Monday, July 9, 2018

Sew Simple Shapes Series - Week Five - Blocks 11 and 12 Tutorial!!

Hello cute people!
Thanks for tuning in for 
episode 5 of the 
Sew Simple Shapes Series
Please click on these links
 to the previous episodes 
if you are just starting
 this series now:)

We are still playing with the 
and we will be making the last
 of the four fruit blocks today:)

Trace and sew the 
following shapes from the set:
1 - C-1
4 - C-6
4 - C-8
4 - C-9
4 - C10
Cut 4 - 2" long 1/4" wide 
green strawberry stems
Sew your pinwheel background block

These are the three shapes 
from this block
 that have inner curves and 
cleavages to clip.

All of my strawberry block parts!

I placed my flower petals 
in the center first...
I forgot to take a picture 
before I placed the 
red center circle on 
but you can see that all of 
the petals touch... 
so thats easy peasy:)

I measured 2 1/2" in 
from the corner and 
placed my stem.
Then I measured 3 3/4" in 
and placed my strawberry. 
The strawberry top goes 
about 1/4" above it.

The yellow gingham hearts 
are 1 3/4" in from the edge:)

I pinned and then glue basted...
and when dry I removed the pins:)

Super sweet and super easy block to make:)

Both background prints are from my 
Bee Backgrounds Collection.
The applique prints are all from 
Bee Basics.

Fun and Done!!

Okay let's make some 
granny smith apples now:)

Trace and sew the following from the
 Fruit Salad Sew Simple Shapes:
8 - C-1
4 - C-2
1 - C-3
8 - C-4
4 - C-8
4 - C11
Cut 4 - 2" long 1/4" 
wide brown stems
Sew your pinwheel background block

These are the two shapes that
 have an inner curve and a cleavage.


I placed the circles 1" in from the 
center of the block and 
pinned them for glue basting.
Top it with the flower center after:)

Measure down 2 1/2" from 
the corner and place your stems.

Measure 1 3/4" in from the side
 for the red gingham circles:)

Measure 4" down from the 
corner and place your apple.

The leaves go right on the 
stem center and the tip measures
 1 1/2" from the outer edge.
Place the hearts in the center
 of the apple...cute right?

Make sure to use your
 12 1/2" Trim-It Ruler
 every step of the way.
No block is perfect...and that's okay!
 But it's always good to use 
the tools that help us:)

I really love the 
denim flower in the center:)
It's from my Calico Day's collection.
The hearts are from 
Cozy Christmas and the gingham 
is from Bake Sale 2!

Both background are from my 
Bee Backgrounds and the 
yellow pears print is from 
Bee Basics.
I used the green bandana print 
from my Bee Backings and Borders 
for the apples:)

All ready for applique!!


Next week I will have 
two more blocks for you
 from the 
Fruit Salad 
Sew Simple Shapes:)

 Until then...
Have a Quilty Kind of Day!

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