Monday, April 2, 2018

Let's Bake Sew Along - Week Eleven!!

Let's Bake!!

It's week eleven and we 
only have
 two more blocks to make:)

Let's start with this
 easy peasy vintage apron:)

You will need
 E-3 (used twice)and E-4
Sew Simple Shapes

Run the waistband strip through
 the 1/2" bias tape maker
Run the BIAS cut strips
 for the apron strings through 
the 3/8" bias tape maker

Sew all of the shapes...

Trim...turn...shape and press.

You should know the drill by now!
Place your apron 3/4" up 
from the bottom of your
 background fabric and centered.

Glue baste the apron strings
 and the pockets.

Make your waistband 3" long...

And glue baste into place.

Tuck your Vintage Trim 
under the apron hem:)

Ready for appliqué!

Remember that you can use fray check
 on the ends of the trim 
after you appliqué if needed.

I love this apron!!
It reminds me so much of
 my moms 70's kitchen:)

Your block should measure 
6 1/2" x 8 1/2" BEFORE 
sewing it into the quilt. for the last block.
That makes me happy and
 sad at the same time!

You will need
 E-2 and E-4 
Sew Simple Shapes

The waist band is 
1/2" bias tape maker
 and the apron strings are 
cut on the BIAS and run 
through the 3/8" bias tape maker.

After tracing...
sew your shapes.

Trim turn and press.

Glue baste the 
apron strings into place. 
The apron is placed 3/4" up 
from the bottom as usual.

Glue and pin baste the 
small red trim around 
the top part of apron.

Pin and glue baste the 
green Vintage Trim along the bottom.
Make the waistband 3" long...

And glue baste it into place:)

Feel free to fussy cut
your fabric because it's so 
super cute when you do!

Close up...

Side view...

Ready for appliqué!!

Your super cute half apron 
should measure 
6 1/2" x 8 1/2" BEFORE
sewing it into your quilt.

Now you can finish section four...

And sew all of the sections together!
I have loved designing and making
 each and EVERY one of these blocks...
I just may have to make more
 for a few more projects!

Next week I'll show you 
lots of photos of my quilt top
 before it was quilted as well as
 after it was quilted.

Happy Baking!!

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Sylvia said...

This has been SUCH a WAY FUN quilting project, Lori! First one I've done with you though I have fabrics and templates for 3 others. I started at week 3 and FINALLY caught up... have the fabrics cut for the last 2 aprons. I'm anxious to see some close-ups of how yours was quilted! Thank you do much for the tutorials! I see pics of the Autumn one. .. think I'm hooked!

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