Monday, April 11, 2022

Chicken Salad Sew Along - Week Nine!!


Hello again and happy Monday!!!
Welcome to week nine of the 
Sew Along!
Join me here each week 
when I will be doing a tutorial
 for one of the 12 chicken blocks
 for the quilt.

Of course because we are sewing 
from all around the world  
we all have different time zones...
But I will be posting each Monday 
right here on my blog 
and you can follow my tutorials 
any time each week that 
 is convenient for you.

We are making the 
Chicken Salad Quilt
64" x 80"

*I'm going to say this each time because
 I feel it's important:
Please sew at your own speed ...
whenever your time allows 
so that you can enjoy 
each step of this sew along.
Quilting should be fun and not stressful:)
The schedule in the front of the 
sew along guide is simply the schedule 
to let you know which block tutorial
 that I am doing for that week.
If you are not able to do it that week
please remember that these tutorials
 will remain on my blog forever:)

And just as a reminder...
I am also using an additional 
Chicken Salad Quilt Kit 
to make a second quilt 
out of my Cook Book fabric 
using twelve 12" Farm Girl Blocks from my 
Farm Girl Vintage Book 
and my 
Farm Girl Vintage 2 Book.
Again, that means I am using TWO kits
that are identical.
It makes me sew happy to find out
that so many of you are making
 a second quilt along with me!

I'll talk about my chosen block for the 
  and show and tell mine as part of 
each weekly blog post 
each Monday here on my blog.

Last week I made my 
CORN and Tomatoes 2
Farm Girl Block

Both quilts are made with my newest fabric
 collection called COOK BOOK...

If you are looking for a fabric kit...
 just do a quick google search for 
"Chicken Salad Quilt Kit"
to find shops who still have some left.

We are also using the
Chicken Salad
Sew Simple Shapes

I have already posted the
 post which details all of the supplies...
and all of the cutting and
 all about the sew along and how it works.

I have also given the link there 
for the free PDF Download 
of the Sew Along Guide

to read that post.

As per the sew along guide 
cutting instructions
 you should have everything for your
 all cut and ready to go!

If you missed week one and the 
first introduction tutorial
 I have posted that for the  
Hattie Block 
on my YouTube channel.
to visit my channel and watch the 
tutorial and I hope that you love it!
Leave me a comment there and let me know:)

If you like what you see 
and my other videos there...
click on subscribe and click on the bell
 to be notified whenever
 I post another tutorial:)

Week Two we made 

if you need to view week two:)

Week three we made

for week three:)

Week four we made

for week four 

Week Five we made 

for week five tutorial:)

Week Six we made 

for that tutorial

Last week we made 

for that tutorial

Last week we made 
for that blog post

Let's get started making

Here is my PRUDENCE Block
 all cut and ready to go!
I have also laid out the 
squares and rectangles for the border 
so that you can tell for sure 
which prints they are:)

Here is a list of the
  Chicken Salad 
Sew Simple Shapes 
needed for the 
1 - M-1
1 - M-2 
2 - M-16  
2 - M-23 
2 - M-24
1 - M-27

You will also need to cut 
the background 13 1/2" x 13 1/2"
and your straight bias strips 
for the beaks and feet 5/8" wide 
as it says in the guide:)

All sewn...turned...shaped...pressed
 and ready for pin basting:)

*The usual things to remember:*

1.Use your 12 1/2" Trim-It Ruler 
 when laying out your block so that 
it does not "grow" too large
and stays within the 12" square size.

2. When using the Sue Glue you only
 need a small dot about 1/4" 
in from the edge of applique.
"A dot is a lot"

3. Don't stress too much over 
making the chicken feet.
They are just feet and will not
 look the same or match each other.
They will not be perfect 
and that's good because they
 are not supposed to be.

4. Have fun building your chicken! 

PRUDENCE and her baby chicks are 
both ready for applique:)

Now it's time to reveal which
of my 12" Farm Girl Blocks
 that I chose to make this week
 for my Cook Book Kitchen Quilt.

 I chose to make 
Mixing it Up!
You can find the pattern on page 96
of my Farm Girl Vintage 2 Book.
It's all cut...
labeled with my 
Sew Handy Stickers
and ready to sew:)

 Easy Peasy!!


Have fun each week
making your kitchen block!

I hope you enjoy week nine
 of the Chicken Salad Sew Along 
and enjoy playing with
 the Cook Book fabric:)

Thanks for joining me and
I'll be right back here on my blog
next Monday for week eight
and the tutorial for 
and the next 12" Farm Girl Block
 from my Farm Girl Vintage Books!

The recipe for this week is one that
 we usually make in the summertime and often while we are out camping in our trailer.
When we are grilling steak or burgers etc 
over the weekend, we will often 
grill 2-3 chicken breasts and save them
in the fridge for the next nights meal
which would be Chicken Taco Salad. 
It's a quick and easy salad to make especially if the chicken is already prepared.
Sometimes we make this salad with 
ground beef instead of chicken.


2-3 Chicken Breasts 
*or 1 lb ground beef
1 package taco seasoning mix
2 cups cheddar cheese - grated
1 head iceberg lettuce - chopped
tomatoes - diced
avocado - diced
1 small red onion - diced
1 can sweet corn - drained
1 can kidney beans - rinsed and drained
Thousand Island Dressing
Salt and Pepper
Corn Chips - crushed
(we like Fritos on our salad)

Grill chicken using olive oil and
 taco seasoning as a rub.
Dice when cooled.
If you are using ground beef, 
brown with taco seasoning mix and cool.
Toss chicken or beef and 
all ingredients together.
Add the dressing, salt and pepper last,
both according to taste.
Sprinkle corn chips on top 
of each individual serving.

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NanaT said...

Lori, I am having sew much fun!!! I'm finishing Ms. Prudence today! How do you press your borders around the blocks and the outside border?? Open or to one side? Thanks for the great tutorials!!! So excited to finish (is that cheating)? Terri

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