Monday, October 22, 2018

Autumn Love Sew Along - Week Ten - House Block - Part Two!!

Well hello again:)
Welcome to the 
Autumn Love Sew Along

It's Week Ten!...
only two more weeks to go
 until we can put 
all of the blocks together:)

Today we are going to finish up
 the house block by adding the
 appliqués at the bottom:)

Step One after last week:
Sew the AUTUMN BLOCK that we made 
in Week Four to the
 bottom of the house:)
Now we can prepare the appliqués!

Autumn Love 
Sew Simple Shapes
 for this week are:
3 - F1
2 - F5
2 - F7
2 - F18
3 - F20
6 - F21
2 - F25
2 - F26

Cut 3 - 1/4" wide bias  1 1/4" long 
for the acorn stems.

Press a slight curve into a 
6 1/2" long piece of 
Nutmeg 1/4" wide bias strip.
No worries! 
Even though it was NOT
 cut on the bias...
you will be able to 
press it slightly curved.

Take note that when you are
 tracing these shapes 
for the squirrel...
you will need to trace a set
 in reverse because they are
 facing opposite directions.

Draw a line down the center of 
the F1 traced circles 
for the acorn tops.
Remember that this is the way
 we did them in Week Six 
for the Oak Leaf Block:)

Sew them like this...

Trim...turn and shape.
This is a good time to remind you 
that this turning tool is
 your best friend when it comes to
 shaping up your shapes!
I would not be able
 to do without it:)

These are the shapes that need
 inner curves and cleavage areas 
clipped before turning:)

All shaped...pressed and 
ready for glue basting!

Before you start...
measure in 1 1/4" from each end
 of the acorn bottoms and trim.

The raw edges will 
tuck under the acorn tops.
You may want to 
save the other ends...
because you never know...
I may have something 
for you to do with them!

Let's start with the pumpkin 
on the right side.
Measure in 3/4" from the edge 
and place the first oval.

Place the other oval 
on the left side and measure 
so that your pumpkin is 
5 3/4" across like this.

You can trim the left side oval off
 a bit to reduce bulk:)

Now you can add the center oval...
the stem and the leaf.

Now for the squirrel:)
Measure 1" from the door and
 place the feet and the 
belly on that line.
Tuck the tail underneath.
Don't glue the arm yet...
just set it there.

Repeat for the left side of the block...
starting with the pumpkin.
Use page 18 of the sew along guide
 to trace the vines for embroidery:)

Add the left side squirrel:)
Just set the arm there...
don't glue baste it yet...

Because you will need to 
glue baste the bias strip first!

Measure 1 3/4" up from the 
bottom of the door and 
place glue dots (slightly curved)
 right above the ruler like this.

Glue the strip down... 
and now you can glue baste the arms:)

Press the acorn stems in half. 
Glue the center acorn bottom first
 and then the ones on each side.
Just set the tops there for placement
 but don't glue them down yet ...

Until you glue the stems first.
Space them about 1 1/2" apart like this.

Now you can glue the acorn tops!

Three cute little acorns 
hanging in a row:)

Now you can do all of 
the applique on the house block!

Just like all of the 
other pumpkin vines in the quilt...
I used all six strands of 
my dark green Aurifloss.

I will sew a 
Cute Little Button 
on for the doorknob:)

It should measure 
26 1/2" x 36 1/2" 
sewing your quilt together:)

Have you finished up
 all of your 4" star blocks?
When you do...
sew them into rows of  seven stars....
and sew the sashing strips 
in-between like this.

The 2 rows on the outside edges 
of this photo are the rows 
that go on the sides 
of the house block.

Sew a sashing strip onto each end 
before adding to the house.

I always press towards my sashing strips:)
The two side strips should measure
 36 1/2" long to fit the sides 
of the house block...
but of course anytime there is
 a lot of piecing involved 
sometimes it may be a little 
too long or a little too short.
If this happens...
it's easy to adjust the length 
of the border strips within the 
sashing strips that are between
 the blocks.

After you have added the side rows...
then you can add the 
two remaining star rows 
to the top and the bottom
 of the house block:)
You can adjust them as needed
 in the same way as well:)

You can do this now if you would like ...
or of course you can save this step
 for when you assemble the entire quilt 
after all of your blocks are completed:)

Here are all four
 Harvest Star blocks completed...
The tutorial for all of the 
pieced blocks are back on Week Four.

Remember that each and every tutorial 
remains here on my blog 
if you need to revisit.
Simply scroll down and look at 
the right side bar of my blog.
When you find the week that you want...
click on it...
 and it will take you right there!

Next week we will be doing the 
Crows and Vines Block...
See you right back here then!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Autumn Love Sew Along - Week Nine - House Block - Part One!!

Hello again Autumn Lovers 
and welcome to week nine 
of our sew along!!
We are nearing the end...

Today we are starting on the
 center of the quilt...

The house block!
We are splitting this block up 
into two weeks and this is the
 portion that we will do this week:)
Let's get started!

Autumn Love 
Sew Simple Shapes 
that you will need 
for this week:
5 - F14
2 - F15
1 - F22
1 - F28
Cutting for 2 house pieces 
(gunny sack print)
and all of the background pieces 
(nutmeg gingham)
 are of course...
in the sew along guide.

From the blue floral print...
 cut the roof pieces.
Run the 1 7/8" x Width of Fabric strip through the 1" bias tape maker.

You will need a
 1" wide x 3 1/2" long 
prepared bias strip 
for the chimney top.

Prepare the oval window
 for the front door...
along with the harvest moon 
and the twinkly stars!

Don't forget to clip the 
cleavage areas in each star
 before turning:)

Now for the pieces that are the ruler work.
All of the ruler work measurements 
are on page 14 of the sew along guide.

Match each traced interfacing piece 
up with the co-ordinating fabric and sew.

Trim...turn...shape and press.

Now that all of your 
applique shapes are prepared...
set them aside...
 and let's piece the house! 

I'm sure that it will help 
to refer to the house block diagram
 on page 4 when sewing.
Draw a diagonal line from 
point to point on the back
 of pieces "A" and "D" 
for sewing the Easy Corner Triangles.

Place them onto pieces "H" and "I" 
and sew on your marked line.

Trim off the excess leaving an 
approximate 1/4" seam allowance.
Press towards the triangles and then 
repeat for the other side.

Sew the top of house together like this...

And add the two "E" pieces 
to the house bottom.

Now sew the bottom to the top 
and we are ready to glue baste
 the appliqués onto the house:)
The house block at this point
 should measure 26 1/2" x 30 1/2"

First up is the harvest moon:)
Measure in 2 1/2" from the side and 
2" from the top and glue baste.
Trim off the bottom of the moon like this:)

Press under one end of the 
1" bias strip for the roof 
and make it hangover 3/4" 
on the bottom end.

 Don't press under the top end...
just trim it even with the 
top of the gunny sack fabric like this.

Place the glue dots right above 
the seam and add the strip 
just barely overlapping 
onto the gunny sack print by about 1/8".

When you add the other strip...
you will need to press under both ends.

Before you glue that strip down...
 glue the chimney first.
Measure in 7 1/4" from the side
 and 4 1/2" from the top when placing.

Trim off a triangle on the bottom
 of the chimney...then
 glue baste the roof strip.

Press each end of the chimney top 
under 1/4" and add to the top.

Glue baste the stars like this...
2" from the top and sides both.

Place the window and shutters
in the center and 
1" up from the bottom roof.

Place the star 1/2" 
up from the window.

Now let's move down to 
the bottom of the house!

Center the door and place it 
1/8" up from the bottom edge.
Glue baste the oval window onto the door.

Place the shutters and the window
 by measuring in 1" from the side
 and 2" down from the roof like this.

Repeat with the remaining 
window and shutters on the other side:)

Place the stars 1/2" down 
from the roof and 1/2" apart:)
Now you are all ready to applique!

This block will be much easier 
to do over two weeks and by
 doing these pieces first.
We will add the remaining
 appliqués next week!
See you then...

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