Friday, April 21, 2017

Spelling Bee Book Video!!

Good morning cute people!
I'm super happy that it's the weekend...
how about you?

Today I want to share with you
 the preview video for my new book 

I don't know about you...
 but I'm a totally visual person.
  I always appreciate a lot of photos 
and videos to bring things to life!

to see the video preview:)

My goal for creating this book 
was to inspire quilters everywhere 
to express themselves through quilting:) 

We quilters have always 
expressed ourselves
 through design, pattern 
and fabric...
and now we can 
actually spell it out:)

Spelling Bee is filled with enough ideas 
to keep us going for a long time...
I can't wait until July!

If you would like to be
 the first to receive your book...
pre-order now by clicking 

In the meantime...
I'll be in my studio sewing 
for my tutorial on Monday:)

See you then!


Little Quiltsong said...

Your patterns and fabric bring joy to my heart each and every time, Lori! So looking forward to your new book and all the wonderful excitement these new patterns will bring - along with your new lines of fabric. Enjoy your sewing day - a quilty kind of day :)!!

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, I can't preorder since our move date has not been set. I would hate for it to not find me when we do move. Guess I will order it nice we get settled. I cannot wait! It looks like fun!!!

Farmhouse Quilts said...

I wasn't going to purchase any new books this year, but I could not resist this one! yep, I am on the pre-order list! Love your happy colors and designs...they bring a smile to my face every time..thank you!

Lisa said...

I have preordered and hope there is a sew along

Oldteeachor said...

I can't wait to take a look at your book! Unfortunately, I have been trying to watch the video you've offered but can't get it to download. : (

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