Monday, September 3, 2018

Autumn Love Sew Along - Week Three!!

Welcome to Week Three!
If you are just joining us...
for info on this sew along:)

We are working our way 
across section one of the
Autumn Love Quilt

Todays block tutorial is for the 
Bucket Block

And here are the 
Autumn Love prints 
that we are using today:)

You should have all of 
the fabric cut and these 
Sew Simple Shapes cut and traced:
2 - F-1
3 - F-5
2 - F-6
1 - F15
1 - F-18
3 - F-22
1 - F-33

Because this is week three..
y'all are now experts in the 
cutting-tracing-sewing-turning-shaping-pressing process! 
Just like I showed you last week
 for the Wagon Block...
we will modify the F-6 Shape for 
the 2 flowers in the exact same way.

Clip the 2 cleavage in those 
flowers and the star.
Clip the inner curves 
on the sides of the pumpkin stems.

The strip along the top of the bucket
 is 3/8" wide and 7 1/4" long.
Press each end under 1/4"
Both of the stems are cut on the bias 
and are 1/4" wide.
(from the BIAS strips you cut with that fabric on page 9 of your guide)
Press them into a slight curve 
and cut one 9" long and 
the other is 6" long.
Use the 5/8" x 12" CUT ON THE BIAS strip that's in the cutting section 
of the bucket fabric for the handle. 
(page 6 of your guide)
Because it's cut 5/8" wide...
that means you run it through the
 1/4" bias tape maker.
(all bias width measurements
 are on page 14 of the guide) 
Curve it a lot when you are pressing it ...
just like I showed you
in the week one video.
Also remember to use a little 
spray starch on all of your strips
 before you run them 
through the bias tape makers...
it helps the strips
 to keep their shape nicely:)

As always...
use the 10 1/2" Trim-It Ruler
 when laying out your block.

Pin each piece 
into place and glue baste.

After the glue dries...
Use the light box and 
trace the embroidery line 
using the pattern on 
page 17 of the guide. 

You can embroider it 
before or after applique:)

After applique...
Press from the back and trim 
your block down to 10 1/2" square
 BEFORE sewing it into the quilt:)

Flowers growing...

Upside down:)

Cute little Bucket Block!
I love seeing all of your 
Autumn Love photos on  
I'm sew impressed!!
Keep them coming:)
Next week we will be making 
lots of stars ...
so tune in here again on Monday:)


Unknown said...

This has been so joyful for me! Admired your other appliqué quilts, have cozy Christmas stuff, but it’s still sitting in my tote. I got the kit for my 60th birthday this year, and I’m LOVING this!! Thx for sharing your creativity with all of us ��

Unknown said...

My kit just came today. Can't wait to start. Did your Bloom quilt and loved evert minute.

Bridgette said...

I'm learning how to quilt, and your tutorials are so easy to follow along, especially with your photos! Your blog has now become one of my favorites!

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