Monday, August 29, 2016

Cozy Christmas Sew Along - Week Three - Block Three!!

Welcome to week #3 in our sew along!
If you are just getting started...

to download my free pattern:
Cozy Christmas

to get your 
Cozy Christmas
Sew Simple Shapes

And check your favorite quilt shop to purchase the kit:) 

I'm having so much fun playing with my
 Cozy Christmas fabric and I hope you are too!  

This week is Block Three...

In this block we will be using
for the garland and a red 
 on the top of the tree:)

if you need to download the 
handy dandy cutting guide 
from last weeks tutorial...

And cut your appliqué pieces 
and interfacing according to the guide.

I'm going to show you an easy peasy way
 to add the ric-rac garland onto your trees:

Cut two pieces of ric-rac 4" long and 
two pieces 5" long.
This is how wide your fabric pieces are cut as well.

On the top piece measure 1 1/2" in from the
 top and the bottom and mark a thin line with a mechanical pencil.

On the bottom piece measure in 3/4" from 
the top and bottom and mark lines as well.

The lines on each piece 
should measure 1" apart.

Now topstitch the ric-rac into place like this.
I always use an open toe foot on my machine
 so that I can see EXACTLY
 where the needle goes into my fabric
 ...and for this step especially it helps a lot!

After you have all of 
your ric-rac top stitched...

Trace your sewing lines onto the interfacing pieces. 
Make sure to place each shape
 for the tree 
right in the center of
 the interfacing when tracing
 so that the ric-rac will
 be straight when you 
sew it to the fabric:)

You can use the lines on your 
cutting mat to help with this.

Now sew the interfacing and your 
matching fabric pieces together
 just like always...
and at the same time...
 all of the ric-rac is sewn
 into the seam allowance.

Trim about 1/4" past 
your sewing lines like this.

Cut an "X" for turning
 in the center of your interfacing.

Turn...shape...and press.
If you need to brush up on this process:
to view my video tutorial from week one:)

Place your tree onto your
 background square 
and either glue baste or
 pin baste into place.

Measure 3/4" from the top and also
 the bottom edge when placing your pieces.

Machine or hand appliqué 
your Cozy Tree into place:)

I used 6 strands of my red 
to sew the button onto the top...

and also to do the traditional decorative stitch over the ric-rac!

This is the way my grandma taught me to stitch on ric-rac when making aprons...

And I love how my Cozy Tree has
 a cute candy cane striped garland!

I realized that I forgot to
 trim my block to 6 1/2" square 
BEFORE I sewed the button on:)

So I quickly snipped it off
 and trimmed it up...

then sewed my flying geese 
and half square triangles.
for week one instructions
 if you are just starting!

I added my little bells border and 
then sewed the button back on:)

I'm in love my 
and it's cute little 
candy cane striped garland.
So vintagey cute:)

I keep thinking how much my grandma
 would have loved these blocks.
They would have gone so well with her 
pink tinsel tree and vintage ornaments!


We have already finished
 3 blocks in our sew along...
thanks to all of you cute people 
for sewing with me!


Christine said...

Totally adorable! Thanks for showing us how to do that cute little detail on the ric-rac! You do such fun sew alongs! Can hardly wait for your new fabric coming in December!

Little Quiltsong said...

Love this with the 'candy cane' garland. I really look forward to my Mondays and sewing along with these Christmas Blocks :)!

Amandalee said...

Wow...i just love the stitching over the ric rac...sooo cute!!!:)

Regina said...

Ridiculously beautiful.
The special touches......oh my.

Carole said...

Wow I haven't even started as just back from holiday, can't wait to get going x

Unknown said...

I'm a little bit behind because this is my first hand appliqué and I am loving it!!! I am taking my time and being perfectly neat with Lori's wonderful, easy, instructions. Thanks so much Lori.

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