Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"BLOOM" Sew Simple Shapes - How to Use for Iron On Appliqué Tutorial!

I'm so excited to announce that my 
 are finally here and
 available to play with!

I love appliqué and I have found 
over the years that 
some think it can be hard
and so they are afraid to try it.

Because of this...
 I decided to design a line of shapes
to use for appliqué so that 
I can show you how 
easy and fun it really is!

Appliqué can add so much 
to your sewing skills. 
Not only can it 
add personality 
to your projects...
I especially love appliqué 
mixed with pieced quilt blocks!

Everyday this week...
 I'll be posting to show you
 how to use my 
Sew Simple Shapes
 in several 
different appliqué methods.

This is what they look like
 in their cute little package:)
I named my first set 
because the shapes are flowers,
 leaves and petals:)
The set has 24 fun shapes 
to mix and match 
for super cute and
 easy applique designs!

For this week...
I'll be using shape A-12 to make a 
"SEED" block.
This is a traditional 
appliqué block with many names,
 but my grandma and great aunts 
always called this shape
 a I will too!
Each day this week 
while making a block...
I will be using a different method
 each time so that you
 can choose your favorite!
I designed a line a fabric called 
Calico Days
 to go along with my BLOOM set.
It will be here in December...
Just in time to start my 
BLOOM Sew Along in January!
We will be making the above quilt...
one block at a time ...
every Monday 
right here on my blog!

But for this weeks
I'll be using this
 super cute fabric collection
called Fancy and Fabulous!

To cut fabric for the SEED blocks
for each tutorial and method this week... 
I cut 5" squares from the prints and
I cut 7 1/2" x 7 1/2" 
squares for the background.
(I'll later square them up to 6 1/2" square)
I always cut my appliqué background 
1" larger than needed
 because the appliqué process
 can shrink your blocks a little ...
so I like to appliqué first 
and then
 square up the block afterwards.

Today's method is Iron-On!
I don't use this method
 to appliqué very much...
but it certainly has it's 
place depending on the project ...
so I thought I would start out 
by showing you how to 
use my shapes in this way.
Whenever I do iron on...
I always use Heat and Bond LITE.

Each block consists of 4 "SEEDS" 
so I traced 4 onto the paper side of
 the Heat and Bond using
 a mechanical pencil:)

I like to cut my iron on shapes out by leaving about 1/4" 
on each side of the traced line.
*DO NOT cut out on traced line at this point...that comes later:)

yes I said PRESS (don't iron) 
each shape onto the
 WRONG side of a fabric square
(paper side up)
and then go ahead and 
cut out directly on the lines....

Just like this.

Now prepare your background square
 by pressing in half both ways 
and from corner to corner.
This is essential for correct 
shape placement of the SEED block.

Now peel your paper off like this.
You really didn't have to 
trim out the middle of the paper...
but I like to so that 
the entire shape isn't stiff...
just the outside where it matters.

Place the SEEDS on each square section 
of the background...
 keeping the points on each end 
aligned with the 
diagonal pressed lines.

Place them so that
 they are barely 
touching each other:)

It looks like this!
You could leave it like this
 depending on the project...
 but I don't think it
 would hold up to washing.
I like to do some kind of stitching 
around each shape 
just to secure it.

For this Iron-On block 
I just stitched about 1/8" 
in from the edge...
straight stitch 
with a neutral thread...
and backstitching 
when I stop and start.

The stitching secures it
 but looks cute too!
You could also 
zig-zag the edges...
satin stitch the edges...
or even do a buttonhole stitch:)

Now that the stitching is complete...
you can square up your block 
using a 6 1/2" square up ruler.

Easy Peasy!!!
I like how this photo
 makes it look like 
a cute little border...
that would be fun!

Cute right?

if you want to play too!

Tomorrow I'll show you 
the same seed block...
but using a 
different appliqué method:)

See you then!


Little Quiltsong said...

Lori - I always love your tutorials. Here again, you have a way of showing your templates in such a way, that make me 'need' them, because it will be 'fun' to use. Looking forward to all your ideas with these new templates.

Sherry B. said...

My package of Bloom arrived yesterday so I am excited to see your tutorial, and really excited to make flowers.


Sherry B in Sacramento

Janine R said...

Love this concept AND the quilt you will be using them on in Jan. Thinking I "need" to get a set of these templates.

Rosa said...

Great tuto.Thanks for sharing!

Jackie said...

Thank you for the tutorial. Love the quilt-along you're going to do in January!

allthingzsewn said...

I'm loving this quilt, I so want to join this sew along. I hope I don't miss the sign up. I'm ordering the templates and where can I get the 6 1/2" square up ruler. My local shop doesn't have them.
Thank you for the tutorial and the time and energy you share.

sandys7118 said...

I can't wait for January! I LOVE the new Bloom quilt and I am so looking forward to the sew along! And of course, the new fabric line Calico Days is GORGEOUS. I love the retro look of the prints! And I can not wait to order my Sew Simple Shapes! Since I am new to quilting, these are going to be fun to work with!

allthingzsewn said...

Sorry, forgot to ask is the Bloom set will be the only Templates we need for the quilt shown?

Sharon - creativity and family said...

Thanks for such a great tutorial. I am thinking that I would like to join in with your quilt along but I am a relative beginner, would this be suitable for me? Also how much approx would the fabric pack for this if you know?

krislovesfabric said...

hmmm. did I catch the note of "first set" meaning you plan to release others ?? :)

Unknown said...

Love your tutorial, easy to understand with your step by step directions.

Unknown said...

Love your tutorial, so easy to understand with the step by step directions.

mary gontjes said...

So stinking cute as always Lori..I live in the Sacramento Ca. area and have such a hard time finding any of your fabrics and the rulers you recommend...It's nice to know Fat Quarters shop has a lot of your items..Thank You again for making our world CUTE...

michelle h said...

I also received my templates yesterday... so excited to get started using them! I am looking forward to learning some new-to-me applique tips!!! This is definitely an area that is not my strength, so this will be an adventure!!

Pat said...

Thanks for a great tutorial. Looking forward to the next.

Jessie Fincham said...

Excited for your upcoming QAL Lori! Using the new templates! :-D I have them winging their way across the atlantic now to my little shop, yay! Jessie

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