Friday, October 2, 2015

Farm Girl Friday - Week 23!!!

Hello cute people!
It's week 23 in our
Sew Along:)

(click here to purchase)

We are almost nearing the end of 
making the 
45 Farm Girl Sampler Blocks
 in the book...
But it doesn't mean that it's too late
to sew the blocks on your own,
or with your grandma, mom, 
sister, daughter or granddaughter!
or with your best quilty friends,
Or even your guild members
or your local quilt shop!

I filled the pages 
of my book with so many 
blocks and quilt settings...
in hopes that you would never
 be cured of the 
Farm Girl Vintage Fever:)

Our first block for this week is 
Winter Star
on page 71.

I'm sure you can tell by now 
that I sure love me some star blocks 
and this one is no exception.

You can see here how it looks
 with some of my 
other farm girl blocks...
you can never have 
too many star blocks!

I pieced Farm Girl Vintage 
star blocks and made them
 into my Square Dance quilt setting 
on page 118 in the book:)

I love the denim blue 
colored background
(Coastal Blue by Riley Blake)
 with the scrappy fabrics don't you?
It really makes the colors pop!

Next block up is 
Woolly Sheep 
on page 72!
It's the very last
 Farm Girl Block...
but that doesn't mean
 our farm girl fun is over...

I'll still be posting about
 some new companion blocks
and when they are released as PDF's...
(Hand Mixer coming Next Week!)
I also have some new ones 
to show you in a few weeks 
that will be revealed 
for this months
 Farm Girl Vintage Retreat/Workshops.

There will be new Farm Girl quilts 
and fun projects on our
 Farm Girl Friday's 
for quite a while so stay tuned!

So ...back to Woolly Sheep:)
I love this little guy 
in potholder size too.
I could make a 6" 
farm girl vintage mini 
everyday and be super happy!

You know how I love colored backgrounds 
so I just had to use my favorite green
(Grass Green by Riley Blake)
and make some low volume sheep
outstanding in their field!
P.S...low volume sheep does
 NOT mean sheared

This is before borders.
 I used the Mix and Match Setting 
from the book called
 Square Dance one page 118.

Check out the schedule by 
please visit our guest bloggers 
for this week too!

As I said before...
the schedule shows that
 we officially end 
our sew along next week 
but I have been 
having so much fun 
and with so many
 requests to continue...
  that's what I'm going to do!

we can always chat about
 fun fabric combo's...
 and we still need to talk about 
a label for our quilt
 and of course...
there are some other blocks 
in the book too...
so we are going to plow through
because that's the farm girl way!!!

Have a Farm Girl Vintage 
kind of day...


Anonymous said...

Speaking of plowing there a farm girl 'plow' block to go with the tractor, fields and barns?

Jackie said...

I still have to purchase the book and start piecing the blocks. But I've been following along. I've enjoyed reading your posts every Friday.

ferne said...

Thanks Lori for sharing your talent. This book is so fun and has so many possibilities it is one book that hasn't left my sewing station since I got it. Love it and adding to ideas? Where do you find them all?

sandys7118 said...

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This book Lori! I have begun my first few blocks and am now hooked on quilting! Here I am at 59 years old and never sewn a quilt block before let alone the thought of putting together a quilt! Old dogs can learn new tricks, and I plan on quilting for the rest of my life as long as my eyes and hands will permit! Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us and thank you for doing a book that enticed me to this new passion!

heathquilter said...

Thanks for your talent and inspiration! i FINALLY bought my Farm Girl Vintage book yesterday, so I'm really late to begin! I hope I can find some of your past blogs about making these adorable projects!!

heathquilter said...

What a darling book! I just bought it yesterday, so I'm REALLY late to just be starting on this! I've enjoyed your Friday posts, and hope I can find an archive or something of them...Thanks for sharing your talents and inspiration!

Little Quiltsong said...

I'm so glad the fun will continue!! Love seeing all your quilts and blocks. Is there a flickr group set up for all this fun too?

A Bear Mountain Pattern said...


Susan said...

Your sheep quilt is adorable!! I love the green background and big gingham strips. The square dance quilt with the red gingham is one of my favorites in your book. It's a gingham thingham. :D

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Hi Lori. One thing that makes me laugh is that I thought I was the only person that said "hello Cute People" I email my dad and mom (both 92) every morning with an encouraging start. They are my cute people.
I take care of them every day, so I have been enjoying this quilt along. I love the blocks and the book very very much, and YOU too

Unknown said...

As a late starter to this sew along I am so pleased you will continue with your blog and amazing idea

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I am so glad you decided to keep going! I am not going to make the quilt until I make all your new blocks! This has been so much fun! Thank you!

Grannie Annie said...

Lori, my step-daughter and me are making your blocks together! We are having so much fun! We call them our Block Parties, and in fact today we are making the Pear and Teapot. Thanks for your creativity!

Jamie @ Sew Brainy said...

Those sheep are sooooo adorable!

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

I am making this quilt for my daughter Bea, so I'm going to make the bee label from your quilty fun book for this quilt. I have 4 more blocks to make. It's kind of sad to be coming to the end but I just preordered your calico days templates and fabric from your new line for the 2016 quilt along!

Anonymous said...

LOVE everything you make :) Your blog posts are the highlight of my Friday. I look forward to them all week!

Anonymous said...

LOVE everything you make :) Your blog posts are the highlight of my Friday. I look forward to them all week!

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