Friday, September 4, 2015

Farm Girl Friday - Week 19 - New Farm Girl Vintage Flowers Pattern!!!

Good Morning Farm lovers!
We are moving right along with 
and we are already into week 19!

So grab your book and let's get started
 on the blocks for this week:)

 To get a copy of your own...

Turn to page 62 and
 let's talk about my
Spring Star Block
It's an easy block to construct and 
I like that it has 
three color combos to play with:)

A perfect choice for scrappy happiness.

I used my 
"County Fair" 
Mix and Match Setting
 on page 112 to make a 
fun little quilt
 using twelve 6" Spring Stars:)

Even though these two quilts
 are the exact same setting...
they look completely different because
I used the same background fabric
 throughout the entire Spring Star quilt
 instead of using scrappy fabrics 
for the borders like in the Milking Day quilt.

I LOVE how this cute little quilt turned out
and I think that the red gingham binding 
adds the perfect Farm Girl Vintage touch!

I love the addition of the 
Spring Star
 in the sampler quilt 
on the cover of the book...
you can never have too many
 star blocks in a sampler!

Speaking of star blocks...
let's move on to our next block
Simple Star Block
on page 61 of the book.

I have talked about this block already
 in a few of my previous posts
but this week is finally 
it's turn to shine even more!

I used my 
Mix and Match setting
to make this summer quilt.

I dug into my scrappy stash of 
blues, aquas, reds, 
pinks and whites for this one:)

I love the Picnic mix and match setting
 because it uses both the 
12" and 6" block sizes...
and looks great with other quilts!

A farm girl can never have
 too many quilts
so let's talk about one more
 to add to the pile!

Remember when I did this
 farm girl block mash up
 using my Crops block and my
Sunny Sunflower block?

Well...for my 

I always design a few
 Farm Girl Vintage companion blocks 
for my students to play with.

 I designed a few more flowers 
to go on the top of my crops block.

Poppies and Tulips!

I think they look great 
with the Sunny Sunflowers 
and makes for a super cute 
Farm Girl Vintage Flower bouquet:)

I designed 3 different 
variations of my "Poppy" block...

and 3 different variations of
 my Tulips block.
Both in 6" and 12" sizes of course:)

These are some of the 12" sizes
and I made them into a runner using the 
 Harvest Table runner setting on page 124.

Then I made even more
 Farm Girl Vintage Flowers
( 12" blocks )
because they are so addicting!

Then I made 4 of Farm Girl Vintage Flowers
 in the 6"size blocks for a fun pillow:)

I'm not kidding when I said these are addicting to make.
I just can't stop sewing them!

I love flower blocks so much
and in my opinion...
there should be 
lots of flowers on my farm:)

And as usual...
these blocks are an 
amazing way to use your 
because the color combos
 in the Farm Girl Vintage Flowers are endless.

By request...
(a BIG thank you)
All of my companion blocks 
will be available at 
Fat Quarter Shop
as PDF patterns.

Fat Quarter Shop 
is of course the
amazing publishers of my books
and this is a way that 
we could get these 
"companion block patterns"
 out to all of those who
 aren't able to attend my 
Farm Girl Vintage 

 Farm Girl Vintage Flowers PDF 
is now available.

to get your copy if you want to 
grow some tulips and poppies 
in your Farm Girl Vintage garden:)

There will be more 
Farm Girl Vintage Companion blocks
 because I'm still teaching my workshops.
Coming soon are my...

Corn and Tomatoes 2

 Vintage Hand Mixer

Homemade Jam 
(my 6" Farm Girl Blocks fit for a jar label)

to get my Penny Pig PDF

to get my Apple Picking PDF

for the Farm Girl Friday's
sew along schedule and
to see this weeks bloggers:)

Thanks for playing
 Farm Girl Vintage with me today...
let's play again next week!

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Seams Sew Easy is Here and Farm Girl Friday Week 18 - YeeHaw!!!

I'm so excited to show you
 a brand new product that 
I have designed just for you!

It's a seam guide that you adhere
 (temporarily of course)
 to your sewing machine bed.

Introducing the 

I designed it and
produced it for me…and you!

I've been waiting
 a long time 
for them to be ready 
and I'm so happy that
 they are finally here 
and that I can 
share them with you
 on this weeks 
Farm Girl Friday:)

This is only one of the colors available...

It comes in these 4 happy colors
to match your mood or each of your machines:)
(Click above on these colors to purchase)

Personally I plan on keeping one 
with all of my machines
and in my sewing bag
so that I am never without one.

Each one comes with 4 of the 1" round Stick-it's…
which are removable double side tape dots.

So now I'm going to 
explain why and how to use my
 Seams Sew Easy 
while I'm showing you the
 3 easy steps to set it up!

I have put the steps directly onto my seam guide for you.
First step is placing the needle into the dot.
This step is to ensure that
 the center line on the 
Seams Sew Easy lines up
 perfectly with the needle.

If my guide came with that
 rectangle part already cut out
it would be difficult to line it up
 accurately because you would 
just be guessing how to line up with the needle…
when placing the guide 
onto your machine:)
That would defeat the purpose 
of having a guide at all.

Unthread your machine…
align needle with dot and 
insert the needle right into the center.

Then lift your needle and remove
 seam guide from your machine bed.
Step one done!

Now for step two…
See the dotted lines around the rectangle?
That's your guide for cutting out.
Don't worry if you 
go off the dotted lines
they are just there as a guide.

Your Seams Sew Easy will
 still work fine even if 
it's not an exact rectangle cut out
the most important thing is
 the needle placement within it
 and you've already done that!

Use some good sharp scissors…
but NOT your fabric scissors!

Remember the reason that there is a rectangle there in the first place is so that you have your needle placement as a guide when adhering to your machine bed for correct placement of the three lines that will guide your sewing:)
Your machine can't sew fabric with the rectangle in place…so obviously it will need to be removed after sticking your seam guide to your sewing machine bed:)

The large punched hole is there so that 
you can use it to start your first cut.
It's sturdy plastic so 
it will take more time than just simply cutting paper…
but no worries!

Just start cutting towards
 the back of the rectangle like this.
Just use the tip of your
 sharp scissors for 
cutting the sturdy plastic:)

The plastic is sturdy so that it will stick out and lie flat on those sewing machines that have a curved bed or not much space between the front edge of the bed and the needle like for instance my featherweight.
It is SO HELPFUL to have a larger working space on an otherwise short bed.
I purposely designed my Seams Sew Easy guide
with sturdy plastic to stick out a couple of inches on your machine when it's not flat in a table for this very reason:)

After you have the top piece of
 the rectangle out…
simply cut down the sides
 until it's all cut out 
like this.

Now put the seam guide back onto 
your machine bed and snap the rectangle
 back into place where you cut it out
 and insert the needle again.
(just to adhere the guide)

Use the lines on your machine …
and the lines on the guide…
 to make sure it is straight...

And adhere into place.
I put a dot under 4 of the petals.
(it probably would be just as secure with 2)
I have a front loading bobbin on my machine 
so I don't really ever need to 
remove my seam guide for changing bobbins.
When my machine needs 
to be cleaned or moved etc
I just pull off the seam guide
 and stick it back on afterwards!
Easy Peasy!

Now it's time to remove the rectangle
 after your 
Seams Sew Easy is adhered.
Because you used the rectangle
 and had the needle inserted 
so that it wouldn't move
your lines on the guide 
(centered with needle and 1/4")
are exactly where 
they need to be
 for accurate piecing!

Save the bottom rectangle portion
 just in case you need it again 
when putting the seam guide back
 onto your machine if you removed it.

Now I have a cute little flower 
with lines to guide my stitching and I know that the center line is lined up with my needle…

No more tracing lines onto squares
 for easy corner triangles…
flying geese…snowballs etc:)

You simply start stitching on one corner 
and let the bottom corner line up
 with the CENTER line as you are sewing.
This center line is aligned perfectly 
with your needle so it works accurately every time!

Just like this!

I love it!!!

I have always used a guide for
 sewing accurate 1/4" seams as well.
I like to know where my seam is 
long before I get to the foot.
I find if you wait until you
 get to the foot to adjust to 1/4" it can cause
 "wobbly" seams…
and that not good for accurate blocks:)

See? Perfect 1/4" seam…YaY!!!

You all should know by now that 
I use my Easy Corner Triangle Method
on any of my blocks that have angles at all 
(which is most of them)

So I'm hoping that you will love 
my Seams Sew Easy as much as I do!

If you follow me on 
have attended one of my 
Farm Girl Vintage Workshop/Retreats ...
 you know I have been using one
 on my featherweight.
I just use WASHI TAPE to tape it there
 because I have a roll that 
I keep in my sewing bag:)
Seams need to be accurate on retreat too!

Okay…so now onto our first block this week…
"Scrappy Maple Leaf "

You will find the pattern and instructions
 on page 58 of my book 

I love making maple leaf blocks!
I just had to make a bunch in both the 6" and 12" sizes...

For a swirly twirly falling leaves quilt:)
I used the Picnic Quilt setting 
on page 114 of my book.

I'm in the fall mood …
so I'm really looking forward 
to seeing all of your blocks!
Don't forget to use the hashtag;


Now let's talk about my 
Scrappy Strawberry block:)

You can find the pattern and instructions on page 59.

I know strawberries are typically
 in season during the spring 
but I love to decorate with strawberries
 so they are always in season at my little cottage!

When you make your blocks…
don't forget to use the hashtag

I think my scrappy strawberry looks great in red too...

So I stitched up a couple of the 12" blocks
and cut 18 - 4 1/2" scrappy aqua squares...

and pieced together a quick table runner:)
12" x 48"

I didn't get time to quilt it for you but you 
get the idea…right?
I think I'll bind it in aqua too:)

I like the size of this one…
it will look nice on the main countertop 
in my cottagey kitchen:)

to see this weeks guest bloggers 
and to view the schedule.

That's it for now!
Now go sew your blocks:)

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