Monday, October 14, 2019

Granny's Garden Sew Along - Week Eight!!

Hello everyone!!

Today we are at week 8 in the
Granny's Garden Sew Along

We are using Granny Chic Fabric...

And Granny's Garden 
Sew Simple Shapes...

To make the Granny's Garden Quilt:)

This week's tutorials are 
for blocks 29 thru 32

Let's get planting!!

Block 29 Sew Simple Shapes:
4 - I 6
4 - I 14
1 - I 21
Cut the stems 2" long

After sewing and before turning
 you will need to clip the 
cleavage in each heart:)

All shaped up and ready to "sow"

Checking all of my shapes to
 make sure they are centered:)

Block 29 is ready for appliqué!

Flower Block 30 Sew Simple Shapes:
1 - I 25
(you should have 8 - 
4 1/2" squares for this)

Use the 2" Circle Ruler
 from the set for the center.

Just as I have shown you 
in previous tutorials you will
 need to sew your 4 1/2" squares 
into an 8 1/2" pinwheel block 
before sewing it into 
the large dresden shape...

like this!
You will also need to clip 
in between each scallop.

Turned ...shaped and pressed:)

I use my small ruler to make sure 
that the circle is in the center
 because it can easily fool your eye 
if you do not measure.

Flower Block 30 is ready for appliqué:)

Block 31 Sew Simple Shapes:
2 - I 2
1 - I 21
1 - I 22
1 - I 24
1 - I 25
(you should have 8 -
 4 1/2" squares for I - 25)
Use the 4" Circle Ruler from 
the set for the smaller
 Shabby Cloud circle

Cut your stem 2 1/2" long and
 press one end under

Before sewing your shapes...
first sew your squares into an
 8 1/2" square pinwheel like this.

You will need to clip the 
cleavage areas in all 
3 scalloped circles before turning.

All shaped and pressed:)

I pinned and glued the flower 
for the center circle first.

Then added the scallop...

And then centered it on the dresden:)

Flower Block 31 glue basted
 and ready for applique.

Block 32 Sew Simple Shapes:
9 - I 21
1 - I 30
(you should have 8 - 
4 1/2" squares for this as well)

You guessed it!!
Just like the dresdens...
you will need to sew your 8 
- 4 1/2" squares into a pinwheel block
 like this before you sew the star.

Make sure that the inside cleavage
 line up right on the seam when sewing.

After trimming clip the cleavage in the star.

Turn...shape and press:)

Center all circles and glue baste.

Flower Block 32 is ready for applique:)

After you applique the circles...
applique them onto 
their background squares.

Thanks for gardening with me this week...
I'll meet you right back here 
next Monday and we will 
plant four more 
Flower Blocks for our quilt:)

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Farm Girl Vintage 2 Sew Along - Farm Girl Friday's are Back!!

I'm sew excited to announce that 
will be coming back starting
 Friday, November 1st!!

This time around we will
 be using my newest book 
Farm Girl Vintage 2

There are 45 new 
Farm Girl Blocks in this book...

And we will be sewing 
2 blocks every Friday:)

YeeHaw!!...Sew much fun!!

Meet me here on my blog 
every Friday for all the fun!
Post your photos on
so that we can see everyone's 
fabric choices and progress:)

If you want to see each and every 
project in the book very 
up close and personal
and you will see them
 coming right from my quilty cottage 
and off my kitchen table:)

My awesome book publishers
 It's Sew Emma 
are of course also participating 
in the sew along and have 
kindly provided an easy checklist
 on what you will need.
to read their blog post 
and for all of the information.

I'm sew excited about this 
and I can't wait to sew 
all things Farm Girl Vintage with you!!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Granny's Garden Sew Along - Week Seven!!

Good morning gardeners:)

Can you believe that we are at week seven?

We are using Granny Chic Fabric...

And Granny's Garden Sew Simple Shapes...

to make the Granny's Garden Quilt:)

This week's tutorials are 
Flower Blocks 25 thru 28

Sew Simple Shapes for Block 25:
8 - I 1
1 - I 21
1 - I 29
1 - I 30

After sewing you will need to clip the cleavage in the star:)

all shaped up and ready 
for basting to the circle.

I started by pinning and then 
glue basting the flower onto the hexagon.

Take note that the hexagon in
 this block has the flat part on the top.

Then I added the hexagon
 onto the star center.
Take note that the star for
 this block is pointed at the top.

Then I glued the star onto the circle...

and used my 10 1/2" Trim-It Ruler
 to make sure it was centered correctly:)

Flower Block 25 all ready for applique:)

Sew Simple Shapes for Block 26:
1 - I 7
4 - I 11
As per the 
You should have cut
 4 - 1 1/2" x 4 1/2" strips 
to piece the leaves
 before you sew the shape.

Cut your stem 5" long and 
press one end under for the bottom.

For the leaves...
piece the green strips together 
first and press the seams open.
Then you can place your traced 
I 11 shape on top and stitch.

This is just like I showed you on Block 5:)

No clipping any shapes in this block!

All shaped and ready to go.
Don't you love how the leaves 
look with 2 green fabrics?

I used my ruler to center my granny tulip.

Flower block 26 is all ready for applique:)

Sew Simple Shapes for Block 27:
4 - I 2
4 - I 13
1 - I  21
1 - I 25
Use the 6" ruler from the set
 for the smaller Cloud Shabby circle.

After sewing you will need to 
clip between the 
flower petals before turning.

You will also need to clip 
the cleavage in each heart:)

Now for the pinning and glue basting:)

I started with the smaller circle first.

Then glued it to the large flower:)


Then onto the circle...
using my 10 1/2" Trim-It Ruler to center it.

Flower Block 27 ready for applique:)

Sew Simple Shapes for Block 28:
2 - I 2
2 - I 5
6 - I 13
3 - I 21
Cut center stem 7" long and 
press one end under.
Cut the side stems 2 1/2" and 
trim the bottoms at a diagonal.

For this block you will need to clip 
the cleavage in the top of the heart shapes.

Well whoops.
When I was shaping this heart
 I pushed a little too hard 
and poked through the fabric.

This happens once in a while 
but most of the time I can fix it
 instead of sewing another one...
and here's how I do it.

I place a little glue on those 
little frayed pieces 
right where it poked through...

And then fold them over and hold 
between my fingers until those 
frayed pieces stay glued to the 
back side of the interfacing 
just over the edge...

Like this:)

now with that little whoops behind me 
all of my pieces are ready for pinning:)

I know that I always say this but
 I cannot say enough how invaluable
 using the lines on my ruler are
 to make sure each piece is 
where it needs to go.

Flower Block 28 all ready for applique...

and that makes all four:)

When they are appliquéd to each circle...
then you can applique them onto
 their background squares:)

Don't forget to use the hashtag
when you post your blocks on 

I'll meet ya'll right back here
 next week and I'll have 
four more Flower Blocks for you:)

P.S. If you are just joining us
 be sure to click on the links below 
for the previous Granny's Garden
 posts and tutorials.

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