Friday, June 5, 2015

Farm Girl Friday - Week Six - Country Crossroads Cushion!

Are you ready for week six of
Farm Girl Friday?
Let's get started:)

Grab your Farm Girl Vintage 
book and turn to page 22.

We are going to be playing with 
Country Crossroads

This is a simple block in design 
and is easy to put together.
It's made up of four traditional snowball blocks…
and I added an "intersection"
to form the look of a roadway that you might 
find way out in the country!

For the block sample in the book
I used the same fabric for all 4 snowballs
but I just knew all along that
 I would be doing a scrappy version
for our sew along!

It takes no time at all for me to
 cut out scrappy blocks
 because of the way that I 
save, cut, store and more importantly 
USE my leftovers.

If you've never read about
 my scrap saving method…
if you want to know more:)
I also have a YouTube tutorial
that I've done from 
my studio showing you.
You can find the link 
to those on the top 
right sidebar here on my blog.

I decided to make nine
 6" Scrappy Crossroads blocks
and make them into a 
scrappy happy cushion:)

I cut out all of the pieces and 
laid them out onto one of my design boards.

Then I started sewing away on the snowballs!

One scrappy happy block!

Pretty soon
I had 9 scrappy happy 
Country Crossroads blocks.

I laid them out for placement
on a larger design board 
and then sewed them together.

When I sewed my nine 6" blocks together
 I ended up with an 18" square…
but it would be super cute in the 12" block size as well
and it would finish a 36" square:)

By the way…
I pressed all of my seams open:)

Then I cut 2 strips of the background fabric
3" x 18 1/2"
and sewed to the sides.
Then I cut 2 more strips
3" x 23 1/2"
 and sewed to the top and bottom.
My cushion finished at 23" square 
and I used a 24" pillow form
because I like my pillows stuffed full:)

I decided to use a scrappy binding.
I cut 16 - 2 1/2" x 6 1/2" strips.

I joined them together end to end
and pressed my seams open.
to see my scrappy binding tutorial:) 

I prepared my binding…
 and kept it in a stack of cute little
 vintage toy mixing bowls
 while quilting the pillow top:)

All bound and ready for the cushion insert!

It looks super cute on the 
minty green chair 
that my Grandma Crane gave to me:)

Now for our second block…
turn to page 21 of 

And let's make a 
Corn and Tomatoes block!

I love red and yellow together
and I love fresh corn and 
REAL tomatoes fresh from the garden
(I don't care for the fake ones that they sell in the chain grocery stores:(

This block is one of the
 very easiest in the book.
Only a few pieces and 
a few colors but 
I think it packs a punch…
don't you?

I also think that this block 
would be a great scrappy quilt
in all different color combinations 
but that will have to want for another day
when I have a few less deadlines:)

I made another 12" block using Feed Company fabric.

Now I have 4 so far for my Square Dance
quilt on page 118.

Thanks for sewing along
 with me this week!
Don't forget to use these hashtags 
when posting your blocks
 on social media:

Be sure to visit this weeks guest bloggers
and also go see Kimberly and the Girls
to see their Farm Girl blocks so far!

Chat at you next week!


Miss Merry said...

So in love with this quilt series. I can't wait until I catch up on my unfinished projects so I can begin this quilt! Your fabrics are delish, too!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Dear Lori. I love reading today's Friday FGV post.
You are sweet.
I also read the scraps link. I should do that.... I have a mountain in my bedroom sitting area (where we never sit) it is made of fabric. I must admit, my kitties love to play in it.
I will start sorting right away....
well, maybe tomorrow.
I love the blocks you made today. Your book is a joy to own.

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

I love it all!!!! I hope I'll have time to make a cushion too. Seriously I could spend a year just making stuff from your book and qal!

Clare said...

My book is coming. Have been keeping notes ready to start.Happy Stitching.

pens and needles said...

How do I go about gathering fabrics with your look? I so want to make some of your projects but my stash just doesn't work.

Jackie said...

Love the pillow! I enjoy seeing all the projects you've been sharing while doing the quilt along. Thank you...

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I cannot believe it is week six already! I have some catching up to do. I love your pillow and I also love the blocks with feed company fabric. It does give them a homey farm feeling. Thank you for all your hard work and inspiration.

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