Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We had a great time.... our quilt retreat.
Above is my 60 degree triangle 1 patch quilt that I did there. It's going in my family room and I'm going to back it with denim.
The rest of the photos I will show you in the order that I took them...that way you can see all of the quilts in process before the finish photo!

This is Lucy's stack and whack baby quilt....borders to come.

Renee worked on several projects...this being one of them. A paper piecing project by Piece o cake....(say that 3 times!)

This is Debbie's fall quilt in progress.

Shanna is making a baby quilt for one of her grandbabies....only the applique left to do.

Now she's working on her shabby chic roses....most of the blocks she brought completed and her goal was to finish the quilt top.


Debbie's fall quilt blocks stacked and ready for alternate blocks.

Renee making progress on her paper piecing.

This is the quilt that Juli brought to work on. A pinapple in whites, creams and tans.

She was a little bit discouraged because she felt like she wasn't going very fast but once she figured out her system....she really started to make headway.

This is what Beth worked on. A beautiful fall quilt made from a kit that she brought up.

I love the large blocks....she made 9 of them before she had to leave the retreat early to be with her family....her 19 yr old got his mission call in the mail and she quickly went home (a 5 hour drive) to be there when he opened the envelope. He will be going to serve in Brazil. Yay!
We sure missed her after she left....

My whirlygig blocks that I cut from a layer cake.....ready to press after clothesline stitching on my featherweight.....I leave my Bernina at home and take my featherweight to all classes and retreats....I love to sew with it and have made MANY quilts with it over the years.

Juli is making lots of progress on such a time consuming (but well worth it) pinapple quilt.

Judy pieced this quilt from a kit that she bought on the way up at Red Rooster in Logan. (pics of our visit there to come).....Beth also bought this kit there.

This is Judy's Thanksgiving wall quilt.....embroidery left to do.

Renee's turning twenty flannel quilt to keep her feet warm this winter.........

Lucy got the borders on her baby quilt and now she's working on some very beautiful but time consuming blocks out of Civil War fabrics for her Abraham Lincoln quilt.

Pressing the rows in my whirlygig quilt with my 1930's Westinghouse iron.....I really can't do without it, I take it to every retreat and class that I take.

Debbie has added the alternate blocks to her quilt.

In between other projects that Shanna worked on, she managed to add borders and alternate squares to the dresdon plate blocks that she brought. You go girl!

Look at this..........more pinapple rounds for Juli. You can really see the pattern emerging. Stunning!

Debbie's quilt top complete!

Along with Renee' looks comfy cozy.The sashing is being added to Shanna's shabby roses.

She will also add brown to the center of each flower to go with the sashing....buttons? yo-yo's? Applique circles? She hasn't decided yet.

I really adore this quilt. Everything vintage and roses I love love love.

Now Debbie is on to her 2nd quilt....made with a halloween jelly roll.

And her 3rd one, made at the same time (clever) with a Christmas jelly roll.

WOW Juli....really amazing!

Her quilt will eventually be King size (yes, I said king size) with pieced borders to go on her master bedroom bed....a real heirloom. It looks very wedding quilt to me. Perfect.

Yay! Shanna's top complete (except the to be determined later centers)....vintagey wonderful.

And we have completion of Debbie's 2nd quilt............

Renee is back to her piece o cake (and some embroidery).

Debbie's quilt #3. She really got alot done!

My snowball quilt made with 30's charm squares....I still need to add 4 more rows on the side and a pieced border for a twin size quilt....I hope I'm able to get to it before next year's retreat! LOL:)

Center of my whirlygig complete...just need to add borders and giant brown ric-rac. I made this quilt square to go on my Family Room table for fall. The layer cake I used is a new line by Thimbleblossoms....way cute. The line is called "Simple Abundance".
I love the line and I think it looks like the color of fall leaves and blue skies.
I can't wait to finish it and put it on my table with pumpkins, flowers from my fall garden and other vintage goodies.

In Shanna's other spare time, (LOL) she made this adorable pumpkin pincushion from a kit that she bought online from Figtree Quilts. Very sweet.

These are Judy's monster blocks that she finished so far.......aren't monsters for scaring people? These just make me smile because they're so darn cute.
Well my friends, this is the end of the trip. SO MUCH FUN....we of course have already booked for next year as usual.
I will show you the Red Rooster Quilts photos later so stay tuned for a lovely quilt shop visit!

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Funoldhag said...

What a great bunch of pictures and what a good time you girls must have had at your retreat. All of your quilts are wonderful - what a productive time. The pineapple quilt is stunning - anyone who quilts knows what perserverence that would take to work on that pattern, especially in the light colors. But, you are right, it looks like a wedding quilt! Gorgeous, gorgeous! You all "done good"! Carol

Karen said...

Wow! That was one busy group of quilters. It is hard for me to pick a favorite of the group of things being worked on as I like many of them. I think the pineapple quilt in the neutral tones was especially good. The little pumpkin pincushion is very cute too.

Browndirtcottage said...

Looks like you gals made some wonderful progress and stayed busy!! I liked the 'in progress' order of your photos!

Mary Ellen Ross said...

Wow Lori! What gorgeous projects! I can't believe how much you all accomplished. Thanks for the pics and the info. It inspires me to get going!

erica e said...

i love the colors in your 60 degree triangle quilt! are they all from your stash? hmmm... those colors would look so nice in MY family room! :)

Carin said...

I love Red Rooster! All the quilts done by everyone are lovely!

Jan said...

Whow! You gals were quite productive, and beautifully so I might add :) Such talent!!!!

AllisonK said...

Such an inspirational post. Love seeing the progress and work that everyone did. I would love to learn more about the shabby chic rose quilt if possible.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Seriously Wow! It was fun scrolling through photo by photo to see the progress made at the retreat! Some serious stitching going on!

Dianne said...

Wow! You girls on retreat make my head spin. This is one of the best show and tells I have ever seen. The pineapple quilt is to die for and would like to see a pic when it is finished!

dream quilt create said...

What a fun time, and such detailed descriptions of everyone's projects! I read them all very carefully. I love your whirlywigs and snowballs, and the triangle quilt. The pineapple quilt is so beautiful in those soft colors, and I really like the shabby roses. One question about Judy's fall wall hanging though, doesn't she already have one called "Thanksgiving quilt"? I hang mine up in September so I can enjoy it all fall long in 93 degree weather..... lol! That is quite a quilting setup at the retreat with the ott lights and design wall and everything!

Sherri said...

Such a productive retreat! So many wonderful quilts! I love, love, love, the Simple Abundance whirlygigs!

Allie said...

I'm SPEECHLESS. You ladies are incredible - I need to come take lessons on productivity! That pineapple quilt is unbelievable - really stunning.

Kim Walus said...

I can tell by the pictures that you had a wonderful time and I loved seeing all of the quilts. I really loved the pineapple blocks. WOW! It's going to be worth her time when it's done.

Dawn said...

So many beautiful quilts!! You ladies sure accomplished quite a bit!

Celtic Heart said...

Wow that pineapple quilt is going to be fantastic!!! Give me an idea to do one. I have a bunch of white and off white scraps. :)

Rae Ann said...

All the quilts are so beautiful! It looks like you had a wonderful time. Quilting alwasy makes for a fun time!

amy smart said...

Great quilts. That pineapple quilt is amazing and inspiring. I love your snowballs and whirligigs! I just might have to make something like that! :) (I'm loving that simple abundance.)

Carrie P. said...

Boy oh boy those ladies kept really busy. I have always wanted to make one of the shabby rose quilts. Maybe one day.

Betsy said...

The pineapple quilt is simply stunning. What size blocks are they? Is there a specific pattern?

Nanette Merrill said...

I've got to make some whirligigs for my sister's quilt. They look fun. And your snowball is fantastic. The girls all did great. Jul's made me go buggy. That darn paper piecing! Hate it. Glad you had fun. Loved seeing what you did.

Em said...

I love the photos and am curious if you live in St. George with the photo in front of Lazy Daisy and the muted flowers that they had done for a shop quilt but in brighter colors. I love your energy and talent! Em

Pots and Pins said...

The Pineapple quilt is so beautiful...I really want to make one but....

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