Thursday, November 5, 2020

Economy Block and a Flower Tutorial!!

I have always loved this 
traditional quilt block.
It has several names but the
 most common and oldest name that 
I know for it is called the
Traditionally it has always been
 fairly simple to construct...
 but the down side is that 
 because all of the angles are on a bias
 it is super hard to have made the
 block accurate when 
piecing the traditional way.

So when I was given the opportunity to
 design foundation paper piecing blocks
 for It's Sew Emma...
 I jumped on it right away
 and the first block that I chose
 was the Economy Block! 
Piecing it on paper takes out 
all of the distorting of the block
 because of the bias and your blocks
 will come out perfect and accurate every time!
It's Sew Emma is also doing a
 blog post today about 
these amazing foundation papers.
to read their blog post.

There are 2 sizes available...
12" and 6" finished blocks.
The blocks are made using my 
current fabric collection called 
Of course you can use 
any fabric to make yours!

This simple block makes into a 
beautiful and easy patchwork quilt 
and will add to the comfort of your home:)

This is the 6" Block paper pad.
There are 42 papers in each one.

And here is the 12" paper pad which 
also has 42 papers.
The 12" has another option to it...

You can replace the center 3 rounds
 of the block with a 6" 
pieced or appliqué block like this!

And I did that very thing!!!
I also added borders around my
 12" block to make an 18" pillow.

I love how the pillow looks 
with these 2 Economy Block PRIM Quilts.
The one on the wall is made with
 42 - of the 12" blocks
 and the one on the ladder is made with
 42 - of the 6" Blocks.

Wouldn't it be fun to add a flower 
in the center of all those 
12" quilt blocks?

This is how I made the 
flowers and the pillow:

First I started by using 
3 of the shapes from my 
PRIM Sew Simple Shapes set.
The shapes I used are:
K9 - flower center
K51 - leaves
K61 - flower

If you have never used my 
Sew Simple Shapes applique method 
to go to my week one blog post tutorial 
during my PRIM Quilt Sew Along.

You will need a stem about 
6" long for the flower.
Make the stem by cutting a strip of 
fabric 5/8" wide and running it through
 a 1/4" bias tape maker.

This tutorial is also on week one
 of my Prim Sew Along.

I cut my background fabric about
 8 1/2" square and pressed 
in half to mark the center.
All of the backgrounds that I used 
are from my Bee Backgrounds Collection
 for Riley Blake designs.

I used the Sue Glue and
 lightly glue basted 
the stem on the center crease.

Use the 6 1/2" Trim It - Ruler 
to lay out the flower.

Then either machine or hand applique
 using matching thread 
for each applique piece.

After applique...
press from the back and use the
 6 1/2" Trim-It Ruler to trim down
 your block to 6 1/2" square.
Now it is ready to go into
 the center of the 12" ECONOMY BLOCK.

I love this little flower block...
so I made a few more:)

The 6" flower block easily fits 
in the center of the 12" Economy Block.
Keep in mind that it should measure
 6 1/2" square before you sew it in.

like this!

To make the pillow top 18" square 
for the pillow form...
I cut 2 borders 
3 1/2" x 12 1/2" for the sides
and then I cut 
2 - 3 1/2" x 18 1/2" 
for the top and bottom.

Easy peasy!

Kimberly did a video tutorial 
on her YouTube channel on how she
 made her project using the 
Economy Block Foundation Papers.
to watch it.
I love these papers!!

I just had to show you that 
when I was taking pictures of the pillow
 and the quilts for this blog post
 our dog Toby of course had to
 get in on the action...
he thinks he's a model 
and he is always ready 
for his close up:)

He does it every time...LOL

I hope you try out my 
Chances are you will love it 
as much as I do!!




Unknown said...

I am making the Bringing Home the Tree quilt. I love the way you wrote the pattern! Giving me the measurements for what each section should be as I sew along is a tremendous help. Knowing that gives me a chance to make corrections if I need to do some. Many, many thanks for your hard work.

Unknown said...

Toby is too cute!

michelle h said...

Oh another great project!!! I have been wanting to make an economy block quilt, but it was waaaayyyy down on the list. Now, it might have moved up!!! This is adorable, especially with your applique flower in the middle. Now I am thinking of whipping up a couple with some Christmas shapes in the middle....oh man!!! Off to my sewing room I go!!!! Thank you for always inspiring me to keep stitching!!!

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