Friday, July 23, 2010

It's a Parade!...

The photo above is of me and 2 of my older sisters Debbie and Carolyn and 2 of my younger brothers Morgan and Brian. We are waiting for the parade to start.....and just like back then...
I'm in the mood for a parade! I'm mainly in the mood because tomorrow is a holiday here in Utah.

It's Pioneer Day! This is the day that we celebrate our pioneer ancestors entrance into the Salt Lake Valley on July 24th, 1847. It was a long long hard trek (more than 1300 miles) across the prairies for them. They came to flee persecution and to gain religious freedom. Many lost loved ones or thier own lives on the pioneer trail.
Some came in covered wagons, some pulled handcarts and some walked every mile.
Both mine and Mr. Honey's ancestors were among those early pioneers that came across the plains and we are proud to honor them.

Downtown Salt Lake City always kicks off the celebration with the Day's of '47 Parade.
Mr. Honey will be in it this year running along side one of our church's float entry's called "The Spirit of Service"...entry #29. They asked him to be the float doctor and to be ready to fix anything that might go wrong. See... I'm not the only one that knows he can fix anything!
He helped build the main structure of the float by welding it all together. The float is 33 feet long and has an airplane that flys up and's awesome! ...and huge...and has a built in ipod to make the airplane sounds! If you live in him on TV tomorrow and cheer him on! Better yet, if you're lucky enough to be at the parade...spray him down with water when he comes's going to be 100 degrees!

In the small town where I grew up, we always had a parade every summer as part of a celebration of the founding of our town. We all looked forward to it every year and everyone in the town participated in one way or another. Every year we made a float for the parade. Dad would build the base and Mom would decorate it with the help of Grandma and sometimes my Aunts if they weren't making thier own that year. Mom would pick one or two of us kids to ride on the float that year according to the parade theme. She would sew us costumes to wear while riding.

Our Town Days celebration was always called Herriman Homecoming and still is today! Two girls were chosen to carry the banner that followed the Parade Master. He carried the flag while riding his horse. We would stand and salute the flag while singing the National Anthem as he rode by. Afterward...the he would show off the new tricks he had taught his horse throughout that year!...this would kick off the parade!

Remember this picture of me from an earlier post? I'm not so happy here....

My oldest sister Debbie could not pull the float fast enough to please me...

So our ever helpful neighbor Evelyn stepped in to lend a helping hand!...she is still a sweetheart and as helpful as ever!

That's much better...I'm happy once again!

One year my Mom made this float for me and my little brother Morgan to ride on...she was inspired by an incident earlier that year when I had taken her sewing scissors and cut off all his hair...not mine...just his! (I'm no dummy).I remember that by the end of this parade we were both asleep.

No small town parade would be complete without the cubscouts!

Check out these pink tumbleweeds...with glitter!

Obviously we always have a western theme...check out Billy the Kid.(and those

The parade is always a good way to show off your little sister.

And always...there are marching girls in shorts singing and doing actions to a song....check out the white gloves!...We were called "The Herrimanettes"...and I'm the 2nd one in from this side wearing blue shorts and ponytails.

Our parents sometimes would hop on for a hayride down Main Street...that's my Dad in the white shirt sitting next to what appears to be half of my Mom! Don't you just love that women wore dresses everyday back then...even on a hayride!

This is one of my younger brothers Brian and my cousin will see in coming pictures that a cowboy hat was a necessary thing for every boy in the parade.

When we weren't taking our turn riding on the sisters and I would decorate our bikes and ride them in the parade. This is 2 of my older sisters Tammy and Carolyn.

In this parade...I'm in the pink shorts and pink hair bows...(I always had to match my barrettes or bows to my pants or skirt)
....I used to drive my Mom totally crazy with my obsession about "the right color"

Every boy in town would jump at the chance to ride a horse or a pony in the parade.

And if you owned a good pair of Clydesdale draft horses... you wouldn't even think of leaving them in the barn!
Can you see who's heading up the rear of the parade?'s the Sanitation Crew ...aka the "pooper scoopers".
My brother Morgan is pushing the wheelbarrow while my cousin Jamie does the scoopin!

For those of you who are still with me...thank you so much for sharing a stroll down memory lane with me.....oh ....and have a happy 24th blogettes...where ever you are!

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Elizabeth said...

Wow. I loved seeing your parade photos. My favorite was the pink tumbleweeds with glitter. Classy! Happy 24th!
xo –Elizabeth

Janice said...

There's nothing like a small town parade. There don't seem to be nearly as many now which is sad. I haven't seen floats that are pulled along like yours. Over here they were always on the backs of trucks or on trailers. They bring back great memories. Is your parade still big? Thanks for sharing.

Cardygirl said...

What fun! Loved the pics!

Funoldhag said...

Great post, Lori! Love your picture and comments on the great memories you have of Pioneer Days of the past. Have a another great day this year! Carol.

Nancy said...

Great photos...

Ha ha...shorts and knee socks...I remember that well.

Brenda said...

Reminds me of all the small town parades I went to as a child. In the first picture of you and your sisters, I had a hair cut just like the sister in green. Oh my.

Thimbleanna said...

OhMyGosh. Blogger just ate my big comment. Grrrr.

It went something like this:
--Love your cute pics when you were little -- you haven't changed a bit!
--Where is Herriman?
--We always went to Manti on the 4th and LOVED it, so I don't really remember the 24th as being that big.
--All of my ancestors were among the pioneers too, so I think I'd love to celebrate Pioneer Day!
--Be sure and take pics of hubby for us -- hope he can stay cool!

Nedra said...

Wow, Lori, what wonderful memories! Loved seeing all the pictures from your childhood. I loved the simple floats, and the creative ideas your family and friends came up with to help celebrate the 24th. Best of luck to Mr. Honey tomorrow. I hope to have time to watch the parade and will be looking for him!
BTW- You were such a cute little girl!

Mary said...

I posted on Facebook that I wished I was a "Utah Mormon" this week-end. I have only gotten to see the "Days of 47" parade once in my whole life being born and raised in Washington state. I see that BYU TV is going to have the parade on TV so my DVR is set! I'll be watching for your Mr Wonderful. I like your playlists. Play on!

•stephanie• said...

my ancestors all moved from utah to arizona {and mexico}.
no fair.
utah has all the fun!!!

Susan said...

I love a parade especially with such family history. I picked you out in the pictures--you are adorable!

Sandra Henderson said...

I thought I had a wonderful childhood!!! YOU have me beat! :)
Aren't you lucky that your mother was such a wonderful photographer?!?!! Oh how special to have such a documentation.
I love where you live. I was so fascinated to see it all. When I was 12 we went on a huge trip in our travel trailer from La, up the East, into Canada, ALLLLLLLL the way over to BC and back down, through, meandering. Your part of the world was one of my favorites. I'm drawn there... I still think as I'm sewing of those settlers. God Bless them ALL. Such a sacrafice for us all. HUGS!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

This post made me smile, and chuckle. I love the vintage feel, the carefree yesterday love that comes thru. Good times, very good times. Now I don't have to go to a parade. I feel like I've been a part of several!

Jeanne said...

Thanks for sharing this post. It brought back memories of some outfits
and hairdos from my childhood! Your mom was creative with her float. Looks like a fun time!

jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

Love the parade! Happy 24th! ooxx

Rae Ann said...

Happy 24th Lori! Thanks for sharing the "Days of 47" with us all. We surely are blessed by our pioneer heritage.
I still love that pouty little face you had while riding the float. It was fun to see how fast your face could change once you got going a little faster.

Live Well With Judi said...

So fun to see all these photos! We have a little parade in Cedar Hills, but I don't recall people working so hard on their floats. I love your cute little face! Fun to show your children, you were once young. Hugs

The Nielson Family said...

Love all the pictures! And I did see that float--and loved it! So much work must have went into that!!! Too bad I hadn't read this post earlier--I would have brought a water gun for sure! :)

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