Monday, July 14, 2014

Scrappy Happy Summer Sew Along - Summer Skies Quilt Top Finish! ...

Hello cute people!
I was able to finish up my 
Summer Skies quilt top 
and now it's ready 
for the quilting.


for all of the info if 
you are just joining us:)

I asked Kassidy and Sterling 
to hold it up outside…
on chairs because its pretty big:)

My kids have been asked to
 hold up my quilts for pictures
since they were really young.

Sterling is a big tease 
and likes to bug me by 

So Kass and I always
 try to get him to.

I tell him that he can't 
put down the quilt until he smiles.
(or bribe him with Cafe Rio)

I decided to use
 4" finished sashings instead of 3"…
so I used a total of 
5 1/4 yards background:)

Here are the cutting instructions;
Cut 12 - 4 1/2" x 24 1/2" 
and sew in-between
 each block in the 3 rows.

Cut 4 - 4 1/2" x 88 1/2" strips 
and sew them
in-between the rows and
on the top and bottom 
of the quilt.

I'm not sure what fabric 
I'll be binding it in yet…
but I do know that I will need
362" of prepared binding 
which equals = 3/4 yard

On my next 
Scrappy Happy Summer post…
I'll show you the blocks 
I am making with
the half square triangles 
that I made 
from the ECT trimmings!

Thanks to those of you 
who have added your photos to the 
Please feel free to post ANY 
pictures from the sew along 
of whatever stages you are in.
Even your fabric choices…
 or even cutting...
I'd also love to see
 your design boards!



andrea @ tideline quilts said...

I LOVE THIS QUILT! So bright, so summery, so cheerful - all you can do is smile when you see it! Hope you'll post some pix of it once it's quilted - I would love to see it completely done! PS. Think Baptist Fans would be awesome for a quilting design - it would be good quilting, but let the blocks really shine as the heroes of the quilt.

Terry Conner said...

I see that Cafe Rio worked! Tell your daughter that she has a great up do. Oh, the quilt is beautiful too!

Susan said...

I really like this quilt. I am constantly amazed at how I can be so ho hum about individual blocks but so thrilled with the final outcome. I guess I lack insight. I'm a beginner, so I have a lot to learn.

Terrie said...

Love It !!!!! I finished first two blocks and am in the process of cutting the other seven. Am using a mix of mostly your fabric lines and am loving so far!!!! Thanks so much for your constant inspiration !!!

Little Quiltsong said...

Wow - what a beautiful Quilt! Sweet Memories with your kids - our youngest can be the same type of tease, but he usually gets a lot of pokes from his sisters. Kass I see has a lot of patience - lucky Sterling!

Needled Mom said...

That looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...


Jeneta said...

It's beautiful! I love your choice of background fabric. And the series of photos of your kids holding the quilt top is an absolute gem!

Cecelia said...

Oh Lori, it's sooooo pretty! Love it! Can you tell me what size it finished? I'm rounding up all my fabrics to make it, so I need 5 1/4 yards of background not 4? right? I just can't wait to make mine! Cute pics of your kids!

Nanette Merrill said...

Turned out darling. The kids are funny.

artes e arteirices said...

Lindo trabalho, as cores ficaram perfeitas... um dia vou quiltar com o você..

Pots and Pins said...

So beautiful!! I love the "lightness" of this quilt - nicely done!! xoxo

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