Monday, April 19, 2010

Vintage Monday - Urban Renewal

Well I'm back!....Did you miss me? I went to Southern Utah last week for a quilting retreat with wonderful friends...I will tell you all about it on my next post because today is Vintage Monday.

While I was in St. George, my friend Nedra took Rae Ann and I to "Urban Renewal" so that we could have our vintage
I bought this adorable crochet napkin holder.
At first I wasn't going to get it because it wouldn't go well on my kitchen table because my kitchen is in bold vintage colors....but I decided that I couldn't pass it up.
I will put it in my studio to hold my mail.

I also bought this vintage pyrex bowl...

You all just know that I would never pass up a gingham bowl without buying it!

It's a large bowl and I think it will be filled up with potato salad for my next potluck.

Rae Ann is such a sweetie and loves vintage finds too. She brought me a couple of things that she found on one of her trips....

This cute little milk glass strawberry jam jar. Isn't it sweet? And just in time for strawberry season here.

I will be making fresh jam and you can bet I will be using this little jar to put my fresh jam on the table.

I collect these little vintage recipe booklets and Rae Ann also brought me this one that she found.

This booklet introduces frozen vegetables and freezer meals.

Do you think they really knew then back much this would change the way that most Americans eat?
I had to show you this cute little picture of these fuzzy baby chicks....I really miss farm life.

I just love these little things...very kitschy and fun to look through. Thanks Rae Ann.
I'm really missing my friends from the retreat this morning...I'm having severe withdrawel pains!

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Diane H said...

oh my, oh my! Love the checkered bowl and the strawberries! Great finds. Last week I scored with fabric at the thrift store. Glad I found your blog.

Dawn said...

I'm having withdrawel pains too!! It wa sooo much fun! Thanks again for teaching me how to applique. I finished all the applique on my 'Eat Cake'. Now I just need to finish the embroidery. I love the napkin holder too!

Kim Walus said...

You missed me too, right? I know I missed out on everything but, thanks for sharing so I can enjoy it vicariously. I really love the vintage things you bought and the sweet jar Rae Ann bought you. Welcome home.

Nanette Merrill said...

Cute cute. I have a few vintage cookbooks. I love them, especially my PA Dutch ones.

Connie said...

your vintage find was so neat, thanks for sharing them with us, I love old cook book. HAPPY SEWING!

Rae Ann said...

Lori ~ I have just spent one of the greatest weeks I have ever had in my life and I am so having withdrawal pains! I am thankful that I came home to cleaning and laundry because it helped to keep me busy so that I wouldn't concentrate so hard on not being with you all.
I am so happy that you liked the little vintage items that I gave you. I love it that you are going to use the strawberry milk glass jar for your strawberry jam :)

Unknown said...

Oh gosh, I have a couple of old cook books of my mom's and the freezer part is so interesting.
I always get nostalgic visiting here, not only your finds, but the music is just right.

Shelley said...

Oh Lord, I know envy is a sin BUT! Lori, if you get tired of that napkin holder, give me a buzz!LOL And the bowl, with potato salad! When are we eating/LOL!

Jan said...

Oh my on that crochet napkin holder! I've never seen anything like it and it's awesome! I adore that checkerboard bowl too :) What a lovely addition to your collection!

Sherri said...

Thanks again Lori...I've had so many fun responses on your pattern...looks like I need to head back to St. George and visit that shop!

Pots and Pins said...

In my next life I have planned to be Nanette/Freda...and then I "met" Nedra so of course I want to be her...and now...NOW...I'm just going to have to be YOU! I love all that you do - and am super jealous of your recent trip to St. George...but I'll get over day. xo, Nan

Elizabeth said...

Lori, I'm not a collector of vintage things because I don't know how to make it all 'work.' But I love to see your Vintage Monday posts. You really know how to work it. My favorite today is that absolutely adorable strawberry milk glass jam jar. If it 'disappears' you'll know where to look ;). Rae Ann was so sweet to get that for you. I also love the checkered bowl. That is really fun too. Thanks for sharing your neat finds.

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