Monday, April 5, 2010

Vintage Monday - baskets and egg cups

I thought it would be fitting to show you some "Eastery things" for todays Vintage Monday.

I love old fashioned baskets...I love thier shape and I love thier graceful handles....
They look beatiful alone but I often use them to display other vintage items like some of my handkerchief collection in the above photo.
I've showed you my hanky collection in a previous Vintage Monday post...just click on the file cabinet to the right labeled vintage monday to see it!

This very vintagey pink basket I picked up at a thrift shop a long time ago and I still love it and use it alot in my also looks great on the table for a nice Sunday dinner with fresh homemade rolls in in it.

This basket I keep in my livingroom and it holds some of my vintage glove collection...I am very fond of it's graceful lines and also the design on it's side.
You may also click on the file cabinet to see my vintage glove collection.

This tall white milk glass basket is very fun to keep fresh cut flowers from my garden in....the bright ones like zinnia's or hot pink roses are my favorite for this one.

I keep fresh flowers on this vintage glass basket too...can you tell by the hard water line?
This basket is sort of what I call a medium size and I like to keep it next to my bed with a roses in it so I can smell thier delicious scent while sleeping....(yes, I have spring fever)

This one is a very large vintage cut glass basket. I keep it in my livingroom...I usually fill it with candy when I am expecting's a very Grandma thing to do don't you think?

Whoops.... sorry about the fuzzy picture on this next little cutie.
This is a little depression glass basket that I bought at an antique shop a while back.
I am on the lookout for more of this size because I think they would be adorable on the luncheon table next to each plate filled with little butter mints or something.

I also wanted to show you two vintage egg cups....I only have two because they are hard to come by from my experience!

This little chicken depression glass one is my favorite....I have never seen another one like it but I sure wish I could find one.....(or
How fitting for a hen to hold my breakfast egg!

This little chicky egg cup is very vintage and I love her so....I keep her in my kitchen window sill and she makes me smile whenever I see her.
That's why I love to collect vintage things...they are so cheerful and remind me of days gone by...

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Jocelyn said...

Oh wow I LOVE your glass baskets! But I love baskets of any kind ;-)

Sherri said...

Oh, the vintage baskets are absolutely beautiful...and the egg cups are too grandmother has one, and I didn't realize they were so hard to find!

Nielson said...

These are so pretty! I love them all--now I have one more thing to be on the look out for when I go thrifting :)

Rae Ann said...

Love... LOve... LOVe... LOVE
your vintage baskets and egg cups! Your sharing them makes me HAPPY!

Diva Kreszl said...

I just love all your vintage treasures!!! Each one is sweeter than the last, thanks for sharing these beautiful items :)

Elizabeth said...

I love all your vintage vases! And those egg cups are adorable. Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

What cute baskets! Also love the egg cups but never understood how to eat an egg out of them.

quiltmom anna said...

Your baskets are lovely and your egg cups fabulous. When I think of egg cups it always gives me a warm fuzzy. When I was a little girl my gran would cook soft boiled eggs every morning for breakfast when I stayed with her on the farm. They are such a terrific comfort food.
Perhaps they are the same for you.

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Sweet glassware and I love the hankies!!!! Hope your Easter was wonderful!


Nedra said...

You have some lovely vinage Easter finds. I am sure they add so much beauty to your home. Loved them all but especially the chick egg cups.

Busy Little Quilter said...

Those are so sweet! I love looking at your vintage collection.

Thanks for sharing!

Nanette Merrill said...

I really love the basket shape in those photos. I love the handle in the middle with the turned down sides. Very vintage.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon your blog while searching for information on the egg cups that my mother gave me years ago - I happen to have 4 of the little glass ones :) I love them and have fond memories of her making fresh farm hard boiled eggs for breakfast in them! :)

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