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Sew Simple Shapes Series - Week Four - Block Nine and Ten Tutorials!

It's time for episode four in the 
Sew Simple Shapes Series
If you are just joining us now
click on these links 
to the first three weeks

Okie Dokie...
Let's get started on Block Nine!

We are using the
 for the next 6  
blocks in this series:)

Trace and sew the following 
shapes from the set:
5 - C-1
4 - C-4
4 - C-7
4 - C-8
4 - C-12
Sew your pinwheel block 
for the background:)

For this block you will need to
 prepare brown 1/4" bias for the stems.
I cut about 5/8" x 42" for mine. 
After running it through the maker
 I wrapped it around one of my cute little wooden empty Aurifloss spools:)
*FYI* - I used this brown 1/4" bias 
for 3 blocks in the series.

For each Pear stem...
Cut 4 - 2" long pieces and press
 one end under by about 1/4" like this.

After sewing and trimming 
each C-12 pear shape 
you will need to clip the 
inner curves before turning.
Remember to clip right to your
 sewing line but not into it.

You will also need to 
clip the cleavage 
each time you sew the
 C-8 heart shape.

We will be using this shape 
in the next 5 blocks:)

Prepare all of your 
cute shapes for this cute block!!

The first thing that I glue basted
 were the petals for the center flower.
All four points meet in the middle.

Glue baste the flower center next.
Always use your 
12 1/2" Trim -It Ruler 
to check if it is
 correctly in the center.
I always think that 
I can "just eyeball it"
 but I never can!

I measured 4" in from the corner
 of my background block and 
pinned the top of my pear.

The top of the stem is placed
 2 1/2" in from the corner 
and the raw edge is 
tucked under the pear.

The leaf is placed straight across
 one side of the pear with 
the point in the center of the stem.

I measured in 1 3/4" from the edge 
and placed my aqua gingham circles:)

I removed the pins after 
my Sue Glue was dry...
about 15 minutes.

I used the aqua penmanship 
red honeycomb prints from
 Bee Backgrounds Collection
 for the background block:)

I used Bee Basics fabric for the rest 
with the exception of the 
green polka dot is Bake Sale 2 
and the aqua stars print 
for the flower petals are my 
upcoming Autumn Love 
that will be here any day!

All ready for applique:) 
I love this block!
I think the making of
 4 fruit blocks will be a
 sweet addition to our quilt:)


Now let's make some cherries!

Trace and sew the following shapes
 from the FRUIT SALAD set:
8 - C-2
1 - C-3
8 - C-4
8 - C-7
4 - C-8
Cut 8 - 3 1/2" long brown stems
 and press one one end 1/4"
Sew your pinwheel background block:)

All ready for pinning and glue basting!

Place your flower petal points
 1/2" from the center and 1" apart. 

Use your 12 1/2" Trim-It Ruler 
to center and check for accuracy.
At this point...
I can see that I need to move
 the petal on the top 
diagonal right out just a bit.

The flower center is up next 
after the petal dry. 
As a reminder...
I always use my 
and pin directly into my 
design boards to hold my pieces
 into place after measuring...
and then I glue baste. 

I measured 3 1/2" down from the
 corner and place my leaves like this.

The stems are place 3" down.

The cherries are 2 3/4" from 
the side edge and the hearts 
are 1 3/4" in from the side edge.

The inside corner of stems are 
1/2" from the 
 making them 1" apart 
and the cherries are about
 1/4"-3/8" apart.

For the background block I used the
 Nutmeg "X" print from
Bee Backgrounds and the 
Green baby chicks print from
 Bee Backings and Borders.
The cherries are plaid from 
Calico Days and daisies 
from Sew Cherry 2.
The hearts and the flower petals
 are from Bee Backings and Borders 
and the flower center 
is from Bee Basics:)

All ready for applique!

What could be cuter than 
cherries with flowers and hearts?


Tune in next week for blocks 11 and 12:)
But in the meantime...
show us your progress on 
and be sure to use the hashtags
so that your post will go 
onto the page that we can all see!


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