Thursday, June 20, 2019

Vintage Block Along - Week 22 - Playing Card Block!!

Welcome to Week 22 in the 
Vintage Block Along!

Today I'm sharing another block 
with you from my 
Grandma's pattern basket...
and all of our blocks will
 eventually become a quilt!

I'm using my 
Farm Girl Vintage fabric collection 
for all of my blocks...

Along with my Bee Backgrounds

This block is a good old 
tried and true vintage block
 and it's original name is 
Old Maids Puzzle 
which was then made by cutting templates 
and piecing with difficult
 on the bias angles.

I've re- drafted it for rotary cutting and
I'm naming my block
because of the many hours 
that I spent (and my family spent)
 playing cards with grandma:)
From the time we were young...
we rarely left grandma's house
 without playing a game with her
 and it was cards most of the time.

I snapped this photo of her 
during one of those card games
 just a few months before she 
passed away at age 95.
She loved the competion and
 she was fierce lol!... 
and she loved visiting while we played:)

I miss so many things about her...
especially her smile and her laugh.

She always wore jewelry and 
most of the time she had a necklace on
 and she would constantly be 
playing with it...
this picture reminds me of that:)

I just had to include a block named 
Playing Card and so this is the one
 that I chose from her basket 
that looked like it was 
meant to be the one.

I used one background and three prints ...
in red and black of course!

From the the background 
you will need to cut:
2 - 2" x 3 1/2 rectangles
12 - 2" squares

From this print cut:
2 - 3 1/2" squares

From this print cut:
2 - 2" squares

From this print cut:
4 - 2" squares

Let's get started on the first segments.
Grab 2 of the background and 
red squares along with the
 2 background rectangles...

And sew them together like this.
They should each measure
 3 1/2" square at the point.

Now grab the 2 - 3 1 2" squares 
and 2 more background squares 
because you are going to add 
easy corner triangles to the segments.

Sew from corner to corner by using the
 Seams Sew Easy Guide 
or drawing a line.
I like to poke in a pin 
just to guide me 
right where it needs to line up
 with the red point underneath...

Like this.

This is what it should look like
after adding the pink 
easy corner triangle.

Now add the background one
 to the red corner...

Trim away the excess and press.

Easy peasy to make these segments
 this way because we are
 eliminating bias cuts...yay!

They should each still
 measure 3 1/2" square.

Set them back onto your design board 
and lets make 4 patch segments
 with these 8 squares:)

Your 4 patch segments should also 
measure 3 1/2" square at this point.

Now grab the remaining 4 
background squares and add 
easy corner triangles 
onto the black squares...

Use the Seams Sew Easy Guide or mark a line.


And press!
These should still measure 3 1/2" square.

Now lay your segments out onto your
 design board like this 
and sew your block together:)

Fun and Done!
should measure 6 1/2" square 
before we sew it into our quilt:)

This is the back of my block...
you can see how I pressed mine.

I love this block and I still love 
playing cards with my mom ...
and of course my own family:)

We play often and I 
think of grandma every time:)

Thanks for sewing vintage 
with me this week...
I'll be here next week 
with another vintage block for you:)

If you are new and just joining in...
Click on each one block
to go to that tutorial:

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Vintage Block Along - Week 21 - 4th of July Flag!!

Well hello there vintage block lovers!!
Welcome to week 21 and 
a new tutorial from our 
Vintage Block Along

Grandma was very patriotic and also...
she was born on the 24th of July 
which is a holiday here in UTAH 
and we celebrate it 
just like we do the 4th of July.

Because of both holidays 
and also grandmas birthday...
it seemed that the entire month of July 
was just one big celebration 
of the red white and blue ...
and we all loved it!!

I could not even think about
 doing a vintage quilt block quilt
 without including a flag! 

For this sew along I'm using my
 Farm Girl Vintage Fabric...

Along with my Bee Backgrounds:)

I love love love this
 4th of July Flag block 
and I'm going to make another block
 as a mini quilt to hang 
on my wall for July:)

Long may she wave!!

I grabbed a variety of 
red white and blue and started cutting...

I started with these 4 prints 
and added a few.
The order of this tutorial
 is a little different 
than the other weeks...
so bear with me please:)

First up you will need to 
make one SPARKLERS block
 from the tutorial last week:)

Cutting and sewing is exactly the same...
the only difference is that 
the blue is the background 
and the white is the star.

See what I mean?
It's the exact same block...
just the colors are switched:)
if you need that tutorial from last week.

Here's a close up of my 
segment that I used for the corners.
I decided to use the red chicken tracks background from Farm Girl Vintage 
along with the denim circles from 
Bee Background together because
 I think it adds more interest.

For the blue part...
I chose to use my denim 
chicken wire print for the center square
 and the four rectangles 
just to mix it up a bit.

 I like how it compliments my
 denim canning directions text print.

Your SPARKLERS BLOCK should measure
 7 1/2" square at this point...
and it makes a super cute flag star 
if I do say so myself...
and YES!
 I totally had this all planned out 
so that we would use the Sparkler block 
from last week to go into 
this weeks flag block:)

Now let's talk about 
cutting the flag stripes!

I chose to use my red penmanship print 
from my Bee Backgrounds 
for the white stripes.
You could make the letters
 horizontal or vertical...
just make sure to cut them straight lol

You will need to cut:
3 - 1 1/2" x 13 1/2" strips 
for the top part of the flag
3 - 1 1/2" x 20 1/2" strips 
for the bottom part 

I selected this red first and 
decided to go scrappy and 
add more reds in from 
a few of my collections.

You can go scrappy too...
or cut all of the red stripes
 from one print.

You will need to cut a total of:
4 - 1 1/2" x 13 1/2" 
for the top of flag
3 - 1 1/2" x 20 1/2" 
for the bottom

By the way...
looky at this little 
patriotic sweetie:)

She was made for me by 
Jenn Meglon who is an amazing 
artist don't you think?

Close up:)

A while ago...
Jenn also custom made a
 Bee in my Bonnet 
mini me lol...complete with one of
 my vintage sewing machines...
my Bloom quilt...quilty fun quilt blocks
 and my gingham tomato pincushion!

Okay...enough show and tell...
back to the flag making:)

Once your star is complete 
you just need to sew the 
short stripes and the
 long stripes together...

And sew them into a flag...

Like this!

I did press my seams open...
I just forgot to 
take a photo of the back:)

4th of July Flag Block
should measure 
13 1/2" tall x 20 1/2" wide
 BEFORE we sew it into our quilt:)

I hope y'all have fun 
making your flag and bee sure to
 "tune in" to next weeks episode 
of the Vintage Block Along...
it's gonna be another fun one!

If you are new and just joining in...
Click on each one block
to go to that tutorial:

8. Humble
15. Memory
19. Picnic

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