Friday, January 6, 2017

Sweetie Pie Sew Along - Sew Cherry 2 Quilty Zip Pocket Tutorial!!

Hello cute people!
I have something fun to share with you today:)

I am sew excited about the 
and I decided that I needed 
just one more thing 
before it starts!

As you know...
my last post was all about
 cutting your pie slices...
interfacing...and borders.
if you missed that post:)

Remember that I told you
 I would have
 more fun projects along the way?

Well you can bet that 
I have a few things planned 
that will be perfect 
for playing with our
 remaining fabrics 
after you are finished cutting 
for the quilt. 

For this cute little project 
I grabbed one of these 
leftover fat quarters...

To use for the lining in my new
 Quilty Zip Pocket!

I need something cute 
to hold my 
and other necessities
 for the sew along:)

Do you remember the tutorial for this 
Quilty Zip Pocket? 
 I did it during my 
Farm Girls Fridays Sew Along 
and I have made 
so many more since then!

They are super duper easy to make
 and I promise it's the 
easiest zipper that you 
will ever sew...
perfect for zipper beginners!

to go to my tutorial 
and follow it to make one 
of your very own 
Quilty Zip Pockets 
out of Sew Cherry 2! 

I made one simple change
 to my tutorial for this pocket.
See below...

Instead of making a 6" block
 and adding borders to measure 8 1/2" 
I replaced it with a 16 patch block 
that measures 8 1/2" unfinished.

I cut 16 - 2 1/2" 
scrappy squares ...
and sewed them together.

Easy Peasy!!

Then I cut the rest of the pieces 
exactly the same as my tutorial.

And just like that I have a super cute 
Sew Cherry 2 
Quilty Zip Pocket!!

I love how sweet the inside lining print
 looks with the patchwork front:)

There's plenty of room 
in this pocket to hold 
the notions and tools
 that I'll be using every week 
during the 

I can't wait!!!

On Monday I'll be showing you 
something else 
that I'm making with 
the rest of the prints:)

Until then...
stay cute and happy!


Little Quiltsong said...

I have made so many of these Quilty Zip Pockets, for gifts, even my husband and son requested one - to use for traveling. Love this new patchwork front to it. Great to make for each template set in the coordinating fabric lines for each.

Unknown said...

The suspense is killing me! Love the zipper pocket. I will be making one for each of my sets of templates with the fabric from that quilt so that I will know which one is which. Love your ideas Lori!

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

Such a cute project with new fabrics :-) I am still working on ironing and sewing the pies for my quilt, but hope to make this pouch during the weekend :-) Wish you a great weekend!

Libby said...

Awesome, so cute - Thanks for sharing !

Meloney said...

Love the quilt project.
thinking up all the things I want to have little pouches for!
Thank you for the project.

gardentilly said...

Found my sewing project for the day. I was using my simply shapes for the Christmas quilt yesterday and I was thinking, there has to be a better way to store them than the way I was.

Amandalee said...

Can't wait to make one thx!😊

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