Monday, January 30, 2017

Sweetie Pie Sew Along - Week Three - Lemon Pie Block!!

Today is week three in the 


If you are just joining us...
to down load the free pattern

to get your 
Fruit Salad 
Sew Simple Shapes

to get your Pie Ruler

Okay now lets go!

Today we are making 
Lemon Pie:)

P.S. I havent trimmed up 
any of my finished 
pie blocks yet...
I'll show you how 
I do that next week)

Cut your fabric and your 

(I thought it would be just as easy to
 make the Lime Pie at the same time:)

These are super simple appliqués...

Just four pieces total
 to do both blocks.

Towards the bottom 
of the lemon/lime 
is a slight inside curve.

You will need to make a few clips 
so that it will lie flat when
 turned right side out.

When clipping...
clip all the way
 TO your sewing line but
 NOT into it or past it.

You can see the clipping here too.

Use the turning tool to shape them
 until you are happy with how they look.

Now you're ready to
 pin or glue baste.

But before you do...
trace your embroidery:)

Use your B-15 circle to help
 with placement of your appliqués.

Pin or glue.
I'm really loving this 
Have you tried it yet?

These are the colors from the 
 that I used for this weeks blocks.

And these are the colors from the 

Now your Lemon is ready
 to make it into a circle!

And don't forget your Lime:)

Super duper easy!



Because this sew along 
is all about Sew Cherry 2 ...
I wanted to show you 
this fun little project
 that I made last week for the
 farm table in my kitchen.

The pattern is called
 Cherry Turnover Table Runner

And it uses one 

If you aren't familiar with Jolly Bars...
they are special sized pre-cuts (5"x10")
by Fat Quarter Shop 

I love how Sew Cherry 2
 is perfect for my kitchen!

I used this yellow print
 from the collection for the back:)

Thank you sew much
 for joining me during 
this weeks episode...

stay tuned for
 more fun next week:)


Little Quiltsong said...

Fun, fun, fun! I'm still waiting for my Pie Ruler, and then I'll be a busy bee :)! Your blocks look lovely - and your table runner is so beautifully perfect on your kitchen table. Love it!

Rosa said...

Wow,just fantastic.Love,love!

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