Monday, April 18, 2016

BLOOM Sew Along - Week Fourteen - Block Fourteen!!

Hello cute people and welcome to the 

It's time to add another
 BLOOM block to our quilt:)

I've been using my Calico Days fabric collection and I'm loving it!

I designed my 
especially for Calico Days
 and this sew along...
but of course they can be used with
 any and every fabric collection 
and I love to see
 all of those choices as well:)

Today is block fourteen.
I love this block...
it looks like a cute lolli-flower 
don't you think?

Here are my fabric choices for the appliqués.
We will be using the 
A-1   A-3   A-4   A-20
BLOOM Sew Simple Shapes
to make this block:)

From BOTH fabric and Pellon:
Cut 1 - 5" square for the large circle
Cut 1 - 4" square for the medium circle
Cut 1 - 2" square for the small circle
Cut 2 - 2" x 3" for the leaves

From fabric only:
Prepare a 5" stem strip and 
cut a 9" square for the background

1. Trace the shapes onto Pellon only.
2. Pair up with the fabric and sew directly on the marked lines.
Trim approximately 1/4" past the sewing lines.
3. Cut an "X" in the Pellon for turning
4. Turn right side out, shape using the Clover turning tool and Press.

Press your background fabric in half like this 
to make it easy to place appliqué pieces for basting.
Place the stem on the center fold and even with the bottom edge.

Place the large circle in the center
 and measure 1" down from the top edge.

Place the middle circle in the center 
and then the smallest one on top of that.

Place the leaves about 3/8" below the flower like this.

Make sure that both leaves are even on both sides.

Ready - Set - Applique!

Choose and cut your block borders and squares.

When appliqué is complete...
press from the back only 
and then trim your block to 8 1/2" square.

Sew your cute lolli-flower block
 together and take your photo.

is now complete!

Super cute...super easy 
and super fun:)

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