Monday, July 30, 2018

Sew Simple Shapes Series - Week Eight - Blocks 18 - 19 and 20!!

Okay cute people...
here are the last 3 blocks 
for this fun quilt!
These are the blocks that started it all:)

I made them with my new 
Now that they are here and available...
 and you are pro's by making
 the first 17 blocks...
Here are the shapes you need to
 trace and sew for Block 18:
4 - F-1
1 - F-3
8 - F-5
4 - F-19
1 - F-24
4 - F27
Cut 4 - 2 1/4" long 1/4" wide
 stems from your spool.
Sew your pinwheel background square:)
***You will need to clip the cleavage in the flower pot and sunflower shapes***

Pin and glue baste the center flower first. 
Measure in 2 1/2" from the corner
 and place the yellow flowers.
The top of the flower pot is 
5 1/2" in from the corner:)
The red hearts are 3" in from the side edge.

There is 1/2" between the 
leaves and the flowers. 

Ready for applique!

I fussy cut my flowers so that the
 white daisy would be in the center:)

I super love the sunflower 
with the red gingham center!


Here are the shapes that you will 
need to trace and sew for Block 19:
5 - F-1
4 - F-3
4 - F-8
4 - F-15
4 - F-24
No Stems!
Make your pinwheel background square:)
***Cleavages to clip are the 
sunflowers-stars and leaves***

Pin and glue baste the center circle 
and leaves first.

Measure in 3" from the corner 
and place your red sunflower shapes.

Layer with the circles first
 and then the stars.

The blue circles in between are
 1 3/4"in from the side edge.

Ready for applique!
I love the patriotic feel of this block:)


Here are the shapes that you will need 
to trace and sew for block 20:
4 - F-1
1 - F-2
1 - F-3
8 - F-10
4 - F-16
2 - F-20
 (cut the 2 - F-20 in half after 
sewing to make the 4 tulip centers)

Cut 4 - 2 1/2" long 1/4" wide stems 
for the tulips
and Cut 4 - 3" long 1/4" wide stems 
for the little blue flowers
***You will need to clip the
 cleavage in each tulip***

Pin and glue baste the center circles first.

Measure in 3 1/2"in from the corner
 and place the tulip center.
Place the tulip on top:)

The blue flowers are about 
1 3/4" in from the side edge.

The tip-off the leaves are 2" in.

Ready for applique!

Because of the tulips...
this block reminds me of spring:)

Block 20

When all 20 of your blocks are completed...
you will need to use your 
12 1/2" Trim-It Ruler 
to trim them down to 12 1/2" square.

I'll show you what my quilt top 
looks like as soon as I decide 
how I'm doing it and 
get it sewn together:)
Of course I will give you 
all of those measurements!!

I'm not sure what the date will be
 but I do know that it will be
 BEFORE August 20th which is when my
 Autumn Love Sew Along starts.

I have really loved making these blocks
 with all of my 
Sew Simple Shapes sets together.

I hope this series has helped you to
 see how versatile they are and to think outside of the box when
 looking at each shape...
and seeing new possibilities:)
Talk to you soon!

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