Monday, March 5, 2018

Let's Bake Sew Along - Week Seven!!

Tie on your aprons cute people
 because it's baking day!

Also known as 
Let's Bake Sew Along:)

if you are just joining us 
and need more information

We are making a lot of
 progress on the 
Let's Bake Quilt
and today we are adding even more blocks:)

First up are the 3 Spatula Blocks.

You will need 
and will need to trace one in reverse.

Run your strips through the 
1/2" bias tape maker for the handles.

Sew your traced shapes to the fabric...
take note that it's the 
green one that is reverse:)

After trimming and turning...
shape and press!

Press one end of each handle strip under.

Now cut off the other end 
so that they each measure about 5" long.
The unpressed end will 
tuck under the spatula top.

Center each spatula onto the 
background fabric and 
prepare for appliqué.

The top of the spatula should be 
3/4" down from the top edge 
and the bottom of the handle 
should be 3/4"up 
from the bottom edge.

Each spatula block should measure 
2 1/2" x 8 1/2" BEFORE 
you sew them into your quilt.

Easy peasy  and cute!

Now it's time for the Oven Mitts:)

You will need 
 for this block.

Run your strips through the 
1/4" bias tape maker.

You will need 2 pieces of the 
small red Vintage Trim...
about 3" for each one.

Trace and sew...
but take note that I did NOT sew 
on the top traced line...
but backstitched where I 
started and stopped 
on each side like this.

Then I cut across directly on
 the top traced line.
Now trim like usual but 
instead of cutting an X 
in the back for turning...
you can just turn it 
through the top opening.

But before turning...
 you will need to make one clip
 in the cleavage area like this.

Shape and press!

Lay them out onto the background fabric
 to prepare for appliqué.
They should be  3/4" away
 from the top and bottom edges
 of the background.

Tuck the edges of the 
Vintage Trim under the mitts.
Press one end of the strips under...

Then you can see where you 
need to press the other end under 
before glue basting it down...

Like this. 
There is less bulk across the top 
because we don't have a 
seam allowance on the mitts there.

Appliqué into place.

I did not appliqué my Vintage Trim 
down but you could if you want to:)

The Oven Mitts Block should measure 
6 1/2" x 12 1/2" BEFORE 
sewing it into your quilt.

Now that we have Oven Mitts 
we can bake some cookies!

You will need the 
for this block.

You will need to sew an 
Easy Corner Triangle 
onto each side of the 
cookie sheet handles.

If you do not have a 
you will need to draw 
a diagonal line 
down the center of 
each background square.

Make sure you stitch in 
opposite directions on each side
 to get the angles that you need.

Trim away excess and 
press towards the triangles.

Now you will need to sew the
 background rectangles to each side...

Like this:)

Now sew them onto each end 
of the cookie sheet center.

It's time to whip up a batch of cookies!

Make 1 dozen:)

Nice and golden brown.
These are sugar cookies or 

I used a button for the holes
 on the cookie sheet handles:)

Freshly Baked!!
Your block should measure 
8 1/2" x 12 1/2" BEFORE 
you sew it into your quilt.

And guess what?!?
I'm so excited because 
you can now 
sew these blocks together:)


 And now add this row on top to complete section two of the quilt center:)

We are getting there cute people!!
Keep on baking and I'll sew you
 back here next Monday 
for even more block recipes:)

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