Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spelling Bee - My New Book!!!

Oh my goodness...
 I'm sew excited to share my 
year long secret sewing 
project with you today.

I have a new book 
coming out in July.
It's called 
"Spelling Bee" 
and you can preorder it now
 from my amazing publishers 
by clicking 

If you follow me on 
you have seen some of the photos
 that I took during the shoot 
for the book a few weeks ago.
The photos were taken 
here at my quilty cottage:)

If you aren't on Instagram...
Today I have several
 photos to show you.

There are many more projects 
in the book than 
you see here...
 but these will give you
 a good idea 
of what is inside.

If you are wondering
 where I have been...
now you know! 
I've been working hard 
sewing and spelling!!! 

The book consists of 100 blocks.
Yes...I did say 100!
Each are in my typical
 6" and 12" size...
There are all 26 letters in 
Uppercase and Lowercase.

There are all of the number blocks 
as well as punctuation blocks 
so that you literally can
 spell out anything 
that your heart desires:)

I have also included 
18 "picture blocks" ...
of course in 6" and 12" 
sizes as well.

One of my favorites is this 
Globe Block...super fun!

as well as a camera block:)

I also have directions 
on how to make 
your very own set of 
"Flash Cards" 
so that you can 
have fun spelling out 
whatever you want 
for any occasion:)

There are several projects inside 
using both the picture blocks 
along with letter blocks 
for cute mini quilts:)

Here are just a few!

You can also make mini quilts 
with the 6" Picture Blocks and
 use them with the Flash Cards.

Or they are super cute on their own!

Use the Flash Cards 
to decorate your own cottage 
and make it a cozy place to be:)

It's fun to change up 
the banner daily...
weekly or simply 
each season or holiday!

however you decide to use them...
these Flash Cards
 are super fun!

I hope that you 
love everything 
that I have created 
for my new book 
as much as I do:)

Lots of quilts ...
and lots of mini quilts:)

And of course...
LOTS of my vintage style:)

I cannot wait until July!
And yes...
there will be a super duper fun 
Spelling Bee Sew Along 
after the book comes out....
if you want to pre-order 
so that you can 
"BEE Ready!!!"

P.S. Yes...Spelling Bee 
has a spiral cover 
and easy to follow 
step by step instructions 
just Like my other books:)



FLR said...

speecheless!! WOW!! Need this book! We make quilts for children in hospital....this book suits it totally!
Thanks for making it,

Dee said...

Looking forward to another wonderful book!

Little Quiltsong said...

Words fail - except to say......I am super excited and can't wait :)!!!

Unknown said...

Everything is just darling! You have been hard at work for sure! I have already pre-ordered my book and so looking forward to getting it.

Unknown said...

This is an amazing amount of work!!!! Love it!

Unknown said...

This is an amazing amount of work! Love it, can't wait to add some of it to my future Kansas Quilt!

michelle h said...

I am so excited for this! I preordered it before seeing all the pictures from the photo shoot...didn't even blink--I buy ALL your items!!! I love your style! ❤️ Each of the photos in your blog post are so darn cute! I can't stand it!!! So many great ideas--you are amazing!! Thank you for all you do to keep us sewing!!!

Cathy J said...

Absolutely LOVE it! I love all of your gorgeous designs and this one is sew fun and versatile. Oh the possibilities! Love, love, love it!!!

Cathy J ♥

jan altomare said...

I love this book. You have done an excellent job! I need to pre-order. This will be my first "real" quilt book to purchase. Looking forward to reading from cover to cover.

Unknown said...

You are the Queen (Bee) of creativity and fun!! I am so excited to get your book!! I also want to move into your cottage ;)

lissa said...

Can't wait to make the flash cards for my grandkids!!



Sandy said...

I love, love this book!

Estie said...

Love all the quilts/flash cards in your book. Lots of fun!

Granny's Button Box said...

Wow, what a busy bee you've been! Have you worn your sewing machine out? Well done. Sharon x

Crazy Bike Lady said...

Love Love Love the book! so many possibilities! Thank you so much for this - can't wait to get my hands on it :0)

Unknown said...

I am always amazed at your talent and creativity. If I just had one seventh of your talent and vision I would be the happiest girl in the world. As always, thanks for the inspiration.

Cindy A. said...

WOW! Impressive! I'll definitely have to get a copy to drool over if nothing else. Wish I'd had this when I was homeschooling my children. It would have made learning their ABC's etc. sew much more fun, especially had I let them pick out the fabrics...which I would have done.

Rosa said...

Wow,congratulations.Looks great!!

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

Sooooo in love with your camera quilt!!! And all the other quilts are so cute too! I have so many projects I want to make, but while waiting for my book to arrive I will try to finish some of the ones I've already started ;) Have a great new and creative week <3

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

Ordered my copy today and looking forward to starting on the camera quilt. Love it!

judygold said...

Love your Farm Girl Vintage and Spelling Bee books. The directions are very good. Thanks for the reminder each time to square the block to the correct size. I've been having fun making the blocks from scraps left over from a quilt project.

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