Monday, November 28, 2016

Cozy Christmas Sew Along - Sew Simple Shape Dresden Star Tutorial!!

I LOVE sewing Christmas decorations...
and I LOVE dresdens...
and Six Pointed Stars!
I've been making these little 
Dresden Stars...
do you want to make some too?


Grab your Cozy Christmas fabric...

And your B-14 

My 2 1/2" x 4 1/2"
rectangles leftover from making the 
Cozy Christmas quilt for this sew along 
work perfectly for one star point.
Place the triangle upside down
 and even with the top edge...
 trace down both sides...

Like this.

Cut on your traced line.

Six of these make one cute little dresden.

To sew the point on top
 of each dresden blade...
fold like this with right sides together.

And sew 1/4"...
I like to chain piece mine:)

Open the seam like this 
and give the seam only a little press 
with just the tip of your iron....

Then flip it right side out and use your 
Clover Turning Tool 
and gently push out for a nice point.

Lay out on your design board...
 and stitch them together
 using a 1/4" seam allowance.


It's super important to
 press your seams open 
so that they will lie nice and flat.

You could make fabric circle centers 
for a more traditional dresden 
if you want and that would be super cute!

But I thought it would be fun to
 use the largest size in my 
 jar for the centers of these:)

 I made a few more 
because they're so fun!!

After cutting...
 I separated them 
into sets of 6.

And sewed them together!
(This is BEFORE pressing the seams open)

They look like cute little 
Christmas Cookie Stars!

They would make super cute coasters...
all you would need to do is back them with felt or wool...
or appliqué each one on
 a square or a circle:)

I just love these cozy stars...
they're so fun to play with:) 
You could even hang them on your tree! 

I decided to use 5 of them to make a pillow.
I grabbed 16 - 3" squares 
that were leftover from the sew along 
and laid out the pillow like this.

(I sewed one four patch 
using four squares:)

I chose 5 different buttons 
but didn't sew them on yet 
until after appliqué and trimming.

I decided to appliqué mine onto 6" squares...
then I trimmed them down to 5 1/2" using one of my new 
Bee in my Bonnet Trim-It Rulers!
(available in January)

     It's super easy to make sure that
 your star is centered before trimming 
by using the centering lines on the ruler:)

After trimming...
 I sewed each button on
 using the matching

I laid it out on the design board and sewed the blocks together.

I had a 20" pillow form on hand
 so I added borders and I love how it turned out!

I hope you enjoyed this "cozy" tutorial 
and are inspired to make some 
of your very own
Cute Little Stars:)


Cindy said...

So many good ideas! I want to make a mini quilt using these cute dresdens! Thank you for sharing:)

Little Quiltsong said...

This is so cute! Love your little dresdens and this super cute pillow!

ruthie said...

So cute! Definitely going to have to make! Looking forward to the next sew along with Sew Cherry 2.

Rita said...

thank you for sharing this super cute Dresden tutorial with us -- the pillow is so sweet and cozy!

Westend Quilter said...

Those are terrific Dresden ornaments or appliqués or something!! They are going on my list - thanks, Lauren

Naomi said...

As I always're the best, Lori!!

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