Friday, August 14, 2015

Farm Girl Friday - Week 16!!!

It's time for another episode of 
Farm Girl Friday…
my favorite day of the week:)

Grab your copy of 
and turn to page 53.

Our first block is 
Peas and Carrots.
Because it's harvest time…
and I'm in the mood for autumn... 
I decided to add one more color
 to my block for this week.
I added yellow to represent 
fresh picked squash from the garden.
Yellow squash is one of my favorite veggies!

And so instead of just peas and carrots…
I made a 
Peas and Carrots and Squash block!
(or the green could be for string beans too)

I think its looks like a 
super cute fall block
and for sure I can see 
a fall mini or table topper
using this block in 
scrappy fall colors…
can't you?

Y'all know how I love my scrappy sewing!

Now turn to page 54 in the book 
and let's talk about Pie Cherries:)

You know I've made so many versions 
of this block because I love it so much!

We have several pie cherry trees on my 
parents farm that we bottled every year.
Even though us kids 
are grown and gone now…
we still go pick our share of
 pie cherries from those
 same trees every year:)

From quilts...

To potholders...

To cherries turned blueberries…
it's a fun classic Farm Girl Vintage block!

to see the schedule and to visit our 
fabulous guest bloggers for this week:)

Right now I'm in beautiful Logan Utah
teaching another Farm Girl Vintage workshop…
follow me on Instagram 
to get daily updates of what we are doing!
I wish you were all there with me:)


Donna@AllthingsMing said...

I just left beautiful Utah dom visiting my brother
In Salt Lake...looking forward to getting home, my farm girl book should be in the mailbox!!!

Yaharalady said...

Love each and every block. Your blog inspires me, even the photo of your beautiful red sewing machine.

Little Quiltsong said...

Oh - peas and carrots (and squash) block, (I too love my squash) - will be a perfect block for my front entrance decor bench. Your Cherry Quilt is one of my favorite quilt versions and hope to use it a lot with different blocks.

Pots and Pins said...

There is something so comforting about coming by to visit your blog - I love seeing everything and would miss it so much if you quit! So never quit! I just visited a blog that I love and they have called it a day - so sad! So never quit Lori, your inspiration is SOOOO needed!
xo, Nan

Pam McDonald said...

Wonderful block, I love how you added the yellow for squash!

gibbygoo56 said...

Hello Lori!

I am loving your Farm Girl Vintage so much that I bought Quilty Fun this week. Its another adorable book you've put together. You make it so easy.

Are you adding Christmas blocks for us to incorporate into our quilts? I bought the Penny Pig and will be getting the apple pattern soon. I for one would definitely be up for purchasing Christmas blocks in downloads if you are thinking about it.

Thank you for the fun this summer. I love it that I will have something special when we are done.

God Bless YOU farm girl! Pamela

Freda's Hive said...

Cherries on teapot. Super darling.

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