Monday, August 6, 2018

Autumn Love is Here!!!

You guys!
I'm sew excited that
 my latest fabric collection
Autumn Love 
is finally here and has been 
shipping to quilt shops world wide!

Two weeks from today we will begin the 
Autumn Love Sew Along 
and it will take place
 right here on my blog 
every Monday for 12 weeks:)

I hope you will be 
joining us for the fun!

Here are the answers to that question:)

First...all you need to do is tune
 in here every Monday...

And of course grab your

And the all important
 Autumn Love Quilt fabric kit:)
I feel "sew grateful" that there are
 so many quilt shops cutting and 
selling these kits...YaY!

Check with your favorite shop 
and if they don't have one 
then simply do a google search of
 "Autumn Love Quilt Kit" 
and you will for sure find a lot of
 online shops where you can get one.

This sew along will go just like
 my others using my 
fabric and Sew Simple Shapes.

Each block tutorial will be here 
on my blog so there is no pattern...
basically the Sew Simple Shapes
 are your pattern.

I do have a SEW ALONG GUIDE for you to download for free 
that gives ALL of the schedule...
 supplies needed...
 cutting instructions for each fabric...
sew in interfacing instructions
 and embroidery patterns etc.
to download the guide so that
 you can BEE PREPARED when 
August 20th gets here!
You can also copy and paste this photo
 onto your blog or IG to show 
that you are sewing along with us:)

There you go...
those are all of the steps 
so when you have completed them...
consider yourself joined!

This is going to be a super fun quilt 
to make and I also super LOVE 
that we will be sewing all things
 Autumn as the season here
 is beginning to change:)

If you have been following along with me during each and every one of my Sew Simple Shapes Sew Alongs...
If you are just beginning with this one...
and I'm sure it will "bee helpful" 
for you to familiarize yourself
 with the whole process 
by going back to my very first
 applique sew along called 
and watching the week one video 
and then reading each weekly post.
You could even practice 
by making a few of those blocks
 so that you can 
"Bee Prepared" for this sew along:)
You can find all of those posts 
(along with all of the others)
 on the right side bar here on my blog:)

Make sure that you are 
viewing the "full web version" 
of my blog and not the 
shortcut version that 
shows on your phone.

Okay...with all of that "bee-ing" said...
I can honestly say that I am 
definitely in LOVE with Autumn Love 
and want to sew all the Autumn things!

YES!...I am preparing for the 
sew along but I'm also 
doing a "few" LOL other projects too:)

See that cute acorn box on the left?

It holds my Acorn Table Runner Pattern
 and Kit and will be available 
in quilt shops next week.
This photo is the bottom of the box:)

I have cut my runner out 
and will be sewing it this week.

In the meantime...
I am using my super cute 
Autumn Love Acorns Box 
to hold my Autumn Love fabric swatches!

Autumn Love Oranges...

Autumn Love Corals...

Autumn Love Greens...

Autumn Love Yellows...

Autumn Love Teals and Aquas...

Autumn Love Browns...

Autumn Love Reds...

and Autumn Love Grays:)

I always make "swatch cards" for each of my fabric collections so that I can easily design projects without pulling all of the fabrics out...I just use the cards:)
I decided to use these kraft paper tape for Autumn Love and keep them separated onto rings by colors.
I used Heat and Bond Lite and simply ironed the fabric rectangles onto the tags and then wrote the SKU number on top of each print:)

I'm sure you will be seeing more of these swatches during the sew along!

One of the projects that 
I've been making are blocks from my 
"Scrappy String Block Tutorial"
I did the tutorial in early spring...
if you want to make some:)

These blocks are super fun to 
use up your leftover strips 
but are easily done with 
one fabric collection as well!

Looks how cute this gingham pumpkin
 looks with my blocks.
I got it at JoAnn's...
when I saw it I thought it 
really needed to come home with me 
to play with my Autumn Love fabric:)

I have started sewing my Scrappy String blocks together...

Here's what the back looks like...
I DO NOT remove my sew in interfacing.
I love the stability that it adds to these  strips that end up being cut on the bias around the edges..
When finished...
I'll add thin batting or flannel
 and a backing fabric and 
quilt and bind as usual!

This makes a darling runner or pillow. 
I can also just keep adding rows
 for an amazing scrappy autumn quilt:)

Next week I'll show you my progress
 on the Acorn Table Runner and also 
chat a bit more about the 
Autumn Love Sew Along.

I remain as excited as ever 
to sew with all of you!

In gratitude...

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Jan Ward said...

I’m gonna start the Autumn Love quilt, awaiting my fabric & things. I hope that I can do it really nice , finish it & be successful ! May have to holler st ya a time or two. When I saw this one, I knew I had to do it. Thanks!

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