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Autumn Love Sew Along - Bee Prepared!!!

Hello Autumn Lovers!!
Today is the "Bee Prepared" 
post before the 
sew along begins next Monday:)


If you haven't done so yet...
to download your free copy of the
 Autumn Love Sew Along Guide.

I talked a little about it last week.
If you missed that post...
to read it:)

By now hopefully you have 
your fabric kit and are
 ready to start cutting!

I have found through experience 
that if you cut your kit 
right from the start 
it makes the sew along even more fun!

 Play your favorite tunes or
 watch your latest Netflix binge and cut:)
It's all about enjoying each step 
of our sew along journey.

Working your way through the guide 
is easy ...just go in the order 
that I have outlined for you 
and check off each cut as it's completed.

I love to check things off 
my to do list...don't you?

I have detailed the cutting
 so that you can cut 
every piece of fabric AND also 
know which block that it belongs to:)

Before I began cutting...
I decided to use my 
DYMO Label Maker and 
print out the name of each block.

You can just use a sharpie and
 label plastic bags with
 each block name and add all of the 
pieces as you cut them...
or you can simply add all of the
 pieces to each block on a 
separate design board and 
stack them up after cutting.

*Just a note about cutting strips 
for the bias tape makers.
Some of them need to be 
cut on the bias (meaning diagonal)
 because those strips will need to curve.

The others I just cut what I call
 "Straight Bias"... 
because these strips still 
need to be run through the
 bias tape makers...
 but do not need to curve
 so I do not cut them on the diagonal.

It really would not matter if you did cut them diagonally for other projects
 but it does take more fabric...
 so for my sew along quilts
 with fabric kits I just cut them straight 
if they do NOT need to curve.

The photo above details one of the
 prints that includes both bias cuts and "Straight Bias" cuts.
We will be using those bias strips
 for different blocks here and there throughout the quilt:)

I put my guide in a binder like this.
I like to use the kind that 
you can slip the 
first page on the cover...

And also if it has a pocket inside 
it could come in handy for 
holding the Sew Simple Shapes.

I have also listed how many 
of each shape
 that you will need to
 trace for the quilt...


I designed and included 
this page for notes.
You can print as many of
 this page as you would like:)

I am a list maker and a note taker 
and so I thought y'all might be as well:)

You may want to take a few notes 
about each block as I do the tutorials 
so you have them with you in the binder if you are taking it to a sew day with friends!

Besides the fabric requirements
 for the quilt...
there is a list of 
all supplies needed.

Here are photos of each 
in order that they 
are listed in the guide:

Autumn Love
Sew Simple Shapes

4 1/2" and 10 1/2" Trim-It Rulers

1/4" - 3/8" - 1/2" - 1"
Bias Tape Makers

Clover Point to Point Turner

Bee in my Bonnet 
Sew-In Interfacing

This is a special weave and thickness/thinness that I developed especially to use with my 
Sew Simple Shapes

Bee Happy Aurifil 45 set
 has all of my happy colors to use
 when appliquéing your shapes.

You will of course need matching
thread for each shape.

There is 50 wt thread for 
machine applique and 
80 wt for hand applique.

The Bee Basics 20 set of Aurifloss
 is for embroidery only.
It matches all of 
my fabric colors as well:)

I have used all three of my 
Cute Little Button 
jars here and there 
throughout the quilt.

This is my absolute favorite glue 
to use for basting.
It's by Sue Daley and I
 affectionately call it my "SUE GLUE!"

Sorry that this picture is 
not good but it's super hard 
to photograph rulers:)

These are my Cute Cuts 
rectangle and square rulers 
that I use to cut all of my
 fabric and interfacing:)

I also use my Cute Cuts mats
 for rotary cutting 
and my mini mat when tracing the 
shapes onto the interfacing.

It has just the right amount of 
"non-slip" surface and
 it's smooth for tracing 
and not bumpy like 
fine sandpaper can be.

I use Bee in my Bonnet Design Boards
 for literally every project
 that I cut and sew.
Yes...I know I have a lot
 but I use every one of them!
I always have more than 
one project going at a time:)

I love to cut my blocks and
 place them individually 
on a small design board...
and then stack them up 
where they stay safe and sound 
until I'm ready to sew them.

Pictured is my stack of 10" size 
which I have the most of.
 I do use several larger size 
for this quilt as well...
for laying out the blocks
 and more importantly...
for pin and glue basting.

I use my Nifty Needles for 
all of my hand sewing needs.

My applique needles are 
very long and very thin which I love.
This is how I get 
nice tiny applique stitches.
If you have a hard time 
threading and using long thin needles
 you may want to use the
 binding or sewing needles instead.
The choice is up to you!
There are plenty of sizes 
in the set to choose from so choose the one best to suit your needs.
For instance...
 the embroidery needles are 
thicker and have a bigger eye and  
are shaped to allow the 
6 strands of Aurifloss to 
glide through fabric smoothly.

I use all of my 
Pretty Pins 
and I use the ones labeled 
when I glue baste my shapes.

I am using this print from my 
108" wide 
Bee Backing and Borders Collection
 for the back of my quilt.

I just wanted to show you my 
Seams Sew Easy seam guide 
in case you have not used it.

It comes in handy when 
sewing both the 4" Stars 
and the Harvest Star blocks.

I use my Easy Trace Light Box 
for all of the embroidery patterns.

I love how bright the LED light is 
and how lightweight and thin it is:)
It's a great size too!

Most of the quilt shops that purchase
 my fabric to cut the kits...
also stock these supplies needed 
which makes it very handy to
 purchase in one place!

Please check with them to
 purchase these needed supplies.
If you cannot get them there 
I do have most of them in my 

Okay then cute people!!
Now that we have gone over 
you can Bee Prepared and 
I'm sew excited for next week:)

Join me right here 
first thing Monday morning!

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Carla Denman said...

Hello Lori, thank you so much for your beautiful and creative quilt ideas. I discovered your Autumn Love quilt design a few years ago and just had to make one. I combined blocks from Autumn Love and Farm Sweet Farm to make a king sized quilt with mushroom themed fabric for the home health care giver for my sweet cousin. She loves the quilt very much. The warm fall colors and happy design turned our so beautiful. Thank you for all of your beautiful creating. Keep up the great sewing fun., with love, Carla from East Texas.

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