Monday, March 26, 2018

Let's Bake Sew Along - Week Ten!!

Oh my goodness!!
We are nearly finished 
with our quilt blocks!
just a quick note to remind you...
or if you are just joining us.

***Each and 
every week's tutorial will 
remain on my blog forever***

Just look at the right sidebar
 (you must be viewing it in full web version) and scroll down until you 
see the sew along and click 
on that week's tutorials
 that you need to sew:)

Okay ...let's bake! 
We have the four half apron blocks
 left to make until we can 
sew the entire center
 of the quilt together:)

Let's begin with the
 yellow and aqua apron:)

You will need 
E-4 and E-7 
Sew Simple Shapes
The waistband strip is made with
 the 1/2" bias tape maker 
and the apron string BIAS strips
 are made using the
 3/8" bias tape maker.


Trim...SHAPE and press:)

Place the bottom edge 
of the apron about 3/4" up 
from the bottom edge 
of your background. 

The aprons strings are made exactly 
the same way that we did the 
apron strings for the 
large apron block.

Press under one end...
and tuck the raw edge 
under at the top.

Be aware that you need to 
stay a little more than
 1/4" away from the side edge 
of the fabric to allow for the 
1/4" seam when sewing 
the block into your quilt.

Press the edges of the waistband under.
It should now measure about 3"long:)

Glue baste into place.
Make sure to leave room 
under the waistband bottom 
to tuck the other part 
of the apron under it:)

Now place the Vintage Trim under 
the bottom of the cute!!

When we did the large apron block...
 I showed you how I use my
along with my 
Design Boards to glue baste
 by pinning down the Vintage Trim.

Trace the embroidery pattern 
onto the aqua print and 
embroider it first before 
you baste it onto the yellow apron.

Aqua Vintage Trim goes onto
 the bottom of this piece as well.

I used the darker green for the
 stems and the lighter green 
for the lazy daisy leaves:)

I used all 6 strands of the 

Close up!

I chose buttons from 
all three jars of my 
Cute Little Buttons

I used matching
 to sew them on.
Now for the Vintage Trim!

Ready for appliqué:)

Your sweet little apron block
 should measure
 6 1/2" x 8 1/2" BEFORE
 sewing it into your quilt.

Now let's do the pink gingham apron!

You will need
 E-4 Sew Simple Shape

Your waistband should be made with
 the 1/2" bias tape maker 
and the BIAS cut apron strings 
with the 3/8" bias tape maker.

Pin your marked interfacing 
onto the gingham exactly like this
 on the left side and along the bottom.

This is what the right side bottom 
should look like.
Now you can sew it!

Trim...SHAPE...turn and press.

Now it's time for the chicken scratch!!

We did this on the 
red gingham dishtowel 
for the stove block 
but just switched the colors.

I did several close up 
step by step photos 
so that you can scroll through 
for reference:)

I used 3 strands of 
Aurifloss for this one:)

The pink stitch is finished...
now for the alternate stitch:)

Fun and done:)

Add the Vintage trim by 
tucking under the edges and then 
sewing it down exactly like we did 
the cords on the mixer blocks.
to see that post if you 
need a reminder on how I do it.

We made so many gingham aprons
like this while I was growing up.

We made them in a variety of colors 
and used different stitches
 and sizes of ric-rac. 

They were so fun and easy to do
 and all were so beautiful!!
We sewed the aprons first and 
then did the stitching last:) 

Side view:)

Now it's time to baste your apron block 
and prepare it for appliqué.

Place the apron bottom 3/4" up.
Glue baste the ties...

And make the waistband 3" long.
Now do the appliqué:)

Your cute gingham apron should 
measure 6 1/2" x 8 1/2" BEFORE 
sewing it into your quilt:)

I hope you love your 
two sweet little apron blocks:)

I love vintage aprons so much 
and have been collecting them 
for over 35 years!

See the stack of vintage picnic baskets
 in my kitchen?
(Yes...I painted them)
They are full of vintage aprons! 

You can add these two blocks
 onto the bottom of section four 
if you want...
next week we will do the 
last two apron blocks:)

Happy Baking!!

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