Sunday, July 6, 2014

Scrappy Happy Summer Sew Along - Summer Skies Blocks are Finished!!! ...

I've been happily sewing away in my studio…

Playing with my Summer Skies block for our

I showed you in my last post how I turned my 
Scrappy Happy block into my
 Summer Skies block:)

We are using
as our instruction manual…
the pattern includes 
4 blocks sizes and we
are using the 24" size
 for the 
Summer Skies quilt:)

After sewing my first block together for last weeks post…
I sewed the Easy Corner Triangles segments 
for all remaining 8 blocks that I had already cut.

Then I paired them up like this above 
to sew all of the corner sections first.

I did not plan each color placement within the blocks…
but rather  just paired up randomly
so that I would end up with
scrappy happy blocks!

Because I had already chosen my color palette
and cut all of the squares and rectangles needed
for all 9 blocks…
I knew that they would all go together 
so I didn't worry at all…
just waited for the surprise blocks to be born!

Unplanned placement leads to fun surprises
 and combinations that are so cute…
and maybe colors you wouldn't have normally 
thought to put together are so inspiring!

I did the same thing with the rectangle sections.
I sewed all of them first…
with out planning the color placement…
just used 2 contrasting colors so that the
 points of the stars would not be lost and 
would stand out nicely when sewn into the blocks.

So after I had all of the sections completed…
I could lay them out in a nine patch arrangement
to audition color placement.

This block I used only oranges and greens...

This one is pinks and yellows
with a pop of light aqua for the star points.

I love the aqua floral for the center of this block:)

I used 3 different pinks in this one 
and I love how they all go together!

Are you noticing how each block looks different …
depending on where the
 light and darker colors are placed?
Sew fun!!!

I love the pink in the center of this one…
it recedes because the center is lighter 
making the orange and darker green really pop!

Because this darker blue 
is in the center of this one…
your eye is drawn to it immediately:)

I chose to name this block Summer Skies
 in honor of our starry summer nights! 
 I grew up sleeping under the stars in the summertime.

I remember the warm breeze of a summer night...
gazing at the stars while listening to the
sounds of the night in a small town.

Crickets… farm animals…the barking of a dog…
my mom and dad in the house talking and laughing…
the distant sound of a train.

Good times:)

And because we are celebrating the 
4th of July here in the good ole' USA
The skies are filled with large and colorful fireworks!!!
Or in other words…
Summer Stars:)


 I showed you in my last post how to make 
half square triangles from the ECT trimmings.
Don't forget to do that when making your 
Summer Skies blocks...

I have a fun project and tutorial that I will be doing with them:)

Next week I'll be doing the tutorial on 
putting all 9 of the Summer Skies blocks together
with sashings and showing you my quilt top!

Have a quilty kind of summer…

P.S. Click here to join up!
 We are having fun with this Sew Along 
and you don't want to miss out do you?

Don't forget to add your photos
 to the flickr group:)


Cecelia said...

Oh my goodness, I love all these lovely tutorials you are doing for us this summer! The pictures and time you have spent on them! I so look forward to every Monday to see what you have for us, I'm trying to catch up, as I really want to make this quilt also~ Thank you, Lori!!! xxxx

Nanette Merrill said...

Holy cow yours are darling! I'm loving the one with the stripes. It makes it look like it is almost moving. Mine is nearly finished. My sister is here visiting or it would be done. Soon tho.

Little Quiltsong said...

Just LOVE all your different Block colors. I've had house no sewing for a bit, but am making 2 little 'Summer Skies' blocks for my wall. I'm really enjoying this Summer Sew Along!

Pots and Pins said...

In my next life I'm going to request a brain that works like yours! Love those blocks! xo, Nan

MaterialGirlQuilts said...

I just adore all of your blocks!!!

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