Friday, July 17, 2015

Farm Girl Friday - Week Twelve!!!

Can you believe that we are
already 3 months into our sew along?
Time sure does fly 
when your having fun…right?

It still is not too late to join in
so grab your book 

Because we still have
 3 more months to go!
There are a lot of projects
 to plow through
in Farm Girl Vintage!

Our first block this week is 
on page 39 of the book and is called 
Kettle's On!

On every farm there is usually 
some kind of kettle warming on the stove…
and traditionally the call for
 "Kettle's On!" means it's time to
eat... sit for a spell ...
relax and visit:) 

So way back when I was making my
 6" Farm Girl blocks for my book…
(the sampler quilt on the cover)
I posted this photo as a sneak peek
on my Instagram... as I do a lot!

When I looked at it 
from this angle I thought
to myself…
Those cherries would be super cute
 on the front of that kettle!

My Pie Cherries block is on page 54
and we will be doing that block in a few months…
but for right now…
I'm using it to make another 
farm girl mash up block for our sew along:)

Except instead of Pie Cherries…
I made a pair of blueberries!
I sewed a 6" pie cherry block and 
put it into a 12" kettle block:)

Here's how I did it...

I made a 6" Pie Cherries block 
exactly as the cutting and instructions
on page 54 in my book... 
and switched out the reds for navy's
to make blueberries for my kettle block:)

I used the same fabric for the block background 
that I used for my kettle.
Then from that same aqua fabric
I cut 2 - 1" x 6 1/2"
and sewed to the top and bottom.
Then I cut 2 - 2 1/2" x 7 1/2" strips
and sewed to the sides.
Now it's the same size as 
the (H) section for the 12" kettle block.

I cut the rest of the
 Kettle's On block pieces
and stitched it up!

I added borders around the outside…
2- 2 1/2" x 12 1/2"
2- 2 1/2" x 16 1/2"

So that I can make 
another pillow for my kitchen:)

It will be so cute
 with my pillows from 
previous Farm Girl Friday's...
Baby Chick Pillow from week 2 
and my
Gingham Pillow from week 10.

Of course this means that any of my
 6" farm girl blocks will fit 
into my 12" Kettle's On block:)

How about a Mama Hen teapot…
or Fresh Pears or Farmhouse?

A whole quilt of 
6" blocks inside the 12" kettles
would be super cute!
That's another farm girl project
 that goes on my to do list:)

Okay…now onto our next block for this week
Kitchen Window
on page 41 in my book.

I wanted to include a block that looked 
similar to a window pane and sashings. 
It brings back sweet childhood memories
 of doing the dishes with my sisters.
We had a large window above our kitchen sink:)

 I would look out the window overlooking our back pasture
where we kept the sheep. 
Over to the left was the barn where we kept our
 milk cow "BOSS" and also our pigs.
The horses were back in the very farthest pasture
to the right.

(my brother Brian riding Tempest)

I loved watching out that window as I worked…
 and could often see
my dad on the tractor or my brothers
doing the "outside chores"
and couldn't wait until the dishes 
were done and I could get out there too!

I LOVED growing up on a farm:)

I designed this block to be another super scrap busting block.
I decided to make several 6" blocks using my
2 1/2" squares and my 1 1/2" strips baskets.
I grabbed a cute text background from my
 stash to use for all of the blocks.

I sewed four  2 1/2" squares together and
 then trimmed them to the size 
needed for the 6" block centers:)
That saves time so that I didn't need
 to trim them down individually!

This is a super simple and super fast 
block to make and in no time at all…
I had whipped up nine 6"
Kitchen Window blocks:)

I'm not finished yet…
I'm going to be making several more!

I think they would be cute as a small 
Harvest Tablerunner on page 124 in my book
and also as a fun quilt.

Then I got to thinking again... 

It would be fun to mix the 
12" size with the 6" size for another
 super fun scrappy happy farm girl quilt! 

I haven't decided on the setting yet
but I like how this is looking:)

I guess thats it for me on 
this week's Farm Girl Friday's blocks,
I hope I gave you a few ideas to work with!

Don't forget to visit our guest bloggers
 to see what they have done too!
for the schedule:)

Have a super fun…
super scrappy…
super happy farm girl kind of day!


BarbCarol said...

Though I have not joined your group...made myself a commitment to finish all UFOs before beginning another project, I thoroughly enjoy your posts. Thanks for your work.

Sinta Renee said...

You continue to come up with such fun and inspiring ideas.... making Fridays , hands down, the best day of the week!

Little Quiltsong said...

What would I do without you, Lori! Love how you combined a 6" block on a 12" kettle block. Yes, a whole quilt with different insert would look super!! Also your window block will be my next favorite scrap block, after the 'haystack' block. I love making 'beach quilts' from these blocks!! Woo Hoo away I go to my sewing room - can't wait to get started!!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Dear Lori,
I wish I knew you in person.
You and I grew up in completely different environments.
I never grew up on a farm. It looks so wonderful but I know it was a lot of working together to keep it all going.
My dad was an accountant for NATO. My parents were from Holland and came here after they were married -- after WW2. They are 92 now. So I had 3 siblings and we lived every where.
Anyway, I just adore your blocks. I love how you use up your fabrics. I need to do this, very soon in fact, because my mountain is growing and I need to nibble away at my pretty fabrics. Thank you for you inspiration and enthusiasm.
Oh, I live in Northern Virginia now- lots of farms still in Loudoun County

allthingzsewn said...

This has been a really inspiring sew-a-long. I have pinned several posts to help me when I able to purchase the book. You have blessed with such creativeness.

gibbygoo56 said...

You are such an inspiration to me. I am loving all these fabrics you are using for these crazy cute blocks!
God bless you!

Kate said...

Love, love the blueberries in the teapot block. I am making pot holders for Christmas presents and this is one I will make.

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