Monday, March 14, 2016

BLOOM Sew Along - Week Nine - Block Nine!!

Well hello cute people!!

We are starting the third row of the 
quilt today:)

I'm really having fun with these templates...
if you want to sew along with us!

This are the prints from 
Calico Days 
that I've chosen for my 
appliqué shapes this week.

Here is my block nine.
I know I keep saying this...
 but every block is my favorite!

Todays Sew Simple Shapes are
 A-1   A-2   A-19   A-21 
This weeks cutting goes as follows...
From fabric and Pellon BOTH:
Cut 1 - 2" square for small circle
Cut 1 - 3" square for large circle
Cut 4 - 2 1/2" squares for hearts
Cut 4 - 3" squares for blades

From fabric only you need two pieces of 7" long
 prepared stem strips and one 9" background square.

1. Trace around the shapes onto your Pellon.
2. Sew on the lines and trim seam allowance.
Clip a little off the corners of the blades and the heart points. 
3. Clip the cleavage on each heart right to your stitching lines but into them.
4. Cut an "X" in the Pellon only, for turning.

Turn...shape and press your appliqués:)

Press your background in half 
both ways like this.

Pin or glue baste your stems across the center.

Measure 1 1/4" from the edge of your fabric when placing your blades.

Center the large circle...

and the small circle goes in the center of that:)

Measure 2 1/4" from the background corner 
and the cleavage in each heart.
After's time to appliqué!

Add your border strips and squares
 and then take a photo:)
Use the hashtag
and smile when you show it off on 

Don't forget to 
check out my little dresden tutorial 
using one of my BLOOM shapes.
just in case you missed it...
it's super fun!


Carolknits said...

Can't wait to get started! I can see lots of possibilities for the heart template, too!

Bobbie said...

I am enjoying working on each block, this last week has to be my favorite one so far. I am getting sad because next week is block 10 and that means we will be half way done at this point, I hope you have another sew along pattern in the works for us. Bobbie

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