Friday, February 17, 2017

Scrappy Project Planner Sew Along - Week Three - Patchwork Tulips!!


It's week three of our 
Sew Along

It's just amazing 
what you can make 
with just a 
cute little pile
 of happy scraps...
and that is what my 
is all about:)

In last weeks post 
we talked about my 
Shortcut Stars Quilt 
which is the second pattern 
featured in the planner.

Today we are focusing in
 on my Patchwork Tulip Quilt 
that you see hanging 
on this quilt ladder
 in my family room:)

Here is the full quilt...
it really is scrappy happy right?

P.S. Can you see Kassidy's cute toes
 peeking out from under the quilt? LOL

Some of the photos 
were taken on a 
beautiful sunny day at
 Gardner Village 
here in Utah:)

It's one of my 
favorite go to places 
for good shopping...
good company  
and good food:)

This quilt is a great way
 to use up some of your 
scrappy squares.

You can make each tulip
 with all different colors...

Or all one color with 6 different prints:)

I chose a gray fabric 
for the border 
to frame all of the
 bright tulips 
and a scrappy binding 
to frame the gray border!

I used several scrappy backgrounds 
with gray and black prints:)

This block is 
super duper easy 
and works up quickly.

Every happy garden 
needs a few patchwork tulips:)

I hope you're enjoying
 the sew along so far...
to see this weeks
 guest bloggers:)

Stay tuned for next friday 
when we will talk about
 the fourth quilt pattern in the 

1 comment:

Penny said...

Lori, your tulip quilt is so cute! I wish I was sewing along. We're doing a tulip quilt at a quilt retreat in March but it isn't that cute. :) I'm thinking of getting Sew Cherry Two to use, but I'm trying really hard to use what I have. I'm getting a few pieces anyway on Monday when some quilting friends and I are making the hour long trek to a quilt store we love. I saw it there my last visit a couple weeks ago. Keep up the good work. We love you!

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