Thursday, July 19, 2018

Sew Simple Shapes Series - Week 6 1/2 - Blocks 13, 14 and 15 Tutorials!

Welcome to week 6 1/2 cute people!
Yes...I did say 6 1/2.
I thought we needed one
 in-between week 6 and 7...
 so here we are!

Above is Block 13 and the
 first one that we will be doing today:)

We will be making three blocks 
(13...14 and 15)
with my fourth set of 

Pieces that you will need to
 trace, cut and sew for Block 13 are:
 5 - D-2
1 - D-4
8 - D-20
4 - D-23
Cut 4 - 3 1/4" long 1/4" wide 
stems from your spool
 and sew your pinwheel background block:)

There are no inner curves or cleavage to clip 
on this block and its an
 easy peasy layout with just a few pieces.

As center pieces go on first:)

I measured 2 3/4" in from the corner and placed the flower center.
I measured 3 3/4" in from the corner and placed the flower.
The tip of the leaves are 2 1/2" in from the side edge.

I always use my 12 1/2" Trim-it to 
make sure everything is lining up correctly:)

Ready for applique!

I love the simplicity of this block...

And the cute half circle flowers:)


Onto the next block:)

For this block you will need the following Bee Happy Shapes:
12 - D-1
1 - D-2
4 - D-14
4 - D-20
Cut 4 - 4 1/2" long 1/4" wide 
stems from your spool and 
sew your pinwheel background block:)

Lay your center pieces out first and panther for glue basting.
I measured 2 3/4" in from the corner and placed the tip of my stars.
The top circle from the set of three measures 1 3/4" in from the side edge...

And the 2 circles on each side measure 2 3/4" in from the edge and are 2" apart.

Remember to use your ruler for perfect placement:)

Ready for applique!!

These circles are little and worth it!...
I love them sew much:)

Stars instead of flowers add a lot of interest and variety...
who doesn't love a red plaid star...right?


Now for the last block with the 
Bee Happy Sew Simple Shapes.
I really wanted to use the stars again but this time in aqua:)

The shapes you will need for Block 15 are:
1 - D-2
1 - D-3
8 - D-5
4 - D-12
4 - D-14
4 - D - 16
Cut 4 - 2" long and 4 - 4 1/2" long 1/4" wide stems from your spool.
Sew your pinwheel background square:)

Place your center circles first:)
I measured 2 3/4" in from 
the corner and placed
 the yellow egg shape for the flower center. 
The widest part of the shape is at the top:)
I placed the red flower so that the bottom just barely overlapped the
 bottom of the yellow egg shape.
The starts are 1 1/2" from the side edge of the background block.

Before I placed my leaves I used my ruler to check that everything was correct...
then I put two leaves under each flower.

Ready for applique!

The aqua star print is from my latest collection called Autumn Love that is just being shipped to quilt shops world wide this week!!

I love this block too.
I love every block in this series and how they go together!


Next week there will be
2 more blocks and we will be 
using the 
See you then!
P.S. Here are previous weekly
 links for this series:

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