Monday, February 6, 2017

Sweetie Pie Sew Along - Week Four - Strawberry Pie Block!!

Happy Monday everyone:)
It's already week four in our sew along! 
I just have to say that whenever I'm on Instagram 
 I am so happy to sew
 everyones progress 
on their blocks...
y'all are doing 
such an awesome job!

If you are are new here...
This is my 
Sweetie Pie Quilt
and it's what we are 
making during this sew along:)

You can join us anytime 
by first clicking 
to read about the 
supplies needed
 and all of the 
information to get started:)

You can click on each weeks
 tutorial here on my blog...
by scrolling down until
 you see each block
 on the right sidebar:) 

We are using my latest 
fabric collection 
Sew Cherry 2...

And today we are making 
Strawberry Pie!

I made both strawberries 
at the same time:) 

You know all of the 
important steps by now right?

First prepare your 
fabric and interfacing...

Trace and then sew.

On the strawberry tops there are
 5 cleavage areas that
 will need one clip each...
just like this.

 Now when you turn it
 right side out 
it will lie flat.

 The top of the strawberry 
also has a cleavage.

 The bottom two sides 
have a slight inside curve
 that require 
3 clips in each one.

After clipping and cutting
 the "X" in interfacing only...
shape your strawberry bottoms
 and tops using the turning tool
 to help smooth the edges.

Before you 
prepare to appliqué...
trace the embroidery lines
 onto your shapes:)

Trace the stem onto 
the center top 
of your background...
about 1 1/4" down
 from the top.

After placing your strawberry 
(right below the stem)
the bottom should be about
 1 1/4" up from the 
bottom edge of the background.

When your embroidery lines are traced 
and appliqué shapes are laid out
 onto your background 
you are ready to 
pin or glue baste for appliqué:)

When I trace to make
 lazy daisy embroidery stitches
 (like the seeds on the strawberry)
I just trace a dot 
at the top of 
where the stitch
 will be...
 just for placement 
instead of tracing 
the entire stitch.

This way...
I don't have to worry 
about covering up my traced lines...
 which is often hard to do
 with a lazy daisy stitch.

Applique and embroidery
 both are complete!

Now it's time to 
turn them into a circle:)

Let's fill the pies!



I've also been 
playing with my ginghams...

And I have nine 
ready to be circled:)

They look like cookies!

I love these 
happy gingham daisies:)

Show us your progress on
 these little cuties on 

Use the hashtag 
when you post them 
so that we can all see.

I can't wait!


Little Quiltsong said...

Thank you for these wonderful tutorials. Your strawberry looks so perfect. Love how you designed it! Still waiting for my Pie Ruler, but hopefully, I can start soon :)!

Sandy said...

Great tip on the lazy daisy stitch.

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