the Quilt along!!

Marcie's Quilting Therapy said...

I have my book and my fabric! Ready to quilt along...but now I need the swiss dots, too! Love them!! Fat Quarter Shop doesn't have them, any ideas? I'm looking forward to quilting along with you!

Mary said...

I need to collect some Dotty fabrics at the next Quilt Show. Thanks for the info on HOW much. Meanwhile I can get the Quilty Fun Sampler quited, right???
Loved seeing your cute stuff with your Sewing Peeps! Those canning jars are SEW Cute!!!

Karen said...

I got TWO of your books! The first was "lost in shipping" so they send another one to me. It came 2 days later, along with the one that was "lost in shipping. It got found!!! I am going to give the book to someone else so they can love it too!

Susan said...

I'm bummed because FQS is sold out of the gray on white Swiss dots. :(

Anonymous said...

Just received your book and absolutely love it. I can't wait to start the quilt.

Unknown said...

I can't wait! Was looking through my book again yesterday. I seriously need to get into my fabric and pull some things. Guess I'm glad it is 2 weeks. Hopefully this will be one I can get done :)

Susan said...

I agree with you. Polka dots are indeed happy. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait! Am I missing something though? I can't find how much background fabric we need if we want to make the whole sampler?

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I wish I could sew along but it is on my Wish List! Work has been slow (2 days only so far this year) for my husband so we're watching the budget. I got Quilty Fun for Christmas so I will be working on that but reading along with this one!! One of my readers (from church) linked though and got your book so I hope she is sewing along and can give me tips later. Looks like so much fun!!

Susan said...

I've been practising my machine sewing skills by making a pillow from your "Great Granny Squared" book. That way I'm hoping to join in on your sew along. I think I'll try the 12 inch blocks. I'm looking forward to this. Thank you. :)

Lena said...

Can't wait to get started. Ordered background fabric yesterday from the Fat Quarter Shop. This will be my first time in doing a sew along with you and, I am really looking forward to it. Love the book

Michele Barbalet said...

I asked my local quilt shop to sell the book and I just picked it up today! I'm planning on getting the fabric from FQS and can't wait to see along. It is such a fun book!

Hannah said...

I am so excited for this sew along! I just received my fabric from FQS and am ordering my background fabric now. This is going to be so fun!!

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