Monday, February 27, 2017

Sweetie Pie Sew Along - Week Seven - Blueberry Pie!!

Hey cute people!
Welcome to week seven in the 
Sweetie Pie 
Sew Sew Along

I cannot believe that we are
 almost finished with
 the quilt:)

I'm sew excited!!

I'm sure having a 
good time playing with 
Sew Cherry 2!

Today is our last block...

I love these little cuties!

Grab your 
and cut your fabrics
 and interfacing according to

Trace onto your interfacing...

Stitch on your traced line...

and trim:)

Cut your "X" in the back...

Turn...shape and press.

Iron a center crease onto your 
background fabric 
and measure 3" down.

Place a little dot 
there with your pencil.

Now trace the embroidery lines...
 that dot that you marked
 is where all of the branches meet up:)

Trace your embroidery lines onto the blueberries and leaves...

Pin or glue baste.
Now it's time for the appliqué!

When appliqué is complete...
do the embroidery:)

Now make them into circles!

Time to fill your blueberry pies:)

Appliqué them into place.

If you haven't trimmed up 
all of your blocks yet...
now is the time!

(I showed you how last week)


Now that all of our 
blocks are completed...
we will focus on the 
daisies next week:)

See you then!!

P.S. Just a reminder that each week of this sew along will always remain here on my blog.
Just scroll down and look on the right sidebar until you find them!


Little Quiltsong said...

Your blueberry pies are so pretty!! All throughout the sew along, it amazed me how true to life you made each fruit block with the placement and shape of each leaf and fruit shape. Wonderfully thought out and designed!

sewinglady said...

Love, love the blueberry pies!!!!!

Jan said...

This so so adorable we live on a blueberry farm so this is a MUST do now block. It would make a perfect wall hanging for my summer kitchen that has cabinets my husband made for out 1860 log home. I have blueberry fabric curtains on my lower counters.

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