Friday, July 24, 2015

Farm Girl Friday - Week 13!!!

Oh my Heck!
I've been waiting 
impatiently for this weeks
Farm Girl Friday:)

I'm having so much fun
with this sew along 
and following
 everyones progress and
 adorable blocks

So grab your copy of 
and let's get started!

First I want to show you
 what I did with my
 Milking Day 
block on page 45.

I love the scrappy squares that
makup the bottom of 
the milk can of this block...

And I used twelve 
6" blocks to make a small quilt 
using the County Fair setting
 on page 112
of the book.

But I also thought it would be
 fun to do another mash up!
I decided to work with
 this color palette
for todays blocks:)

Instead of cutting 
the "J" scrappy squares 
for the bottom of the can…
I cut 2 - 2" x 6 1/2" strips
2 - 2" x 9 1/2" strips

And sewed them around a 6" Mama Hen block...

And used that section for
 the bottom of a 12" Milking Day block!

I think Mama Hen looks super cute
on Milking Day…don't you?

And speaking of
 Mama Hen…
turn back to page 42
because she is our 
next block for this week:)

I made this large quilt for the book
also using my County Fair setting on 
page 112 of Farm Girl Vintage.

I'm not even kidding when I say that
 I could be happy sewing 
Mama Hen blocks every day!

So many different color and fabric combination:)

I decided to stay with my
 same color palette
and stitch another mash up 
Farm Girl block for you!

I'm making pillows
 from these two blocks
 and I'll be using the cute
 milk bottle print
 for the pillow backing:)

First I made a 6" Simple Star block
on page 61
of Farm girl Vintage

Then I cut a 1 1/2" x 6 1/2" strip for the top
and a 2 1/2" x 6 1/2" strip for the bottom.
I cut one more strip that measures
2 1/2" x 9 1/2"for the side.

These strips and blocks take the place of letters G,I,J and L
in the cutting instructions for the 12" Mama Hen block.
You don't need to cut
a wing (P) either.

The rest of the cutting is exactly the same as the book.

I just sewed the strips around the Simple Star 
and then finished the rest of the block
until I had these 3 sections 
and then sewed them together.

And here is my latest
 Farm Girl mash up block:)

Any 6" block will fit
 inside a 12" Mama Hen Block…

As well as the bottom 
of a 12" Milking Day block


Thanks so much for sewing with me
this week!

I'm super happy to announce that 
Fat Quarter Shop will have a few of the companion farm girl PDF's
 ready for purchase early next week!
I know you have been waiting
 for them to be ready!

I will do an Instagram 
and a blog post 
the very minute that they 
are available….
 so stay tuned to both places!

Don't forget to visit this
weeks awesome guest bloggers!



pbee ... said...

Love the options for the larger spaces on these two blocks. Aren't the possibilities just endless!? Thank you for sharing your abundant creativity.

Colleen said...

Lori,from one farm girl to the next, lol. I bought your book in Canada's only border city - Lloydminster, Alberta/Saskatchewan and am loving it ! Your fabric selections are so great. What is the name of that newsprint fabric ?
THanks, Colleen

Connie said...

Lori your blocks are amazing . . . love, love, love your hens:)

Ranch Wife said...

Every time you make a block and share it with us, I declare it my favorite block and I want to make a quilt with only that block. I think I can sew forever just out of your book and be tickled with every stitch. So today the milk can is my favorite block! Thank you for all of your hard work in publishing your book. Its my favorite quilting book and it will be for years to come.

Little Quiltsong said...

Love these blocks and again, how you showed us, to mix and match. Even my husband enjoys seeing the new Friday Posts!!! You are truly amazing! Can't wait for your new block patterns to be available. Yayyyy!

Tammy said...

I love what you have done with these blocks! I'm really enjoying the Farm Girl Friday's and seeing everybodies blocks and projects from your book Farm Girl Vintage. It's always such a wonderful surprise to see what you have to share with us!! You are one very talented Farm Girl Lori!!! Looking sewww forward to purchasing your upcoming PDF block patterns!!! XO

Barbara McD said...

I have decided that I am happiest looking at your Instagram page at all the lovely pictures! I could spend my whole day just on that page alone! Keep up the good work!

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

Love the blocks! I just finished a table runner using the "Scrappy Crossroads" blocks I made, and super happy to finally have a table runner that is perfect for my dining room :o)Can't wait to make more from your books, and thanks again for the inspiration!

Carried Away Quilting said...

Every week when I make your two Farm Girl blocks, I say, "Now these are the cutest blocks I've ever made." To which my family reminds me, you said that last week Mom! But I think this week I was just super tickled with the blocks. I have been WAITING to make the milking can and the hen. LOVE them!

Ohiothoughts said...

Oh my gosh I just purchased your book and love it!! Funny thing is I had already pinned many of your quilt blocks like the hen, strawberry, pumpkin and fall leaf for future quilt ideas without knowing they were all yours. I also purchased the fabric for the hen quilt and can't wait to get started. Thanks for so many fresh new ideas! Elizabeth

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