Thursday, February 2, 2017

Introducing Four New PDF Patterns in both 6" and 12" Block Sizes!

I'm sew excited 
to announce 
four new patterns!!!

They are from my 
Farm Girl Vintage 
Scrappy Project Planner 
book retreats last fall 
and are now available for purchase
 as a downloadable PDF:)

As you know...
these blocks were designed 
exclusively for
 my retreat students.

 We received many requests 
to please make them available
 to those of you 
who were not able
 to attend my retreats.

My super awesome 
and here they are!

I snapped a photo of these blocks 
on the design board during 
one of my retreats:)

I love how the Zinnia's look 
surrounding the Beehive!

This is a photo of the design board
in my studio...
way back when I was 
sewing the Acorns...
I couldn't stop...
and I ended up with a lot more!





And of course...
the pattern includes cutting
 for both 6" and 12" size blocks:)

They make the cutest mini quilts 
or you can use them to create
 summer or fall quilts too!

for my new patterns 

Thank you so much 
from the bottom of my heart
for all of your quilty love 
and support of my work...
you make me 
sew happy!

Tomorrow we kick off the
Scrappy Project Planner 
Sew Along...
See you then!


Little Quiltsong said...

I've already got two of those new patterns - couldn't resist - the others will follow :)! Looking forward to the Scrappy Project Planner Sew Along - its always more fun sewing together.

Nanita said...

Love your new patterns, but am still waiting for a dog pattern to add to my Vintage Farm Girl collection.

Rina Mason said...

I'm on a very tight budget due to a fixed income and massive ongoing medical bills but I couldn't resist splurging and bought the crow. I'm considering him my smile maker for the month. Next month I'll be getting the Zinnia pattern. Sometimes you just have to say to ***** with it and splurge a little to feel better and stop worrying about everything. Thanks for you wonderful designs!

Dove1615 said...

As usual, Lori, you have some really fun new patterns there!! Thanks.

Kathy said...

Hi Lori, I think it would be nice to see a Farm Girl Vintage II book. That way all of your cute patterns can be all in one place with easy access to them. I'm loving everything !!!

Marion said...

I have all your books and I am in the process of making two quilts for my 2 great nephews. So enjoying all the different blocks. They are so much fun

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