Friday, February 3, 2017

Scrappy Project Planner Sew Along - Week One - Scrap-Apple Quilt!!

Well hello again cute people!!
Today is week one in the 
Sew Along:)

As you know...
my planner came out before Christmas
 but I wanted to wait until after
 the Holidays to do the sew along:)

This is the 
Project Planning Section
 of my planner...
back when we were 
doing the 
Cozy Christmas Sew Along...

But this sew along is all about 
the last section in the planner...
the Scrappy Patterns!

Y'all know how much 
I love to sew scrappy...

And I am always being asked how I 
 and use my scrappy stash.

All of that info 
and more is right inside
 the pages of my 

Including patterns for
 6 of my scrappy quilts!

All six of these quilts 
were entirely made
 using my scrappy stash:)

There's just something about 
a scrappy quilt that makes
 my heart sew happy!

The sew along will be every Friday ...
here on my blog and on 
my awesome publishers blog 
along with 3 different 
 guest bloggers every week. 

It will last for six weeks 
so that we can spend each week 
focusing on one of the quilts.

We will go in order 
that the patterns 
appear in the planner.

And because it's week one...
that means it's all about my 
Scrap-Apple Quilt!

The Scrap-Apple Quilt is 
my take on the 
traditional pineapple quilt
 but is completely rotary cut...
 machine pieced...
and scrappy happy! 

This photo is from way back 
when I was in the process of
 making the Scrap-Apple Quilt.

It consists of scrappy 
background strips
 and several sizes of
 scrappy squares.

When making this quilt...
I use a vintage silverware tray
 to keep the pieces organized:)

Now that my new 
 are here and available...
this 1 1/2" x 6 1/2" is sew useful
 for cutting the background strips:)

The rulers have just come in
 so check with your favorite quilt shop
 to see if they have them in stock yet:)

A closer look at my 
Scrap-Apple Quilt:)

The quilting was done by
 my friend Juli Stubbs 
and she is sew amazing...

I love how this 
curvy overall pattern
 compliments all of the squares
 and triangles in the quilt.

I'm excited to see what 
this weeks guest bloggers 
have to show and tell
 about the Scrap-Apple quilt.

to visit Kimberly 
and the girls 
and also the
amazing guest bloggers:)

Until next week...
remember that
Scrappiness is Happiness!!


Rosa said...

So gorgeous quilt!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Lori, you are so inspiring.
I love the planner. I have a lot of scraps!
Thank you for always sharing

Judy said...

Love the quilts!

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