Monday, August 22, 2016

Cozy Christmas Sew Along - Week Two - Block Two!!

It's time for another episode of the 

I'm super excited that 
we have started making my
Cozy Christmas Quilt
If you want to join us...
to down load the FREE pattern:)

to purchase the 
Cozy Christmas 
Sew Simple Shapes

We are using 
Cozy Christmas Fabric
Check with your favorite quilt shop to purchase the fabric kit:)

Today we are making 
Block Two

Here are this weeks fabric choices for the appliques.
The kraft paper brown solid is called 
Nutmeg by Riley Blake Designs

for this block we will use 
B-1  B-2  B-4  B-15

I thought it would come in handy 
for you to have the 
fabric and interfacing 
cutting measurements for 
each appliqué piece all on one sheet.
to download the 
Cozy Christmas 
Sew Simple Shapes 
"Cutting Guide" 
and keep it with your pattern 
for easy reference every week:)

Cut all of your pieces 
using the new handy dandy 
chart as your guide!

Remember to cut a 7" square 
for your background:)
You will also need to cut a 
1" x 8" strip 
from the green gingham 
to use for the
window box in this weeks block.

All appliqué pieces are prepared
 the exact same way that 
I showed you in
my week one video 
unless otherwise shown. 
 if you want to 
refresh your memory 
before beginning:) 

Prepare Appliques
1. Trace all of the shapes onto 
your Sew-In Interfacing pieces.
2. Pair up with chosen fabric and stitch on your marked lines.
Trim an approximate 1/4" around stitching.
3. Press on the fabric side to set your stitches.
Cut an "X" in the back of each piece 
 cut an inch off the bottom 
of your chimney piece.
It doesn't need to be that long:)
4. Turn all pieces right side out
 and press from the front.
*Turn chimney piece right side out 
from the bottom open edge:)

First piece that you will
 glue or pin baste is 
the bottom of the house.

Measure 3/4" up from the bottom 
and center it
 onto the background square.

Cut a 6" piece of the 
and mark a line on your appliqué piece
 1/8" down from the top edge.
This is the line that 
you will sew your ric-rac on to.
I used a mechanical pencil 
for a thin line because 
the ric-rac is so cute and tiny!

First appliqué the bottom of the house down.
You can do this by
 hand or machine of course:)

Now fold under the edge of ric-rac 
and stitch down
 across your marked line 
like this.
Use matching thread:)

When you get to the other end...
trim off the excess ric-rac 
and fold under before finishing.

Baste the roof leaving the
 bottom edge of the ric-rac showing.
Now you have frosting 
on your cute 
little gingerbread house!

Tuck the chimney piece 
under the roof about 
1/4" from the
 top right corner of roof top.
The chimney should finish 
at about 5/8" tall:)

Now prepare your bias strip 
using the 1/2" bias tape maker.
Cut a 2 1/2" piece off 
to use for this block
 and save the other piece
 for the snowman scarf
 that we will be doing another week:)

Finish glue basting or 
pinning all appliqué pieces
 so that you can stitch them down.

Press under one end of the 
window box like this 
and pin it into place.

When you get to this part of the appliqué...
(either by machine or by hand)
use your needle or a tailors awl to 
tuck the turned edge inside before stitching...

like this:)

Continue until you get to the other end.
Trim off the excess and turn under 1/4"...

Pin it into place and continue stitching:)

Appliqué is all finished!!! 
Now to plant the
 "Cute Little Button" 
flowers and embroider the
swirly chimney smoke:)

Choose 6 of the 
tiniest buttons in the jar
 for the flowers...
and a red one that is
 a size up for the doorknob:)
I'm sewing my buttons on now 
so that you can sew 
where they are placed...
I'll probably leave them there
 during quilting because they are
 so small but you can decide
 to do yours now or after quilting:)

For the embroidery 
I used 6 strands of my
and a backstitch.
Easy Peasy!

 I also sewed my 
cute little buttons on with
 6 strands of my Aurifloss 
in matching colors...YaY!

Notice that I used either a 
cross stitch or a long stitch 
when sewing on my buttons for extra cuteness:)

Now add the borders using the little christmas bells print:)

And add your flying geese
 and half square triangles!

I really really love how this 
cute little gingerbread house 
block turned out.

I heart the added touches of 
just a few buttons 
and a little embroidery!


Next week is block three...
see you then!


Little Quiltsong said...

I had so much fun making last week's bell block and looking forward to sewing my next block. Love this Gingerbread house. I have your happy color threads and I really enjoyed appliqueing with them. Thank you for these cute blocks and for the sewing fun :)!

Rosa said...

Iy`s absolutely beautiful!

Cathy Weber said...

Thank you so much for the cutting guide! This will really come in handy!

AliceL said...

LOVE the CUTTING CHART for the shapes -- makes it SO MUCH easier -- WONDERFUL improvement to your excellent and precise instructions! (Don't have to scroll back and forth on my computer all the time looking for the measurements) Thank you so much. Do you think you could make a downloadable cutting chart for the BLOOM SHAPES and the FRUIT SA:AD SHAPES which I just received? Two quick questions: Do you put the block in a hoop to do the embroidery? and, should I sew the buttons on AFTER the quilt has been quilted? I loved doing the Bloom Quilt-along and am enjoying this one as well -- to say nothing about how much my appliqué skills have improved. Thank you so much Lori!

Unknown said...

Thank you , thank you! It is so fun to applique this way!

Amandalee said...

I love this block! I'm beginning to feel so cozy!!:):)

Quilty_me_ said...

This is sew cute! I really like how you explained block one. With how many of what to cut. If it wasn't for the pictures, I would have completely missed the door. Lol

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