Friday, June 12, 2015

Farm Girl Friday - Week Seven!

It's Farm Girl Friday.
Today I am out of town
 on my Farm Girl Vintage
sewing all kinds of 
fun farm girl things 
but on Tuesday before I left…
I prepared this post  
just for you! 

Grab your book and turn to page 24…

Where you will find the instructions for my
 Egg Basket Block

I love basket blocks and I especially love
 the triangle trim on this one.

I have made so many of 
these baskets with different fabrics…
and I love them all!
I think just a whole quilt 
of these scrappy baskets 
would be so fun
to display in the spring:)

Here's a quilty idea
close up...
I love it!

I originally designed this basket way back
during my Quilty Barn Along

And it ended up in this gray gingham barn.
to view that tutorial
and see my step by step photos:)

The block ended up in my 
Silo Barn Quilt
on page 92 of my book.

Our next block for this week is 
Found on page 23
I love this block in different colors…

But when I designed it for the book
I also knew it would 
look great in scrappy greens...

And fit perfectly on the bottom of my
Sunny Sunflower 
Farm Girl Block
on page 66!!!

We won't be doing that block
 for a while
in our sew along but
 I just had to show you what I did!

I used all of these fabrics
 to make a new (and secret) project for 
my Farm Girl Vintage retreat that 
we are all working on today.
I will be sharing that 
project here with 
all of you next month…:) 

I just love how these 
two blocks go together…
An entire quilt of these would be super adorable too!
I have so many ideas and
 never enough time to sew them all:)

Don't forget to visit our 
awesome guest bloggers this week.
for the schedule.

I can't wait to see 
this weeks blocks up on my 
In order for me to see them
(and others)

Please use the hashtags;
and of course

Now go gather your eggs
 and plant your crops!


Little Quiltsong said...

Oh, another lovely twist to your blocks. Love both - egg basket and the crops, especially the crops block under the sunny sunflower block!! You are right - a whole quilt with these would be adorable!

Carried Away Quilting said...

LOVE those stems under the sunflower block, but I just LOVE those stems period. One of my FAVS!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Dear Lori.
I love your colorful ideas. They are helpful for us that are color challenged. I am doing all of my cutting at home, then I drag my featherweight and all my stuff in a box and do the sewing at my 92 year old peeps place. So far it is working out pretty good. Then! My biggest girl just popped out a baby girl, so I am over there too. So, there are some "adjustments" going on... haha
Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm

gibbygoo56 said...

Farm Girl Lori, you are amazing! I love you girl! Everything is nothing but CHARMING! I'm so happy I have my fabric bundle, handpicked by you and my Farm Girl Vintage book. I am blessed and grateful for it!

I am loving your new calendar and I want to preorder on the Fat Quarter Shop so I get the adorable pattern free.

God Bless you cute farm girl!

Snickelfritz said...

Lori, just wanted to tell you I bought your Vintage Farm Girl quilt book and absolutely love it. So many ideas and I love the chicken quilt since I raise chickens. I am a farm girl, too, and your book just makes me so happy. I know I have many happy hours of sewing ahead. Thank you!

Carla said...

I sew wish I could juggle my time better and do the sew alongs. One day it will happen. These blocks are sew cute and I love the fabric and colors. Too cute
Thanks for sharing

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