Friday, December 11, 2015

Sew Simple Shapes - Easy Patchwork Circles!

Last week I showed you 
how to make a patchwork flower 
using just a few of my new 
Sew Simple Shapes
Today I'm adding 
another flower shape...

There are 24 shapes 
in the set to play with... 
and this is just the beginning of 
what I have to show you!

If you want to play along
to get a set of your own:)

 I made todays
patchwork circle flowers 
using the 
2 largest circles in the set.

I cut 4 - 3" squares and
 made a four patch block
for the 
A-4 Sew Simple Shape

and 4 - 2" squares for the 
A-3 Sew Simple Shape

Press the seams open and center
 the Shapes onto the wrong side.
Use the lines for correct placement onto
 the center of the seams and trace 
around to mark your stitching line.

Cut your square of 
the same size as the 4 patch.

Pin together...

And stitch directly on line...
securing your stitch 
when you stop and start:)

Trim an approximate 1/4" seam allowance.

Pinch the Pellon away from fabric...

and cut an X for turning like this.

Turn right side out and if needed...
use the Clover turner tool to gently
shape your circle.
Press from the top
(fabric side not Pellon)
They're now ready for appliqué!
to see my tutorials 
on my favorite methods:)

I love these two sizes of
 patchwork circles
 and plan to use these 
for flowers as well:)

So now for the flower centers!
I made a bunch using the A-1...

And the A-2.

Same method as usual.
Trace around the circles...

Pin to the Pellon ...

There are so many 
possibilities for
 different flowers and 
flower center combinations.

I'll be showing you 
even more patchwork flowers
 using different 
Sew Simple Shapes 
from the set.

I see a fun project coming on...
don't you?

I'm going to be using 
this solid
 that you see in the photo 
for the background.

My project will progress 
as I show you how to make
more and more 
patchwork flowers
using my 
Sew Simple Shape templates:)

more cute flowers coming up 
next week and 
I'm still planning on 
showing you how I do my stems:)

Until then...
Have a quilty kind of day!


Leeanne said...

Cute! I just received your calendar in the mail today.....*L*O*V*E*..................

Jeannie B. said...

I like this trick. And love your cute flowers!

Jackie said...

Thank you for the great tutorial!

liniecat said...

Another brilliant tute, many thanks : )

Rosemary B❤️ said...

This is such a great idea. I love the measurements on the templates.
I put this on my wishlist.
Lori, you are great

Val's Creative Life said...

I'm hooked! Ordered my templates and can't wait for the Bloom sew along.

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