Monday, March 6, 2017

Sweetie Pie Sew Along - Week Eight - Gingham Daisies!!!

Today is week eight 
in our sew along!

if you want to make my 
Sweetie Pie Quilt:)

And because we have
 finished all of our pie blocks...
this week we can focus on finishing up
 all of the gingham daisy blocks:)

I showed you how
 to do the daisy blocks
 in the week two video. 

 If you need a refresher...

Can I just say how much I
playing with all six ginghams!


It makes me sew happy 
when I see yours 
popping up all over 

 Here are a few photos
 of when I made mine:)

A stack of 20 super cute 
Gingham Daisies!!!


Are y'all excited that we are 
almost finished with our
 Sweetie Pie Quilt?

Next week I'll show you
 how to appliqué the daisies.

Above photos are how I sewed my 
quilt top together in preparation for that. 
Of course it's exactly like the pattern:) 

I just left it in two halves 
so that it would be easier to work with 
when doing the daisy appliqué. 

We will get started on that next week!

1 comment:

Lady Jane said...

Oh this is looking so nice!!! I wish I didn't have so many other proj going at this time or I would have done this for sure. Hugs, LJ

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