Monday, July 23, 2018

Sew Simple Shapes Series - Week Seven - Blocks 16 and 17 Tutorials!

Here we are at week seven in the 
Sew Simple Shapes Series
Click on the previous weeks
 if you are just joining in:

This week we will be 
making 2 blocks using the

For Block 16 you will need to 
trace and sew the following shapes:
4 - E-10
5 - E-11
4 - E-12
4 - E-16
Cut 4 - 3" long and 4 - 4 1/2" long 
1/4" wide stems from your spool.
Make your pinwheel background square.

The 4 - E-10 circles are for the leaves.
Mark the center after tracing the circle using the lines on the template.
Then use a ruler and draw 1/4" from center on both sides...or in other words...two lines 1/2" apart.

Sew on the lines like this.


Turn and shape:)

On the E-16 shape you will need to
 clip the 2 cleavage areas.

Pinning and glue basting is the next step:)
Place the center circle first.

Measure 3" in from the corner and place 
the blue flowers...
measure in 2 3/4" in and 
place the red centers.
The yellow tulips are placed
 1 1/2" in from the side edge.

Always use the ruler to line everything up:)

Ready for applique!

I love these tulips:)

And the half circle leaves
 and red gingham center.


Let's do block seventeen now:)

Trace and sew these shapes:
5 - E-10
1 - E-11
8 - E-12
4 - E-13
8 - E-17
Cut 8 - 3 1/4" long and
 1/4" wide stems from your spool.
Make your pinwheel background square.

The E-13 shape has inner curves 
that will need to be clipped.
3 clips in each inner curve will do nicely:)

Place the 2 center circles first. 
Measure in 3" from the corner and place the yellow gingham circles.
The flowers go in the center of each:)
The small aqua circles are placed
 1 3/4" from the side edge.

Pin and glue baste the leaves 3/4" up from the bottom of the stems.

Ready for applique!

I love the cute little blue berries
 and the oval shaped leaves.

And I love that the flower fit
 on top of the circle perfectly!
(because those shapes were a 
frosted donut in the 
Let's Bake Quilt


Next week we will have the last 3 blocks for a total of 20!
Those 3 are the ones made from 
 that I showed you in the beginning of this series:)

After that I'll draw up a setting
 and get may blocks
 sewn together and quilted.

Of course I will show you 
and give you measurements for the
 sashings and border as soon as 
I know what they will be.

My goal is to have it all completed 
before we start the 
Autumn Love Sew Along 
on August 20th....

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