Monday, March 7, 2011

Soul Blossom Love...

I don't know about you but I'm a big Amy Butler fan.
I think her fabric design ability is sophisticated and yet playful at the same time...

...and the colors! ...Always a beautiful and unexpected combination.
I still have a FQ each of her very first line "Temple Flowers" that I have been saving for just the right project...LOL

I have a new project planned with a group of friends and we will be using Amy's newest line... "Soul Blossoms".
I will need solids that coordinate with the line and so I picked some up over the weekend.

I still have a few more shades to get but I love my colorful stack so far!
Speaking of solids...have you ever been using a certain color and needed more but you can't remember what color number it is or even what company because there is no writing on the selvedge?

Well...I have and it only happened to me once.....because after that I came up with a system that I use to keep track and it works like a charm!
I thought you might be interested to know what I do just in case you have had the same problem.
First...I cut some labels using my pinking shears and some white fabric...
...and pin it onto the selvedge after I have written the number or name and who it's by.
This way...I can go back for more without having to try to match with a swatch or I can order more online.
Of course, the important thing is to write the information down from the top of the bolt while you are at the quilt shop!

I use a safety pin because I want it to stay with the fabric at all times without getting lost or coming out.
This system has worked out great for me.

I keep all of my solids in one basket on my shelves so they are easy to find and use with whatever colors I am working with.

I think they look fantastic with the "laurel dots" of my favorite pieces from Soul Blossoms.



I think so:)

I still have plenty of fat quarters in the line to collect....I've labeled one of my photo boxes and set it aside just for this purpose.
It's just the right size for a FQ collection...they fit in there perfectly!

I often buy a charm pack of the line that I'm interested in and bring it home and take it apart so that I can decide which one's that I want to buy a FQ or yardage of...then I put those squares in a bag and stick them in my purse so that I have them with me next time I'm at the shop.

Well girls...there's my tip for the day:)
I hope you all had a lovely weekend and were able to get some sewing or fabric shopping time in!
More buzz later...

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Jacqui said...

Love the Amy Butler fabrics, nice and bright and colourful. Haven't seen those over here in England, maybe I just haven't looked in the right shop. We're a bit limited here in the north east.

trish said...

Hi Lori. :o)
Your labeling idea is brilliant. I just recently gave all my purple fabrics to a young girl who is learning to quilt (and making a dresden for her first!) and knew several were the 30's prints, but unsure of what their names were. I can always do the research, but it would have been nice to give her the names directly.
And I love your photo boxes!! I really need to do something like that. :o)
I hope you are having a great start to your new week!!
Sincerely, Trish

Alannah said...

This was a GREAT tip!! I needed it thanks!

Nedra said...

I love anything Amy Butler too!
Great organizational ideas, and those solids are beautiful just to look at.

Angie said...

You are much to organized for MY own good! ;)

Sandy said...

Thanks for the great tip. And all I can say about the fabric pictures is YUMMY!!

MAK TEH said...

so cantik[pretty] you sell fabrics?

dream quilt create said...

To answer your questions, yes, yes and yes!!! Thanks for the tip, why didn't I think of that? I am definately going to do that. What if you like every single square in the charm pack? lol One question, when I shop for fabric online, the colors aren't always true. Where do you shop for your bella solids? I've seen them before, but a very limited selection of colors.

Martha said...

Great tip! Can't wait to see what you make with the fabric!

Staci said...

I didn't like this fabric at all, until I saw it in person! And it really is just fabulous.
I love your idea for tagging the solids. I've usually just stuck a pin through a piece of paper and a good portion of the time, it falls off! Now I feel silly-why did I never think of a safety pin??

Thanks for the great tip, and have fun working with that fabulous fabric.

Wendy said...

I love Amy Butler too! I've just used some Soul Blossoms to make placemats with, but I hadn't seen the ones with the circles, now I feel like I need them!

donna said...

Hi Lori
Thank you so much for the tips. I love your system and your fabrics as well.

Annette said...

Great ideas! Thanks. I could look at that gorgeous fabric forever...especially with the solids. So pretty.

Nanette Merrill said...

You're such a smartie! I love the fabrics and colors.

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Gonna be a cute quilt, now please, please come organize me...

Char said...

I started doing that with my solids too, after trying to figure out which gray solid came from which company.

busyascanbe said...

I love your label idea you need to send that to Fons & Porter might get their magazine for free!

Sherri said...

Love this idea...I've been doing something similar, but with labels...and they sometimes come off, so the safety pin is perfect!

Colleen said...

I love your labeling idea. I will use it to keep track of how much I have of a particular fabric. I was using stick on labels and they didn't stick too good. Its a great way to use up all of the safety pins that I have seemed to collect. My only worry is rusting pins. Any advice?

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